Tuesday, January 21, 2020

View From The Bridge 1/22/20

By Muncie

Yes, it is all music in town this coming weekend. The musical artists will be showing up on Friday evening. All the CCPA Board Members have been hard at work for a long time. Actually, their work began last January, 2019, when the Consortium ended in Great Falls.

It looks as though the weather is going to be kind to us. The warming up period is supposed to be Sunday the 20thd and stay warmer for about 10 days. I do not know if we can trust the weather reporters because the warm up was supposed to begin on Thursday the 16th. It was then changed to the 17th, then the 18th, and finally the 20th. Since I am starting this View on Saturday the 18th, I am not holding my breath until it happens.

So, I will be enjoying the first showcase at 9:00 a.m. next Saturday and hope you will be joining me. Everyone who has attended the free entertainment day has really enjoyed it and looks forward to it each year. They even show up in Great Falls every other year. Happy Consortium Day in Fort Benton.

Our Fort Benton Elementary School has once again won a National Recognition Award (again.) What an honor for a small rural school and town. Why are our Kiddos so smart? Because they work hard at it. From the few students that I am in touch with, I have learned that they have homework to do every night. They read a lot and frequent the Library. Whatever the reasons the fact remains that they are the greatest and make the rest of us very proud.

Here we are again with the best Girls and Boys Basketball teams in the area. Fort Benton came so close last year at the State Meet. We, the Fans, have big hopes for this year. So, GO LONGHORNS. We love you.

I need help from someone with a little spare time and good eyesight. The Veterans Photo Program has some work to be done. At least a dozen picture frames were broken and needed new frames and some just needed new glass.

The gold stickers identifying the Veteran were sometime salvaged but many needed replacing. I also found that there are some out of alphabetical order. I need help with that and the making of a list of those photos that need a new gold sticker. The stickers will then by retyped and applied to the correct Veteran.

Since my eyesight has failed me, I can no longer do these projects. If you can help me, perhaps when it gets warmer but before Memorial Day, please call me. I will appreciate any help I can get.

In case you do not know about the Veterans Photo program, there are about 250 Veterans photo on display at the Sunrise Bluffs. They are in order by wars beginning with the Civil War of Fort Benton Veterans and others related to residents of our town.

The program originated quite a few years ago and was ended when the hallway wall was filled. Also, the two women who were very involved in the program passed away.

It was such an honor to work on this program. You can at any time go to Sunrise Bluffs to see your loved one’s photo, (if you had sent it in.) There are also biographies to be read about each Veterans service. There is a lot of history to be read. You are most welcome to take visitors to the Bluffs because it is worth the time as the display honors Veterans.


Wednesday January 29th
CORN CHIP DAY (I like any kind of chips.)
PUZZLE DAY (The Senior Center always has a puzzle being worked on.)

Thursday the 30th
CROISSANT DAY (Food Service pay attention.

Friday the 31st
BACKWARD DAY (The calendar suggests silly things like easting dessert first, eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. I always seem to be going backwards.)
INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH ART DAY (Prairie Rose take note.)

Saturday February 1st 
BAKED ALASKA DAY (Yummy) FREEDOM DAY (We are so thankful for.) GET UP DAY (Sorry, I am not getting up early. Saturday is my day to sleep in.)
SERPENT DAY (Who likes and celebrates snakes?)
TEXAS DAY (I have come across many people who are from Texas. How about having a Hoe-Down?)

Sunday the 2nd
HEAVENLY HASH DAY (Is there really a Heavenly Hash?)
TATOR TOT DAY (Now these are heavenly.)
GROUND HOG DAY (Do you really believe that ground hog from PA?)

Monday the 3rd
CARROT CAKE DAY (Now you are getting into the good stuff.) DAY THE MUSIC DIED DAY (My Kids played this song over and over and over.)
MISSING PERSONS DAY (I researched this and found that every day in the United States there are 2,300 missing persons.)
WOMEN PHYSICIANS DAY (If you have a female doctor, call her to let her know how much you appreciate her.)

Tuesday the 4th
HOMEADE SOUP DAY (I do not cook but if you include making soup, then I do cook. I make soup every week during the weather months. Yummy!)
SAFER INTERNET DAY (I do not like dealing with that.)
THANK A MAIL CARRIER DAY (Perhaps you could call the Post Office and thank them if you have a Post Office Box. Otherwise, those on the rural routes could thank their mail carrier. When I helped Wally with his mail route for 6 years, people often left treats for us in the mail boxes. We were also invited for lunch. Virginia Bailey invited us in for chicken soup. “Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end”.

That makes for a busy week and I hope that you are enjoying and using these suggestions to make for a happier day.

Be kind and do a good deed today.  Volunteer if possible. Wear red on Fridays to support our troops.