Tuesday, October 25, 2011

View From The Bridge 10/26/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Last Friday the Pie Day time change went into effect from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There seemed to be the same number of people enjoying the social hour. There are pros and cons to this change however; the pros are in the majority. A survey of some twelve-pie lovers showed that twelve approved of the change.

Some of the pro comments were they did not want pie for breakfast but that after lunchtime was a nice break. Good point. One of the pie bakers said that it was wonderful not to get up at 5:00 a.m. to bake a pie (or pies,) and get it (them,) to the Golden Age by 10:00 a.m. Good point. The whole atmosphere seemed more relaxed and we hung around for about an hour visiting with our friends. There were no negative comments and if there are, please let them be known to the Board Members of the Senior Center.

One person said that considering winter was coming with expected snowfall, it is easier to get out of the house at 2:00 p.m. than at 10:00 a.m. Good point. The consensus was that it would be tried for a couple of months to hear more comments from everyone concerned. Your opinions would be appreciated. Until then, happy Pie Day on the 3rd Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m.

I really admire the women who bake the pies (and there are not enough of them.). It is an expense for them in time and money. I am thinking about huckleberries at $40.00 a gallon. That is what I paid this summer; however, they were going other places for $60.00 a gallon. My estimate is a gallon would make four (4) generous pies. That is $10.00 just to make the pie filling not counting the sugar and ingredients for the piecrust. At $2.00 for a piece of pie means, $12.00 profit to the Center but the baker is out $10.00. Yes, I know that is an expensive pie but consider a pumpkin pie. By the time you buy a can of pumpkin, sugar, evaporated milk, and the ingredients for piecrust, it would run half as much. The lesson here is do not make huckleberry pies.

If there are any pie bakers out there who would bake a pie once every three months, it would be a great help. It would help the Golden Age Center a great deal. Think about it for next month’s Pie Day. Next month will also be a Bake Sale and Pie Day combined. It is a great way to stock up for the holidays.

Last Thursday morning, Ruth Carlstrom introduced about 20 volunteers to the new coordinator of the Info Center. Karen Meeks Sarsoucie not only will coordinate the Center but she will take over the job of secretary to the Chamber. Ruth has spent six years at the job and is the busiest person I know. She retired from teaching and is a person who cannot say no. She still fills in as a substitute teacher, seems to be at the Center all the time, travels a little, and is a very loving grandmother. I love to hear about her travel adventures.

We will all miss her very much; however, she said that she would volunteer some time at the Center. We all owe her a lot for the many favors she has bestowed upon us. As I said, she does not know the meaning of the word “NO.” She just goes and goes like the Energizer Bunny. I hope that she slows down and smells the roses.

Karla Ayers and I had a nice visit this past week discussing the hanging of the Veteran’s photos. If all goes as planned, they will be hung the weekend of the 5th of November. I have enough help with that project.

I am still trying to get the bios and auto bios set up on the computer. It has been a hassle with the picture of the American Flag that I wanted on each page. I took a picture of an upright flag from a military catalog. I was then told that I could not do use that picture because it was copyrighted. My good friend in Great Falls immediately went to the hill in Great Falls and took several pictures of the Big Flag. They are so perfect with the blue sky and white fluffy clouds. The notebook may not be finished but at least I would like to get the pictures hung for Veterans Day on Friday the 11th.

A Paraprosdokian I have been saving for this particular section of the View is; “War does not determine who is right – only who is left”

Karla told me about a Motivational Seminar her company sent her to in September. There is a part of the conversation that I would like to pass on. It was concerning people’s attitudes and was called “Look Within.” “If you are bored…it is because you are boring. If you are irritated, it is because you are irritating. If you are aggravated, it is because you are aggravating, etc. etc. etc.” I am sure you can make up many of your own.

Last week when I walked on the weekend, I met many people. Yesterday (Saturday,) I did not meet one person. Today (Sunday,) I only met one young man with his little girl. It was such a beautiful day with temperature holding at 64 degrees. I believe that with the wind blowing, it kept many people from walking.

As I walked toward the Sunrise Bluffs, Signal Point and the Island were bathed in a gorgeous color of gold. There was a blue sky and white fluffy clouds like the typical Montana sky. When I arrived home, I grabbed my camera and returned to the spot where I saw the beautiful scene. It was gone. In the few minutes it took to walk home, the sun had moved just enough to lose the color. I envy good photographers (Tim) and their knowledge of when it is the right moment to take a picture. I now only have it in my memory. Perhaps I will return tomorrow about the same time and be lucky enough to get a great picture. Note: It is Monday morning and I am not going to get that picture today.

I was late getting to the Sunrise Bluffs Sunday evening for the Herbert the Entertainer’s performance. I thought the time was 7:30 p.m. and reported that time in the View last week. No one called me on it so I missed about half of the show. Fortunately, he played the song that I liked so much, soon after I arrived. It is a song that he wrote for his wife called, “My Love.” I spoke with his wife afterward and asked if I could have a copy of the music for it. She said that I could not because there are no copies of any of his songs. They are all in his head. I had thought that I could learn to play it on Garth’s guitar. However, I did purchase a CD with “My Love” on it and that is the only way I will be able to enjoy it.

There was not anyone, except myself, from the community in attendance. The audience consisted of residents of the Bluffs. I am sorry that you missed a very pleasant musical evening. The residents and I are looking forward to he and his wife’s return next spring on their way to Mexico.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.