Tuesday, May 3, 2011

View From The Bridge 5/4/2011

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I said last week that it would be the cutest luncheon you would ever go to and it was. The room was decorated in a Western theme. The 5th and 6th graders set up the tables/chairs, gave us Longhorn nametags, took us to our tables, and in general waited on us hand and foot. We all had handmade place mats with the Western theme. They were laminated so they would last longer and we could keep them for a souvenir.

Our menu consisted of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, mixed vegetables, and cranberry salad. The final mouth watering treat was apple crisp and ice cream. I cleaned my plate just as I was always taught to do; however, this was not difficult. It was so delicious.

The entertainment came on with the Kindergarteners first. There are two classes this school year so there must have been thirty children dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. They were adorable and I wanted to hug each and every one of them. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders sang for us and they too, are so much fun to listen too. Last but not least, the 4th graders came on with their recorders and played what seemed to me to be very difficult pieces. I wish there was something like “instant replay,” because I would have liked to hear them again. Great job Fort Benton Elementary and we really appreciate all the work you put into that program.

At the Chouteau County Performing Arts program on Wednesday night, it seemed that Tim Ryan was a bit pre-occupied. We found out later that his Mother had passed away four days before. He would not cancel his performance, as it would cause an inconvenience for our C.C.P.A. I admire him for that. It must have been a very difficult thing to do.

I am sure that you all went home after the show and started writing your own songs. What! You did not. Well, at least you now know how to. Right! Oh, not as easy as he made it sound. I would not even know where to begin. I took piano lessons for eight years and cannot play a single song. However, I love most kinds of music and have a very large collection of cassettes. I can only hope that my cassette player ceases to operate. It compares to having many videos tapes. What happens when the VCR goes out of commission? I think they call it progress but I sure would not like not being able to watch my entire collection of Disney movies.

Do you Fort Benton High School students realize how grateful and how appreciative we who live here are for your efforts on Longhorn Days? I was very thrilled this morning (Sunday,) when I walked under the new bridge and saw that it had been painted. That is my adopted plot and I have been trying for two years to get it painted. Readers please take some time for a walk to that area and see for yourself.

A lot of effort was put into a cleanup around the Visitors Information Center. There were weeds pulled and leaves raked. As well, there was a cleanup around the planter where there was a long time accumulation of leaves and dirt. They are all gone now, never to return…we hope.

There were many more areas that received attention, however I’ll be able to tell you more next week. I could not reach the person in charge today (Monday.) Ruth Carlstrom did all the organization but had to hand it over to someone else as she had to be in Kalispell that day.

The Center opened today for the season. I stopped in this afternoon for a look-see and Ruth Carlstrom was there very busily organizing the new racks and everything else in general. The room has a whole new look as the walls have been painted and furniture replaced with more comfortable seating to watch scenes of Fort Benton.

There had been two visitors there before me and two men from California came in while I was there. I asked my standard question, “Where are you from?” When the visitor says California, I always say, “Oh, I am so sorry.” It has always brought a laugh and today was no exception. In fact, the man laughed harder than any person ever has. All visitors seem to have a sense of humor. It must be because they are on vacation.

Most Senior Citizens, (I say most and not all,) cannot bend over or kneel down. What has this to do with Adopt-a-Plot? We can no longer do gardening, or enjoy working in our flower gardens, or adopting a plot. I am depending on younger people to adopt the plots that need adopting. If you have youngsters/teenagers, a plot would be a wonderful togetherness project. It would also teach them what volunteering is all about. Your example is a great teacher. Let me hear from you this week (899-1380) as I know that you just didn’t have time last week. The weather was not an incentive to get outdoors. I am planning on this week to be a huge improvement.

Mother’s Day is early this year and the big day is next Sunday May 8th. Mother’s Day and your Mom’s birthday are the two days of the year that are hers alone. Make the most of it. There are so many things you can do for your Mom but the best thing is love. Tell her and show her how much you love and appreciate her.

On Friday the 13th there will be a Kick-Off Party (time ? see ad,) at the Fairgrounds for the Demolition Derby to be held the next day. The Jute Box Band will be entertaining so come on down for a fun evening.

On Saturday the gates will be open at 1:00 p.m. and the Derby will begin at 4:00 p.m. That will give you time to buy tickets on the Derby Car to be raffled off. The kicker on this raffle is that the winner will be able to drive the car they have won. Awesome!

On Saturday the 21st of May will be the Annual Perennial Exchange by the Cancer Support Group. It is on the Levee in conjunction with the Fishing Derby. Next week I will give you more details.

On Sunday the 22nd there will be an “Lamp and Lampshade Auction” on the Levee at 12:00 p.m. This is a fund raiser for the Cancer Support Group. These are all lampshades that have been painted by artists. Remember a while back when there were artist painted chairs auctioned off? Please make an effort to come to the Levee.

The Lampshades are on display in the window of the Pioneer Lodge. Stroll by and pick out your favorite anytime in the next two weeks.

In addition there will be a Baked Potato Bar for your lunch. It sounds delicious. Back in Michigan we had stores in the Malls that only served baked potatoes. It is hard to imagine a business could survive serving only potatoes but they did.

On Wednesday the 25th of May “The Seed Giveaway” will take place at the Elementary School. This is a Garden Club project and they could use some help. Contact Nancy LaChapelle @ 868-6210.

When I began this View I did not have a clue about what was going on around town. A few phone calls netted the schedule you are reading now. BE SURE AND MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

On Wednesday, May 11th will be the last of the Friends of the Library meetings until next September. I am telling you now because by the time you get the River Press, the meeting will be over. It is a potluck and we have such a good time with old and new friends. “Be a friend and bring a friend.”

The next day, Thursday May 12th, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs will have their last meeting of the season. When the meetings start in September, it seems such a long way off to May. They just keep rolling around so quickly it makes your head spin. The members do see and work together through Summer Celebration. Art on the Levee, the Pie Baking and Auction, and the Information Table in the Old Fort Park are all events that the General Federation of Women’s Clubs handle. There is a great deal of cooperation on those projects. They then have just two months off and they are at it again doing dozens of projects for the community.

The lilacs are budding out but I have doubts that they will be ready for Mother’s Day. It is beautiful today (Monday) however the weatherman said it would cool off tomorrow and more rain. Can we handle more rain? Actually we do not have a choice. Just be thankful we do not have tornados in Montana.