Tuesday, September 4, 2012

View From The Bridge 9-5-12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Did you ever notice the large bulb lights in front of The Old Bridge? They had blue, pink, and yellow (?) colored bulbs in them.  The City takes care of the front part of The Old Bridge and it has nothing to do with the “Light the Bridge,” project.

I did not like those colored lights because I thought they looked too modern.  I called Skip Ross one day to ask if he could put white bulbs in them.  Skip jumped right on it and I think the white lights look so much better.  Did you even notice and what do you think?

I was very embarrassed when I called Larry Lambott to ask how the cover for the Mary Tanner Memorial table at the Sunrise Bluffs was coming along.  We played “telephone tag” for a while.  I left a message on his answering machine and when he called back, he connected with my answering machine.  He said that he had installed the table cover soon after Summer Celebration.  It has been two months and I had no knowledge about the installation.  I have not been to the Sunrise Bluffs since the Veterans Photo project was dedicated.  I also have not been volunteering at the Joe, Overholser Research Center most of the summer.  There are corrections to the Photo project; however, they will be taken care of in September when, “I shall return,” (that is what Douglas MacArthur said in WWII. Only we seniors will understand that.)  I could not reach Karla Ayers, (manager of the Bluffs,) on the phone.  I did not read about it in the “Buzz from the Bluffs.”  I wonder if anyone has noticed or if anyone has used the table.  The point of all of this is what do I know about what is going on around town unless you readers tell me.

Larry, I really appreciate your hard work and am sorry that it went un-noticed by me.  That cover project closes Mary Tanner’s account. The Bill Anderson account has been closed, I have to collect some monies, pay some bills, and the main account will be closed.  If anyone wants to do a memorial project, I suggest you consult Don Hazen for a tree. The Memorial Project has had three trees planted. I can give you advice on how to purchase a plaque.

It was a very successful project and it is very satisfying to see people sitting on the benches, or eating lunch/dinner at the tables.  Yes, I know that the sun is usually on the benches/tables but it depends what time of day you want to sit there.  The benches/tables could not be placed under trees because of the tree roots.  The sun has a habit of moving around and we did the best we could.  Actually, the whole idea of the project was to remember beloved members of the family who had gone beyond.  I love reading the plaques and remembering them.  Have you ever walked the whole Levee Trail and read all of the plaques?  You could take a walk on these beautiful cool evenings and do just that.    

Another interesting thing to do is to read the plaques at the Shep Courtyard.  That is another great gift to give someone.  Check with the Ag Museum office for that information.

I was doing an inventory of the trash receptacles along the Levee Walking Trail on Wally’s Go-Go on Friday evening.  I traveled north when I started out by the Grand Union Hotel and went all the way to the end.  On the way back, I came up behind a young couple pushing a stroller.  The husband noticed me and asked his wife to move over so I could go by.  I said something like. “You have a precious bundle in that stroller,” and proceeded on to the other end of the trail.  On the way, back I meet the couple again somewhere between 12th and 11th St.  I asked if they were Fort Benton residents and they said that they had just moved to town a week ago.  I asked the husband if his job brought them to town and he said it was her job.  She is the new music teacher.  When we meet again, I am going to ask her if there are waterfalls in Klamath Falls, OR?

I did ask if Caresse had joined the Chouteau County Performing Arts board.  We laughed when she said that they were not in town very long before, she was asked. You are so welcome to our fair city and music is a way of life for many of us.  By the way, they have a darling baby boy named Connor.

On this same trip on the Levee Trail, I met Pastor Wilson and his wife.  He was in town to perform a wedding the next day.  I do not know how long it has been since they moved but even though I did not attend his church, I attended many programs at the First Christian Church.  Remember when we had those wonderful Christmas concerts. I really enjoyed Teresa’s singing and when their daughter joined her mom, it was a real musical treat.  Another reason I knew them was because my grandson Grayson attended pre-school there, and there were many programs associated with the school.  

Today, (Saturday,) I stopped at Visitors Information Center to drop an item off.  Visitors came in and lo and behold, it was Scott McKenzie. If you did not know Scott and his family, he was the music teacher here in Fort Benton and left 10 years ago.  He is now located in Missoula and teaches at Hellgate High School.  He named quite a few names of children whose parents lived in Fort Benton.  Scott said that he was here for Summer Celebration in June but only for a short while.  There was not much time to visit.  It was very nice to see him and his daughter who graduated in 2002 from our high school.

The Cenex gas station owned by Mountain View is getting a face-lift. The section where cars were formerly serviced has been transformed into a hardware and farm equipment area.  Their quick food products have been upgraded.  It is another step in the beautification of Fort Benton

Jerri Dostal of the Tobacco Use Prevention at the Chouteau County Health Department went to the inter-net for some extensive research about the “butt” situation.  She had a report in last week’s River Press.  (Please go back and read it if you have not already done so.) The American Lung Association employed me for 7 years before moving to Montana.  Back then, the butt problem was not as extensive as it is today.  The reason is the Smoking Ban that went into effect so smokers could not indulge inside any buildings.  They had to go outside and so did the butts.

One bar owner told me that he asks his customers to go to the outside of the back of the building.  He has a table and chairs there but they do not pay attention.  They go to the front of the building and the result is butts on the sidewalk.  I know what the solution is but no one listens to me.

Some of the statistics that Jeri came up with are so frightening.  One hundred million people have died because of cigarette smoking in the last 100 years.  One hundred million…that is mind boggling.  One problem is that smokers cannot smell the smoke, their smoke saturated clothing, hair, vehicles, and their homes.  On the other hand, there is nothing worse then a reformed smoker.  They seem to be the most offended.

I understand the difficulty of quitting smoking as I did “Quit Smoking Programs” when I worked at the Lung Association.  I saw many cases of people who did not want to quit come to the programs to support their family member or friend.  They quit and the other person did not.  True story.  I will not urge you to stop smoking.  I have given that up a long time ago because I was just wasting my breath.  You are intelligent people who can read.  Just please do not say to me, “I have to die from something.”  You have a choice.  Enough already.