Tuesday, September 3, 2019

View From The Bridge 9/4/19

By Muncie

This beautiful month’s moon is called the Full Harvest Moon or the Full Corn Moon. Its name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested. Most often, the September full moon is actually the Harvest Moon, which is the Full Moon closest to the autumn equinox. In two years out of three, the harvest moon comes in September, but in some years it is in October. At the peak of the harvest farmers can work late into the night by the light of this moon. Usually the full moon rises 50 minutes each night, but for a few nights around the Harvest Moon, the moon seems to rise at nearly the same time each night. It is 25 to 30 minutes later across the United States and only 10 to 20 minutes for much of Canada and Europe.

Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice, Staples for the Indians and are now ready for gathering.

The Full Moon is on Saturday the 14th. Wasn’t the Full Moon in August gorgeous? The sky was clear that night and the moon lit up the landscape. This month should be even more beautiful.

The latest count on Facebook is 202 Rockers. They did “paint and hide” a lot this past week and several people told me that they found rocks and decided to keep them. I would hide them if I found any but I am really happy with the two
I have on my porch. GO OLIVIA.

A couple of weeks ago as I was on my way to the Farmers Market, I met up with an old friend.  It was Mike Skogen who was our Police Chief when I moved here 26 years ago. He has been retired for many years and we had a nice visit.

He told me the story of just having seen a rattlesnake in the middle of Main St. and 11th St. Of course, he knew how to handle the situation but I wanted to again warn readers, and especially new residents, to immediately call 911 and let the Police Officers handle what needs to be done. DO NOT try to handle the situation yourself. Also teach children to call 911.

I usually do a report on snake sightings toward the end of summer but I decided, because of this incident, to check it out now.

I checked with the Police Department on Labor Day (sorry about disturbing you on the holiday,) and there were about five sightings reported so far this year. Be on the lookout and watch where you are walking.

Pinochle games are still being held at the Sunrise Bluffs. So, when these long, cold, and dreary days come around, spend a pleasant afternoon with friends who enjoy the same things that you do.

It is terrific exercise and offers the opportunity of enjoying an evening with friends. (We need all the friends we can get.)

On Monday the 9th Bowling will start at B Social. At a recent gathering the conversation came up about the Bowling Alley in the old days. Do you remember the days when pins were set up by boys who wanted the job? It was a fun place to be for young and old.

I bowled for many years but I know that today I could not even lift a ball much less throw it down an alley. However, the memories remain.

The Market continues on Thursday September 5th. Come on down and enjoy those harvest products and heavenly baked goods.

RECYCLE DAY         
Recycle day is Saturday, September 7th. It is a great time to recycle all that stuff you accumulated all summer. It is such a great program and especially these days when we are burying ourselves in garbage.

The Club is still collecting donated articles for their Huge Yard Sale at the Chouteau County Fair Grounds. It is September 14th and that is a week from Saturday. See the ad in the River Press for phone numbers to call for pickup.

An insider told me that they have already collected great donations and I love seeing who goes off with those treasures.

You must know what a great deal garage sales and flea markets are for young married couples and those who move into a new house. Those treasurers make it a home with items that were a part of someone’s life. They are collectables that meant so much to someone who perhaps no longer has a place to keep them. So, be sure to donate and then to come to the Fair Grounds to see what treasures you can use.

WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS to show support for our Troops.