Tuesday, January 7, 2014

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Not much except the weather.  I know that I go on and on about it but what else is  there on these snowy and freezing winter days.  At least the days are getting a minute or so longer each day.  We have approximately 2½ months of winter left.  Frankly, it is not going fast enough for me as we have been house bound for several days.  My computer cabinet is next to a window that looks out onto our back deck.  It is 5:15 p.m. and still fairly light enough so I can see everything on the deck.  It is now 5:25 p.m. and it is pitch black on the deck.  I cannot see anything.

I have “cabin fever” big time.  Tomorrow, (Monday the 6th,) it is supposed to be in the 30’s with a Chinook coming in.  That will help to boost spirits especially if the sun shines as it did today.  I do not like dumping all this negativity on you, but where else can I complain where someone will not answer me or disagree.  Hang in there readers, I’ll feel a lot better next week with Pie Day coming along.

Remember that the 3rd Friday of the month is “Pie Day.”  It will be on the 17th of January at 2:00 p.m.  I am reminding you this week so you have a “heads up,” for the following week.  Please make it one of your resolutions for this year.  (I expect to see Tim and some of his staff at this social occasion as they are right next door.  No excuses.)

Let’s look for a lovely day so everyone can get out enjoying the best piece of pie in Chouteau County. “Great job” female baking members of the Golden Age Senior Center.  You are the best

We are back in the book to “Entertainment.”  Am I right when I say that most of you readers will know the answer to this question?  Q.  A bridge over the Missouri River near Craig was the scene of the climatic shootout between FBI men and gangsters in what movie starring Sean Connery and Kevin Costner?  A. Below

This was one of the sites that my daughter, Jennifer, took me to when I came to visit in 1988.   At that time they, (who is they?) had fenced the house where the scene was shot and I took photos of it.  (One of my sons came to visit his sister earlier than my visit.  They went to the house site, were able to walk to the house, and take photos of the inside.)  A few years later, the house was torn down.  I wonder if Hollywood built the house just for the movie or if it was in the right place at the right time.  Perhaps someone in this readership knows the answer.  Although I am not very successful in getting answers to questions I ask in this column, I hope to hear from someone about this.  I’ll try some research when I get back to steady volunteering at the Joel Overholser Research Center.

I had a phone call this past week about “Wear Red on Fridays.”  The reader said that every time she reads that sentence in the River Press, she cries.  Now why do you suppose she does that?  It is because she has a son in the service of our country.

Is there anyone out there who will help me order “Support our Troops,” in red t-shirts and sweatshirts.  I purchased two t-shirts with that logo on them several years ago, from the Marine Corps League of Great Falls, but they are blue.   When I called the League for red sweatshirts, I was told that they were sold out.  I wonder how many of you would purchase a “Support the Troops,” shirt?
This could be a fund raiser for some organization.  Let me hear from you a.s.a.p.

On Thursday January 23nd there will be the scheduled Chouteau County Performing Arts concert at the Elementary School with Rob Verdi, the Saxophonist.  Rob has performed in Fort Benton before and everyone loved his show.  This will be a fun concert as all the school kids who blow horns will be included in the concert.

I just learned from a reliable source that on Thursday and Friday the artists will begin to arrive in Fort Benton.  If you see them around town, be sure to give them a huge Fort Benton welcome.  Saturday will be the big day for the showcases which are the greatest entertainment you could ever imagine if you have never attended before.  See you there.


A.  The Untouchables