Wednesday, December 26, 2012

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Now that the world did not end on the 21st, we can look forward to whatever time we have left to enjoy it without worry.  Not that I did worry.  How many times in my lifetime has it been said that the world was going to end?  So enjoy every minute of every day.  Do your good deeds every day and if you have not started that little project, start now.  Spread your sunshine around, smile, love, and be as happy as you possibly can.

Yes, not again, I goofed, however I have good news.  I disturbed many people by assuming that the solar lights around the FB on the bluffs were taken by some unknown person or persons. That situation happened once before when the bottom half of the lights of the B were missing.  The Honor Society took over and finished the job by replacing the B lights, purchasing, and placing all of the F lights.

A few weeks ago, it was noticed that the lights were not burning.  I notified everyone that I could or who would listen to me.  A thought came to me to call Don Foreman who lives on River Street.  I asked him to use binoculars to look over the FB and assess the situation.  It was evening and too late to see. The next morning Don called and said he was parked on the side of the highway beneath the FB.  He reported that the lights were all in place.

A trek up the hill by one of the teachers found that the lights were operative.  They were not burning brightly because of very little sunlight and the angle at which the sun shone on the lights.  The sunlight charge was not strong enough.

So now, I say I am sorry for this uproar but in defense of myself, I also wonder why the weather persons out there in weather land and those with great scientific minds did not know this fact.  Perhaps they did know but failed to make it known to me.  If I had a report card, I would be getting an F and it would not stand for Fort.  The bad news is that we know have to wait until spring before the light will be right.  I will keep an eye on the situation to see when they can be seen again.  Perhaps this is not of any importance to you, however I would like you to know that our FB is the only city marker in the whole state of Montana whose letters are lit.  We are a first once again.

If ever there was a smiley woman, it was Bessie.  I will miss seeing her walk with Sue (her daughter) each day they possibly could.  Those Benton Pharmacy people will miss her more than most because her family had coffee there every morning. 

My memory of her was her organization of clippings from the River Press and other historic collections.  I did a story once on Coach Midget and basketball.  Bessie invited me over to read items about the Coach.  I learned about every basketball player on the team and his records.  She showed me other interesting clippings about Fort Benton.  I spend a wonderful afternoon with her.  I wish I could be that organized that I could find something immediately.  I will think of Bessie sitting on my shoulder and helping me.

 Another long time friend has also gone across the Wide Missouri.  My memory of Bob is one of a long time ago.  I am sketchy on the details of exactly how it came about.  There was some sort of history conference going on in Great Falls.  I was secretary of the Community Improvement Association at the time and I was phoned to see if I was going to the conference.  Bob Doerk was driving, I could ride along with him, and he did call me.  I had a glorious time on the way to Great Falls listening to Bob talk about Lewis and Clark.  He was a very knowledgeable historian and I benefited from it. 

I learned to say Sacagawea.  I was able to turn my thinking around to call her name differently than I had.  Many people stuck to the old way but the proof was in the pudding when grandson Grayson, from Helena, said that he learned her name as Sacagawea in school.  If that is the way they are teaching it in school then some people are going to have to change, (if the shoe fits…wear it.)  I will never forget Bob for the valuable lessons he taught me.

An enjoyable musical evening was spent by many parents, grandparents, and people who just like music, on December 16th.  Music teachers work very hard because they put on productions with what I would call “raw material.”  Our new music teacher, has developed very talented singers and musicians to their full potential.  I could not help humming along, (thank goodness I was sitting by myself) and tapping my feet.  The only problem I noted was that it should have been longer.  I did not want it to end.  Thank you for a lovely time.

Here are a couple of hints that I found in the U.S.A. magazine to aid in recycling.  The ideas came from a woman who wrote a book on recycling titled “The Zero-Waste Lifestyle:  How to Live Well by Throwing Away Less.”  That title tells you a lot.  She said, “It took maybe 10 extra minutes to sort recyclables or put products in Tupperware instead of a plastic bag.” 

She said to be proactive, instead of focusing on discarding things, think about recycling before making purchases.  Choose to buy t.p. wrapped in paper vs. wrapped in plastic, because plastic is harder to recycle.  Cook and create is another choice.  Certain foods have foil packaging that is not recyclable.  You may be able to make most things that you would have purchased and it was healthier too.  That included chips and doughnuts. On the job you can create less waste by writing on both sides of a sheet of paper, (you can do this at home too,) recycle paper, and use electronic communication.

An update on the Recycling Committee findings are Headwaters Cooperative will come to Fort Benton on Monday, January 14th to speak to the County Commissioners, City Council and any interested Fort Benton residents.  Please make an effort to attend this meeting.  As far as I know the meeting will be held at the City Hall.  I will verify this location for you next week.