Tuesday, August 23, 2016

View From The Bridge 8/24/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

As we are all touched by cancer, we also are touched by Dementia/Alzheimer's. The Golden Age Senior Center is presenting a program that will be an informative presentation and help/support that is available to those coping with this disease and caregivers. The date is MONDAY, AUGUST 29th at 1:00.

This presentation will be done by professionals from Brookdale and Highgate Senior Living. There will be a question and answer period afterward. Please put this on your calendar and remind your family, friends, and neighbors.

For me the Chouteau County Fair was a blast. Even though it was very hot and my heat exhaustion acted up, I had the greatest time.

I nagged all of you readers about entering something in the Fair. Feeling guilty myself I did enter two baked products on Thursday evening. (I wanted to enter my wild flowers but there was not a single one blooming. Last year I won 5 blue ribbons and 3 red ones for my wild flowers.)

I then enjoyed the BBQ contest and was pleased to sit in the commercial building to enjoy it out of the rain and being entertained. I sat way in the back by the veggies display so I missed seeing many of you. There was a great crowd. The Cancer Support Group was collecting donations for the dinner. The diners were extremely generous.

I am a “Lioness” and volunteered each morning from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday and Sunday at the back gate and Saturday with Connie at the Main St. gate. I had a great time. Most folks knew about the parking fee and that it was a Lions Club fund raiser. They would, as they drove up, have the $3.00 in their hand out the window. It was a blast to see friends I had not seen for a long time.

On Friday I proceeded to the Commercial Building to sit with Randy who was selling tickets for the Chouteau County Performing Arts and for Connie Jenkins Fund Raiser “Trip tickets.” I was selling raffle tickets for the Summer Celebration Quilt. We were there all day and were the last ones to leave.

We had company next to us and it was the old fashioned children’s games like balloon busting, a fish pond, a hoop around pop bottles, and a basketball hoop. It was such fun to watch the little Kiddos try their luck.

We were also in the company of the Swimming Pool Repair group where you could make a contribution to those volunteers and buy tickets for the Kiddy Games. I hope the Fair Committee brings back the Kiddy Games and the word will be spread around how much fun they were. There wasn’t too much activity that day.

Saturday I was at the Main St. entrance and afterward returned to the Commercial Building. There was a lot of activity that day and the young swimmers who volunteered to cover the games were kept busy replacing balloons and sweeping the floor.

Randy and I again sat there until everyone left at 5:00 p.m. On Friday the big cooling fans were going and it actually was a bit chilly where we were sitting. On Saturday it was too hot and I stood in front of the fans many times to cool off.

The commercial Building was a bee hive of activity on Saturday. There were classes on baking bread and the students got their loaf of bread after it was baked. The next table taught butter making and you took home a small canning jar with the butter you made. Another class of how to can your garden products was going strong and we really enjoyed watching all of the goings on.

There was a Gold Panning table and that attracted a lot of attention. If you youngsters missed all of the above mentioned programs, then be sure to come around next year. Also read the booklet that is around town about a month before the Fair and pick out something that you can enter.

Sunday morning I was at the back gate and most of the vehicles had parking tickets. It was a gorgeous morning and the tent was set up in the shade and I could study the clouds. I enjoy doing that and the only thing I saw was Grumpy with his large nose from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I wish it had been Happy but clouds will be clouds.

Randy came at 11:00 a.m. to set up in the Commercial Building and it was empty. I think the Swimming Pool Repair Committee could have done well but all organizations know how difficult it is to get volunteers.

The next time we will be selling raffle tickets will be at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday on the Levee.  See you there.

The food at the Fair was fabulous. I love Fair foods because I feel free to eat foods that I do not normally eat. I had breakfast every morning at the 4-H building. They are such a hard working group. Those youngsters will know how to take care of themselves when they grow up.

The Education Building was so enjoyable with the school children’s work displayed. As I do every year, I wonder at the work put into those displays. The Democrat and Republican table were also set up there but the Republican table was not covered. (I wonder why?)

The evening performances were a success. The Pig Wrestling and the Truck Pull were well attended and certainly the Demolition Derby was the very best ever. There were more vehicles and the Herbie Derby was the greatest. The Baumgartner Girls were fabulous.

The stands were completely filled and the parking lots were filled to capacity. People parked everywhere they could find a spot. I had never heard an audience cheer, yell, and clap as I did Sunday night. (The audience seemed to love it when vehicles were pushed into the berms.)

So, Fair Committee, I believe that our County Fair is well onto a revival. I do not know what you can do about getting people to enter at least one item for judging but let’s give it a try. I remember when the baked and canned goods stretched from one end of the building to the other. This year almost every entry got a blue ribbon. Is that because there was only one entry in each category? You have a whole year to think about it.

On Tuesday during my shift from 2 to 4 at the Visitors Center a couple came in just looking for general information. When I asked where they were from I found it was Seeley Lake. I asked if they knew Patti, Jack Gladstone’s friend) and they said they did. I told them that I had just spent the day with Patti and Jack the Saturday before.

This couple, Paula and Roger, planned on leaving the next morning. They became so engrossed with Fort Benton and the surrounding area hey did not leave until Saturday morning. They visited Virgille, Big Sandy, Decision Point, Lost Lake, the Ag Museum and Village, the Museum of the Supper Missouri, the Old Fort Benton, and the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center and especially loved our Library. They covered more ground in a few days than most people living in the area all of their lives.

Paula also has a friend in town and was able to connect with her. The friend was out of town but at least they were able converse. Paula and Roger said they would return for Summer Celebration next year because they heard so much about it. They cheered my week.

“What other people think of you is none of your business.”

Sorry Folks, I don’t have enough room this week but will get back to it next week. I found it so interesting and hope you do too.

There are also some small world and interesting stories to tell you but not today. They are from my readers and everyone has a story.

I am going to start a “WHO KNEW,’ or ‘WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK” paragraph soon. I learn something new every day. I would like it very much if you would add to it.