Tuesday, August 11, 2015

View From The Bridge 8/12/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I need some help as well as many organizations in Fort Benton. I have to do some catching up with the Veterans Photo Project. My eyesight and time are limited these days.

I need someone who can spend a couple of Tuesdays with me at the Joel Overholser Research Center. I am only there once a week on Tuesdays as well as Ken Robison who does the scanning of the photos.

I need someone who loves their computer to add names to the list of photos already hanging at the Sunrise Bluffs. I also need someone who can help me “catch up,” with the biographies. I have about six (6) photos to bring up to date, framed and hung at the Bluffs.  I also need corrections done to the gold label names on the pictures. You would have to work with Pam on the labels.

If I have reached someone who will volunteer, please call me at 622-3217. I would like to get the project completed in September.  

This is also a call to all of you young, energetic, bright, and enthusiastic people in Fort Benton. My motto is, “Give back to your community.” You enjoy living in a rural community, at least I hope you do, and volunteering is a little pay back for what you enjoy.

I always want to congratulate the youngsters in the community who make us so proud.  Sometimes “what I want to do, or mean to do” do not cooperate with “have to do.”

I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.  Several weeks ago Hanna Bach won 1st place in the Montana State competition for her poster on conservation. She was to advance to the National competition. (I loved your poster.)

Last week’s River Press featured an article about Hayden Axtman who swam to the top at State. What a great accomplishment. Proud is not a big enough word to put a title to the many hours of practice you put in.

To all of you who have brought titles to Fort Benton I consider “Hero’s.”  You have done outstanding work.  That goes for all the others who competed because you were involved and put in just as many hours.  You are “Hero’s” too and I love you for your efforts.

On July 7th, 2015 there was a happening that I call, “The Night of the Grizzly on the Teton.” A grizzly bear killed two calves on the Brant and Donna Hasbrouck farm/ranch west of Carter. It happened about 10:00 p.m. and at that time of year it was light enough to see the corral close to their back deck.

The family stood on their deck and witnessed the whole horrible scene. The grizzly took off but they do not know in which direction. The part that frightens me is that bear came down the Teton that borders the Hasbrouck’s property. Do you remember a few years ago when two grizzly’s did their killing near Loma? I do not remember the details but I do remember that they traveled the Teton.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks was called to the Hasbrouck’s and were trying to determine if it was a cub was with its mother. Those are the dangerous ones. The rest of the story is that the family was told that this area was the stomping grounds of the grizzlies and they are showing signs of returning to their natural habitat. Traps were set on the property but to no avail.

I have not checked with Fish, Wildlife and Parks. I am relating this story because there was nothing in the newspapers about it. This is just a notice for those of you who live on the Teton to be careful.

A friend of mine was pulled over on Highway 87 on her way to Fort Benton from Great Falls. It was late evening, already dark, and the officer said that she was going over the speed limit. She and I did not know that the speed limit at night is 65 mph. We thought that was only for trucks. Ignorance is no excuse although she only got a warning; she learned a valuable lesson and passed it on to me.

I was never pulled over because I only drove 65 mph all the time. My lesson was to read signs more attentively. I always took the classes on driving for years that gave me a discount on insurance. I do not remember ever having heard about a limit on night driving.  I am very fortunate that I arrange rides into Great Falls now and I’ll bet you are happy that I am not “on the road again.”  (Warning: I still drive around town but the older I get, the more anxious I am.) I just hate backing up as has to be done on Front Street. The wonderful thing is that Fort Benton drivers will wait while you back out. Good Job!

Great, there is going to be a concert on Saturday night. The River Press article said that fair-goers had asked for a concert to be held again. I am one of those requesters. There are just too many rodeos around the area but not enough entertainment.

One of my most pleasant evenings was years ago on Saturday evening. The performer was Dan Seals and he sang one of my favorite songs, “If I Had but One Friend Left, I’d Want it to be You.” The sun was setting and the bluffs were a fantastic shade of red. The evening temperature was perfect. The Benton Belle was going by on the Missouri. What a great concert it was and I remember it as if it were yesterday. I am happy that the Fair Board Committee is bringing back a concert again. See you there.

My friend Nancy L. has planted wild flowers in the veggie garden the last two years.  The first year they were straggly but this year they are quite lovely. She said that she is going to enter some of them in the Fair Garden displays.

Last year my daughter Valerie won Best of Show for one of her entries and I teasingly said to Nancy that perhaps I could give Valerie some competition for Best of Show. Since I have this lovely space in the River Press, I can ask you to check out the Flower building and vote for me. (You know I am having a senior moment, don’t you Val.) I hope this gives you a good laugh because I, in no way, have a green thumb. Let’s see. I would consider mine a black thumb.

My mother taught me about STAMINA. “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is gone.”