Tuesday, February 19, 2019

View From The Bridge 2/20/19

By Muncie

I am sure the whole town of Fort Benton, as well as I am, is on a high after last Friday night with the win over Box Elder. Not only did you win the district championship but for the second year in a row.

You have always been #1 and now everyone knows it. I have attended every home game and planned to go to Havre. I am really upset with Father Winter for dumping on us while the District Tournaments were going on. (On the local newscasts they refer to Father Winter instead of Mother Nature.) This was my excuse for not traveling to Havre and I truly regret it. I learned of the win on the 10:00 p.m. news and I am sure the entire neighborhood heard me yelling. I was expected the team to return from Havre late, but would still blow the horns of the bus and vehicles that were able to watch the game. I don’t think it happened because you did not want to wake those who were already in bed. Please do it another time this week.

I am looking forward to the games in Great Falls and better road conditions. Know that we love you no matter what the outcome.

Father Winter also kept the audience for the Chouteau County Performing Arts event from attending the best show ever last week Tuesday. (This evaluation was public opinion.)

The Spectrum singers from Las Vegas were spectacular and I felt as though I was in Las Vegas. Spectrum was totally professional. They came out for the first half dressed in white tux coats. At break time they changed to red sequined jackets. They sang songs from the 60’s and 70’s Motown. They danced as they sang as the audience sang along with them.

It was a totally wonderful evening and the Performing Arts Board will certainly have them back again. We are so sorry if you missed the show but happy for those of you who braved the cold to attend.

Keep in mind that the next CCPA performance is just a few weeks away on Tuesday, March 5th, same time, same place. It is “Pianos Along the Missouri.”

Professor Steven Hesla, piano professor at the University of Montana, inaugurates the new piano festival in Fort Benton with a lively show incorporating local pianists from Chouteau and Cascade Counties and well as his own interpretations of Gershwin, Joplin, and classical. Sounds wonderful to me and I’ll see you there.

A message to Jo Alice Juedeman…You easily could be Hollywood’s #1 screen writer. You are truly the best. I do not know how you come up with those great stories and then put them into plays. But NO! You prefer to stay in Geraldine, Montana. You are a small town person and I am sure that Hollywood’s bright lights do not have the slightest interest for you. All the better for us and know that we love you very much. Thank you for everything.

I do not want to forget Lila Armstrong. Hers is the most difficult job as director. Her untrained cast must be trying at times because of their nonsense. But then again, it is worth the laughs and we should all laugh every day. It is good for your health.

So, thank you too for your undying love of theater and the hours that you spend getting the cast into shape. We love you too.

And last but not least, I want to tell the actors and actresses how much they contributed to a very entertaining evening. You are the greatest. Thank you for all your time and this also goes for all those who helped to get everything in the right place at the right time.

The Fund Raiser that was held a few weeks ago was a success. It was for Donna who worked at the Club House. She has many friends there and the Club House was filled to capacity.   

There were many silent auction baskets and other items to be bid on. I bid on a red, white, and blue basket that was made just for me. What I mean is that I love all things that are patriotic. I got the bid and was so thrilled when I got home and unpacked it. There were 19 red, white, and blue items. My apartment will be well decorated from Memorial Day until Labor Day. One of the items is a hanging banner that has “GOD BLESS AMERICA’ on it. Two of my other favorites are lanterns that light up.

Thank you to all that were at the auction and to the 60 to 70 people and businesses that donated. Only in a small town, as the saying does.