Tuesday, January 17, 2012

View From The Bridge 1/18/2012

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I received this comment on the View from the Bridge blog. “Would your readers and friends send EFFIE A. JOHNSON a birthday card for her 90th birthday celebration on February 10th?” She is currently in the MRMC (Missouri River Medical Center,) Nursing Home. While you are thinking about it, send the card now with Open on February 10th on the front of the envelope. Make it your good deed for the day. Let us deluge the Post Office with cards for her. It would be so special. I will remind you again next week.

On Saturday, January 28th, there will be a fun time at the Pour House Saloon. A Chili Cook-Off contest will begin at 1:00 p.m. I was made aware of this Cook-Off when I had a chance meeting with Gayle Lehman at the Price Rite Grocery Store. She had her basket full of canned beans. I asked if she was going to make Chili for supper. She said that she was practicing for the Chili Cook-Off scheduled in a couple of weeks. What fun! I cannot remember the last time Fort Benton had a Chili Cook-Off. It was discussed at several organization meetings but never materialized. I love Chili and I am sure there are many of you who do to. This should be a well-attended event on a cold Saturday afternoon. I spoke with Karen Holstein this evening and she said there are nine chefs signed up. However, you do not have to be signed up. You can just show up with your crock-pot full of Chili. Good luck to everyone and I will report the winner in the February 1st edition of the River Press unless Tim beats me to it. He will probably have a picture. See you there.

There were great reviews about last Wednesday’s Vigilante Theatre. It was a light hearted, humorous, and entertaining show about a brother and sister and their differences. If you had brothers or sisters, to compete with when you were growing up, you appreciated the story line much more. What amazes me is how the actors remember all those lines. They never seem to skip a beat. My amazement also comes from the fact that I honestly cannot remember my name half the time. I do have lots of company in that regard. Just join the Club. Back to the Vigilante Theatre, the Committee reported that Rhonda Smith and John Hosking, besides being great actors, they are delightful personalities. They had get-togethers with the Committee and the sponsors Karyn and Andre Giles of Montana Flour and Grain and Valerie Morger and Mark Pyrak of Fort Benton Realty. By the way, if you see any of the Committee or the Sponsors…be sure to thank them.

The day after Valentine’s Day, there will be a Book and Bake Sale at the Library. If you never have been, you will have a “Book Heaven” experience in store for you. Since the last book sale back in June, there have been many books donated. They are piled everywhere. You can buy a bag of books for $1.00. That has to be the best bargain around town. Frankly, I am a collector of books and I have found so many of my favorite author’s right there at the Chouteau County Library Book Sale. In addition, if you do not have time to bake…this is your chance to get wonderful homemade baked goods. All the proceeds go toward supporting the Library. It seems as though their funds are cut every year and yet they offer such great programs for kids and adults. See you there.

How quickly these months are rolling around. The Golden Age Senior Center said they missed our table last month. None of the eight or ten of us could attend and we surely missed our piece of pie and cup of coffee. The Bonilla’s took me to Helena for our grandson Grayson’s Christmas play. I do not know what the rest of the Gang was doing. They have to make their own excuses. It will be very enjoyable to have pie and coffee with the weather as cold as it is predicted. On top of that will be the snow. Mind you, I am not complaining. It is now only two months to spring. I think we all can handle that considering what we had during November and December. I actually was looking to see if my lilac trees were budding. See you there.

This morning was very sad for me concerning the birds that visit my yard for breakfast. Three of the feeders were empty; I filled them, and returned to my watching area in a back bedroom while I ate my breakfast where I have a full view of the backyard. After a few minutes the usual flock, 20 to 30 birds, appeared and went into their usual routine. They are on the feeders and clean up the ground as well. They are there a few seconds and then in unison they fly into the lilac trees that are between the house and the feeders. They are there a few seconds and then return to the feeders. I do not know what kind of code they have, if they have a leader, or how they do that routine with such precise timing. The second time they returned to the lilac trees something happened and I could not believe my eyes. A large hawk flew into the trees and captured one of the little birds. It all happened so quickly. The hawk then flew a few feet away into a pine tree and soon disappeared. Not only did he disappear but also did the flock of breakfast guests. I have been watching for several hours but they have not returned nor do I think that they will. Perhaps when it gets colder tonight and tomorrow, they may be hungry enough to visit my yard again. I hope so as they give me so much pleasure.

What is Great Falls waiting for concerning cell phone usage while driving? This is a no brainer. All other large cities in Montana have passed laws. Who says that government should not be dictating our every move? Some people have no sense when it comes to doing the right thing. They have to be forced. Compare it to the seat-belt law. It saves people lives. People who drive and talk/text on a cell phone are not paying attention to their driving. You have seen them. How much evidence do they want when a national study showed the figures? Cell phone users cause more deaths than drunk drivers do. Drunk drivers are penalized when they received a DUI. They are severely punished if they kill someone. Why would we not penalize someone talking on a cell phone and severely if they cause an accident. I urge you to call your senators and representatives and ask them to make the law for the whole state. It will save lives

At last, we are wrapping up the photo portion of the project. However, it is not too late to bring pictures to the Research Center on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The photos will all be hung this week. The next step is to type up the biographies and autobiographies. I have set Memorial Day as a goal to have them finished and in a beautiful notebook purchased for that purpose. It will be on display at the Bluffs. Karla Ayers, who has been so helpful in placing the photos at the Sunrise Bluffs, is planning a reception. We have received many compliments on the display.

I think I have said enough for one day and all I have left is GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS.