Wednesday, March 21, 2018

View From The Bridge 3/21/18

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Just when I sang her praises last week she turns around and gives us another winter blast. Snow and cold are no longer in my vocabulary and if all this snow and cold is not gone by Easter, I am never going to have anything to do with her again. There I said it and now I feel better. Are you all behind me?

This fun holiday is only a week and a half away. Have you got your Easter bonnets ready? Back when I was young, the Easter outfit was a very big thing. We had to wear hats to Church then and it was a blast to see the hats.  The colors were pinks, purples, yellows, and greens.  Dyed hard boiled eggs have now been replaced with plastic. Hats are no longer needed and jeans have replaced dresses. We seniors long for the old traditions but have to go along with the changes. Only our memories remain and perhaps an old hat or two remain in a closet.

Easter parades are also a thing of the past. If you lived in a big city (which I did not,) you and your whole family would walk up and down an area that was judged for the most attractive outfits.

The real meaning of Easter has been lost as Christmas.  It is all commercial now and has become a mania of shopping for gifts and candy.  Only the dentists benefit. Amen for now.

I hope that I am not boring you with this story but I must say that it has kept me amused during this dreary winter days.

I must be watching too many “Garage Sale Mysteries.” I am working on the elimination process to track down the person who is decorating the hollow tree at the corner of 22nd and Front St.  Since no one will own up to decorating the tree, I have several clues as to who it might be.

The first clue is that it must be a woman who loves to decorate and is very artistic. Secondly she used the community garden (because of the pumpkin,) and third must live in the neighborhood of the hollow tree. From the direction of the footprints, she and her helper came in from Front

I thought this person had given up the project because of the snow and drifts and there were no decorations for Valentine’s Day or St. Patty’s Day. I put a Valentine Heart in the tree but it blew away. I had a friend staple the leprechaun to the tree for St. Patty’s Day.

This afternoon, Sunday the 18th, I used my walker for support to get to the tree. As I stepped on the drift I would sink into my knees. Lo and behold, there was a welcoming wooden rabbit.

I would really like to know who you are so we can work together. I promise that I will never reveal who you are.  Please give me a call and we can discuss further holidays over coffee. I also am offering a reward of 2 dozen Lemon Bars to anyone who will give me information. (That is not a joke!)

The jolly Leprechaun has left his position on the hollow treed. (I think he went south.) In his place is taken by no other than my Peter Rabbit. I know that because his vest has his name on it. It is appropriate that he has taken up residence next to the community garden even though there is nothing there for him and Farmer Brown is not around. Perhaps Peter is just going to wait until summer. He joins the Welcome Rabbit to wish you a very happy Easter.

I hope you were able to visit with the Leprechaun but Front St. and 22nd were so terrible ruddy, it was almost impossible to drive much less walk. I will just have to be content with his picture in the River Press.

Just a reminder that Loma Days will be held on April 7th, the Saturday after Easter. See you there.

The last VFW Bingo will be on March 28th at the Club House at 7:00 p.m.

The VFW has been plagued with sickness and snow which cancelled man of their scheduled games this winter. Perhaps spring will be a little kinder and this last Bingo night of the season will take place. See you there.

On Saturday, the 31st of March and the day before Easter, will be the annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Lions Club of Fort Benton. Check the River Press for the times and locations for each age group. If you have never watched this hunt or had kiddos hunting, then you should go to the park for a fun few minutes. I love watching the infant to3 year olds and the 4 to5 year olds. It warms your heart to see the loving parents trying to help their little egg hunters. A good time is had by all.

The ever popular PUB NIGHT will be on Saturday April 7th at the Ag Center. The Pan Blanco band from Bozeman sounds very exciting. The word SALSA is a dance that I hope fills the dance floor. If you do not dance then just come and enjoy the music and people watching. See you there.

Some of my faithful following have contacted me by way of word of mouth or cards. I want them to know that I thank them for their concern and they would be Jeff in Great Falls, Marilyn in WA. and Ginger in AZ.

I am supposed to get a new computer in the next few weeks and will contact you with a letter. Just know that you are in my thoughts too.