Tuesday, November 2, 2010

View From The Bridge 11/3/10

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Do you want the scary side or the not-so-scary side? That was the question on Halloween night when I arrived at the ZombieVille Haunted House. We only had 10 Munchkins come for Trick or Treating, (maybe I scared them off by my comments last week about doing a Trick in the manner of a song or dance.)

It was 7:30 p.m. when Connie Jenkins came rushing over to take me to the Sheriff’s office. She said, “You have got to see this,” and away we went on our brooms. It was the greatest, scariest, perfectly designed, Haunted House I have ever been to. The Ghosts and Goblins must have worked through several nights, (they only work at night,) to be ready for the big night. I wonder how some of those creatures knew my name. I must be on a list for monsters to scare. Whatever the circumstances, I had the time of my life and found I could scream with the best of them. GO ZOMBIEVILLE.

It was quite a game show that you put on for us last Saturday. Hollywood could not put out a script like that. It was one of those games that you did not dare leave the stadium before the end of the game for fear that you might miss some thrilling offensive or defensive plays. No one moved from the area where we were sitting and a good thing because even with the last 18.7 seconds left on the clock, Fairview’s Quarterback Cody Vitt (the big kid,) ran a kick-off 79 yards for a touchdown. Then on the kick-off to Fort Benton, Riley Shaw ran 70 yards, which put the finishing touches on a most exciting game. GO HORNS.

We would also like to mention that all of the fans appreciate the Andreasen’s for the transporting “The White Longhorn,” to the games. It is a real effort on their part to get that large animal onto a truck, drive it to Fort Benton, set-up a pen, stand guard on it, load it back into the truck, drive back to the ranch, unload it, and call it a night. I say it helps the team to win as they are mighty like the bull and they do not give up.

Likewise, appreciation goes to those fans on the hill. We have been told that you have been very generous to the Football Team. That is especially important for the Play-Off games because of the added expense of those events. Keep up the good work and honk a little louder please, to let us know you are there.

This question has been asked of me many times and after singing the School Song so many times at the game on Saturday, the question came up again. What is our creed? The last line of the song is, “And we shall ever profit by your creed.”

I made a few phone calls without success. Then I phoned my stepdaughter, Darcy Morger Grovenstein who lives in Prescott Valley, AZ. She is our family historian and researcher. Sure enough, she found the answer.

In the 1960s and 70s the school motto was “We Try Harder.” In the 1969 Yearbook, there is a drawing of the School Crest on the Dedication page with the following note: “We the Publications Class, dedicate this, the 1969 Pioneer, to the future generation of students for whom this crest has been created. To those who have in the past walked these hallowed halls as students, we say “thank-you” for setting the highest standards of honor, integrity, and service for which this crest stands. Let it be said of the students to come, that they too upheld these traditions of excellence.” The crest has three words on the bottom…Comatus Plus Contendemus, which is Latin and translates to “We Try Harder.” Mest

Darcy also remembered the words to the Shorthorns Fight Song (sung to tune of On Wisconsin.) “Benton Junior High, Benton Junior High. Always Fair and Square, All the boys and all the girls, Are here to do their share. Rah Rah Rah! Benton Junior High, Benton Junior High. Victory is nigh. So fight fellas, Fight Fight Fight! For Junior High! Junior High Rah Rah! Junior High Rah Rah! Junior High, Junior High, Junior High!

How many of you Alumni remember that song? How many of you remember that there was a Basketball Fight Song? How many of you remember that the Junior High colors were blue and white for several years? Who remembers when the High School colors were Cardinal Red, White, and Gold? When did that change? What do you remember?

Last week when I told you about calling Helena to find out what to do with glass bottles, I also asked what to do with office paper. Discard the office paper with your newspapers. I am trying to get this information to the schools, businesses, and the hospital who discard great amounts of office paper to recycle it. Do it even if you have to take it home to discard with your own newspapers. Be sure to take any papers that have personal or business information and shred them. GO RECYCLERS.

This recycling tip is especially for mothers who use flushable wipes or anyone else who may use these products...Please do not flush them. Fort Benton’s system cannot accommodate these wipes. I frankly do not have any advice as to what to do with them. I would say, without very much research on the subject that you would dispose of them the same way you dispose of diapers. I can imagine that this may upset your schedules but think of it as avoiding problems with the sewage system. You would be doing a good deed for recycling.

Actually mothers, we senior women talk often about how lucky you young women are today when disposable diapers came on the scene. I will not go into a lot of detail here but…you never had to worry about sticking the baby with a pin, rinsing out a diaper, a diaper pail, no disposable wipes, another rinse in the washing machine and then the actual washing. Then there was the folding of perhaps 3 to 4 dozen diapers after drying in a dryer. Whoa, perhaps you did not have a dryer and you had to hang them on a clothesline in all kinds of weather.

Perhaps you were lucky and had a basement in which to hang them. I can see all of you seniors, nodding your heads. Do you wonder what we did with our time? Wonder no more because that one chore took hours each week.

Young mothers…I am teasing you. Just as my mother said she would not trade places with me because of my activities outside the home, I would not trade with you. You have so many more school activities, lessons of all sorts, etc than I ever had.

I will end this with this statement, “just do what you have to do and do the rest when your children are grown and gone.” I will add, “teach them to recycle and save our earth.” Children love to recycle. They will sort for you and put the items in makeshift bins. They are natural recyclers. GO KIDDOS.

Nothing could have been more entertaining than last Wednesday performance by Philip Fortenberry. A comment made by Evan Goldhaun was, “We have had that grand piano for 4 or 5 years and this was the first time that it was played like a piano should be played.”

We sit close to the front and I could not believe how fast Philip’s fingers moved. They were so fast that I could hardly see them. His show was called, “Broadway, My Way.” There was no acting, no singing, just the beautiful songs from Broadway shows. They were familiar songs and a plus was the program that listed his choice of numbers.

It was a delightful evening and Fort Benton was chosen by his agents as a starting place to perform in Montana, as Philip had never been in our state before. Many of the audience are in hopes that he will return soon.

You have another week to turn in your photos for the Veterans Project and for the River Press Veterans supplement. Do not procrastinate any longer. Find those photos and get them to the River Press office, the Sunrise Bluffs, or to me at my home. I am in the phone book. You do not want your loved one to be left out.

Take good care of yourselves, do a good deed, and read the River Press for the latest breaking news. GOD BLESS AMERICA.