Wednesday, June 27, 2018


By Muncie

It is all about Summer Celebration and my view of the three (3 days. I had a wonderful time starting with the Pig Roast on Friday. The weather was perfect for the whole three days. Rain had been forecast for Friday and Saturday but never happened. One person described it as “going around us.”

First Security Bank served 720 people and that is about average. It was delicious as usual. The entertainment was great and I became a City Band groupie. I then traveled down Front Street to the U.S. Bank for an ice cream treat. Next, I made a skip and a jump to the Golden Age Senior Center where the City Band performed again. Those attending were treated to ice cream sundaes along with the Band and I was able to express my thanks for their time. Several of those I spoke with were from Great Falls. (I wish that more people would stand and sing “Montana.”)

Up and out and about on Saturday morning to the breakfast sponsored by the Pool Committee after checking in for the Fun Run. These days I can just ride my Go-Go around the 1 mile.

There was much excitement at the City Hall where line up for the Parade began at 10:00 a.m. I was chosen to be the Grand Marshall although I have no idea why. I was never told and I only accepted if my daughter, Jennifer, could ride with me. I need her help these days. I also loved having three great grandchildren with me to throw candy. Garrett was on my right and Olivia on my left. Molly sat up on the back holding the sign. It was such fun to throw the candy rather than pick it up. It was an experience that those Kiddos and I will never forget. I forgot to mention Cody, who is Chris Halko’s cousin, the driver of Chris’s gold Cadillac convertible. It took us 45 minutes to get around and when we returned to the City Hall the parade was still in progress. What a blast!

One other thing that was precious to me was that my sons in Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia were able to watch the parade on Fort Benton’s web cam. Thank you to Roger Hankins.

The next stop was the Old Fort Park where I talked to all the vendors. I also spoke to shoppers and they all loved the Fort Benton Summer Celebration. After lunch Jennifer and Mike strolled down Front Street and I Go-Goed it. We wanted to watch the “Shoot-em-Up” show which we thought was at Grand Union Square. (Read your schedules.) We quickly had to return to the Old Fort Park and arrived just in time for the show. There was a great crowd and I suggested to one of the actors that the show should be repeated several times instead of once. Perhaps next year it might be.

Home for rest time at that point and to prepare for the Fireworks Show. The last few years I have sat with my Bonilla family Greg, Hilda, young Greg, and Grayson where the Walking Trail begins at the Sunrise Bluffs. There are two covered tables there. We did have it quite to ourselves until last Saturday. The Levee was covered with on lookers. A friend walked the entire length of the trail and said it was crowded all the way. The show was spectacular and the best we have ever had although we did not have a waterfall.

It seems that the fireworks were targeted over the Missouri instead of straight up. It was a beautiful sight to see the reflection all along the river.

On Sunday morning I overslept and missed breakfast by an hour. It was a fund raiser for the EMT’s. I will make it up to you wonderful people. I cannot express enough thank you to your volunteer organization and the volunteer firemen.

I went to the area where the “Fort Benton has Talent” would take place. I got there about 12:30 p.m. and the stands were quite empty. When the show began at 1:00 the stands were crowded.

Wow! It took a lot of courage to perform for a crowd, especially when it was your first time, but all the contestants pulled it off professionally. I wish I could have taped it because I would love to watch it again. I am looking forward to next year.’

Rob Verdi was back in Fort Benton. He lives in CA but had performed at Whitefish and he was invited to come here. He loves Montana and Fort Benton and has been here many times with his sax. He played a few songs for us.

So now it is over for another year. The time went so quickly but that is always the way when you are having fun. Thank you to Connie and all that helped to put on the best ever Summer Celebration.

On July 11, 12, 18, and 19 there will be FREE GOLF LESSONS for Kids. Youngsters from 7 to 12 years old will be taught by Bill Larson who is a PGA pro at 10:00 a.m. The 13 to 17 year old will have their turn at 11:00 a.m.

Look for sign up and other instructions in next week’s River Press.

We checked out the Rectory house on Sunday and found that the support beams had been removed. The house now sits on its foundation. It should be up and running soon and I will check with Roger sometime this week. It seems like it was a long journey but in the realm of time it was not.
The house on the corner of Main and 21st is being worked on and looks so attractive. That is not my usual route to downtown but I have used it to go to the Eye Clinic and MRMC. I wanted to tell whoever is doing the work on that house a huge thank you. It has been in disrepair for the 24 years I have lived here.

The work on Front Street and 22nd has been completed. The construction company has now moved on toward 21st street.

Our area had several days of closed off streets and noise that shook the apartment. I thought that we were having an earthquake.

I do not know where the construction company is headed because I have gotten two different stories. I’ll check that out this week too.


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