Tuesday, March 5, 2019

View From The Bridge 3/6/19

By Muncie

It is called the Full Worm Moon. As the weather begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw the earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of robins.

The more northern tribes knew this as the Crow Moon. The crows begin cawing and it signaled the end of winter.

It is also called the Full Crust Moon because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing during the day and freezing at night.

Another name is the Full Sap Moon marking the time of tapping maple trees.

To the settlers it was known as the Lenten Moon and considered the last Full Moon of winter.

The full moon is on Thursday the 21st, the day after spring begins. 

I know that many people have been asking about trips around town. Last weeks River Press had an article from Kellie Butler advising that Nancy Lachapelle has volunteered to do that route. The every half hour route will be convenient for most folks and now they can plan ahead for appointments.

If you have no need to use the Fort Benton bus service, show your support by waving when they drive  by. Someday you may have to use the service. Donations also show your support for those who have worked very hard to get this project off the ground.

Is there life after basketball? I did not know what to do with myself on Friday evening. The only good thing was that it was too cold to go anywhere. I do watch the State Meets on the news and that helps a little. There certainly are many great natural players that are great to watch. Fort Benton also has many and it will be interesting to see what colleges they will be recruited by.

I did it again. I reported that Loma Day would be Sunday the 6th. NOT! The 6th is Saturday and Loma Days are always on Saturdays. I hope that I didn’t mess your calendar up. So, it is just a month away and please Father Winter let go of your tough grip. We need to get out and about. See you there.

Spoke with Patty Paulsen over the weekend and she wanted me to tell all of her friends that she is doing well. Her Aunt is still with her as there is not much Patty can do. She can put a little pressure on her legs but not too much. She hopes to be back to normal by the time the temperature raises to at least 50 degrees. Then she can get out and about. At this date it is not too difficult to be confined to the house.

We will never know why bad things happen to good people but Patty is one of the bravest women I have ever known.

I also called Miriam Bramlette to see how she was doing. She said to tell all of her friends that she is getting better and better each day. She is no longer in P.T. and the situation is the same as Patty’s. She doesn’t mind not getting out when the temperatures are as they are.

We hope to see you too, Miriam, out and about and back to normal.

I wanted to mention here that a long time back I found on my computer that 1,200 pedestrians were hit by vehicles in parking lots each year. (I can understand that as many parking lots are not well lit.)

Last week on the world news I saw a report that 5,000 pedestrians are killed in the United States each year.

The Bramlette’s accident happened as they were crossing the street. The first car stopped, but the second car came around the stopped car and hit both her and Bruce. Miriam was on the inside and she and Bruce were holding hands. She was injured the most. That accident happened last fall in Missoula after a football game. (All good people go to football games.)

It was so good to chat with Miriam and hear that she was doing better. We would like to see you out and about soon.

I didn’t talk with Tim but I did with Cindy. Tim is doing well and waiting for his prosthesis. That will require more P.T. and hopefully that comes along with the nicer weather.   The reason I am writing these notes is because many readers ask me about Patty, Miriam, and Tim. Since there isn’t much happening these days I thought I would check with them and get questions answered. You are all V.I.P’s and thought about often. If there is anything that you need help with please let me know. I will arrange what I can as long as it isn’t anything to do with Windows 10. (My joke of the week.)

A little tidbit of news is while talking to Cindy I asked about the Gun Fight entertainment that she and her group do during Summer Celebration. They are planning on doing two shows this year. One will be at the Old Fort Park and the other at the Old Bridge.

That was great news for me as I sat by The Old Bridge last year waiting for the show when I found out it was at the Old Fort Park. I hurried down in my GoGo and got there just in time for the show. I really enjoy that show and so do the many others that are in attendance.

Ruth was a cousin by marriage to the Morger family. She was married to Wally’s 1st cousin Ernie. She passed away on February 21st.

I do not know much of Ruth’s history but I do know that she lived in Fort Benton at one time. The Willett Electrical Shop burned in the fire of 1949. I do not know when she moved to Great Falls but it was sometime after her husband passed away. She met Ernie Good at an Elks dance and they were married for quite a few years.

The reason I mention this story about Ruth is because I have found that many people remember Ruth and would never have known that she passed. Ruth was 99 and1/2 years old. She would have been 100 in July. Her family planned a graveside funeral last Friday but it was cancelled because of the snow. It is now planned for Wednesday the 6th. I do not have any details and hope to find out more at the funeral. You can call me if you want to know more. (I’m in the book.)