Tuesday, July 7, 2015

View From The Bridge 7/8/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

My loved Old Bridge lost its arch last week. I know the story and pictures will be covered by Editor Tim or Reporter Bethany. I just wanted to tell you readers about my love for that Old Bridge. I am at this time doing a research project on obtaining a new National Historic sign for the Old Bridge that has been missing for years. (Actually, Hank Armstrong has been the leading force with this project. His know-it-all about Fort Benton did more than I have done. (There will be more about this story in weeks to come when a new sign will arrive.)

The point of this story is that it broke my heart that anything has happened to that Old Bridge. It is my favorite historic structure in town and I said so in one of my Views from the Bridge. At that time, Bob Doerk was still with us and he asked me why I named the Old Bridge instead of the Old Fort.

We all have our favorites and the Old Bridge happens to mean more to me. I am not listing the historical structures because I love them all but the Old Bridge has a special place in my heart because of my hobby in Michigan of seeking Covered Bridges whenever I traveled around the country. There is only 1 Covered Bridge in Montana and so I turned to old steel bridges.

The Old Bridge’s history is so unique and if you are a history buff, you will understand where I am coming from.

Have you walked the Levee Trail lately or ridden your bike? Next time take notice of the Lewis and Clark, The Cowboy, Thomas Meagher, and Shep bronzes. They have been oiled and look enhanced. I appreciate the Community Improvement Association (CIA,) for the cost of the project.

Kudos’ to Randy Morger and Kirby Koon of the River and Plains Society for the cleaning of the John Mullen statue. The discoloration was caused by the hard water of the Fort Benton sprinkling system. The same thing is happening to the Memorial Benches and Tables but in those cases, I think that it makes them more attractive. I like the patterns that the sprinkling has produced... I like the Levee Trail “lookin’ good” because it is one of the Visitors high priority “things to do in Fort Benton.”

In the June 17th issue of the River Press, there was a very informative article Pets ‘n’ Pals by Gayle Irwin. It was titled, “Pet responsibility affects communities.” She said there are 60% of American families that own pets. She emphasizes the care of pets as to water, food, and exercise. If you missed it I hope you still have a copy.

If you walk your dog along the Levee Trail, please use the Doggie Bags to clean up after them. It has been noted that our Visitors are excellent at using the bags than are our residents. If you see someone neglecting the cleanup, please remind them of their obligation.

On July 17th and 18th the Dedman Foundation is offering no cost spay/neuter for your cats and dogs. Take advantage of this opportunity to limit kittens and puppies that results in more kittens and puppies.

I have heard that the plan is to trap the overrun of feral cats. I had one living under my deck for two years but disappeared this winter. Now I have another one and I wish I could interest someone to trap it for me. I feel so sorry for it although I think it seems well fed. Another problem for me is that the birds disappear from my yard.  They seem to have some sort of signal and alert all their friends not to visit my yard when the cats are around.

I did not have room last week to tell you about the two July moons. That is correct because there will be two full moons in July and they are called Blue Moons.

The first was on July 1st and I hope you did not miss it. The second is July 31st.  Enjoy the sight. July’s moon is called the Full Buck Moon because the deer bucks antlers push out of their foreheads. It is also called the Full Thunder Moon because it is the month that thunder storms are most frequent. Another name is the Full Hay Moon and that surely applies this year to Montana.

I asked around town and very few people had ever said thank you to Connie Jenkins for her 23 years of volunteering countless hours to make a fun time for Fort Benton and the many Visitors that come to town for the festivities. All the questioned people said they always meant to say think you but never got around to it.

I worked with Connie for 6 years doing the Parade. I loved doing it but could not continue. Six years was by far enough. Connie promised that when I quit, she would also quit. She did not and that was many years ago.

I know for certain that there is no one in Fort Benton who could take her place. If there is…please come forward. All those years were without compensation, nothing but a headache, and aggravation as far as I am concerned.

So at last a letter to the editor last week opened up some insight to what Connie has gone through. She took her assaults without whimpering but kept on plotting along with what she thought was the best thing to do for Fort Benton.

Next time you see Connie or any of those who volunteer to take over committees, be sure to say thank you. I will not name them because I am sure not to mention someone. Do not put it off just because Summer Celebration is over.  Just do it!

There are already plans being made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Summer Celebration. Research is being conducted and we need your help. If you remember anything about the celebrations before 1992, please give me a call at 622-3217.  More information will be coming in the next few weeks.

The next Recycle Day will be August 1st. The 4th of July was not a good day to collect recycling. The Volunteers also deserved some time off. I admire those volunteers no end because that is one job I could not possibly do. I am saying over and over, “thank you a million times over.”

My father taught me irony.  “Keep crying and I’ll give you something to cry about.”

GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS, OUR POLICE FORCES and WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS.  (You are not wearing those shirts Folks.  Diane sold 300 shirts.  Where are you hiding them?)