Tuesday, December 11, 2012

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

The solar lights around the F and B on the bluffs are missing again.  I feel sad for those who worked so hard to complete the project after Mr. Anonymous had the bottom part of the B lights taken.  The Honor Society students had completed it and had spent many hours raising the money to purchase the lights.  Why would someone take those lights and to what purpose?  Do they think that they could be sold?  Surely, in a small town such as Fort Benton or surrounding areas, there would be someone who had seen a person or persons on the hill.  It would be difficult to hide or store a few hundred solar lights.  There was a trip up the hill planned to check out the situation but has not transpired as yet.  Perhaps the lights were just pulled out of the ground although that is doubtful.  If you have any suspicions or information as to the whereabouts of the lights, please contact the Police Department.  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you read the letter to the Readers of the River Press, you will note that Santa may not find Fort Benton without those lights.
What a group of talented people performed last Sunday afternoon at their 1st Annual Concert.  It was a very entertaining program and I deemed all of those who participated as professionals.  There were pianist, guitarists, a drummer, a violinist, and several singers.  They talked excitedly to us afterward about how it would be bigger and better next year.  There were two TV screens on each side at the front and words to the songs were available.  There were also winter scenes and my favorite was one with a lane in the middle, snow covered trees on both sides, and the sun shining through.  At the end of the concert, everyone sang many Christmas songs and I surprised myself when I remember many of the words.  I really enjoyed the concert and the appreciated the work behind putting it together.  Good job folks!

After the concert, we went for a ride along the river.  Other creatures also love the Missouri.  In fact, there were more geese on the river than there are residents of Fort Benton.  Truly, there were thousands of geese from the Old Bridge to Signal Point.  That was as far as we went and I am sure there were more around the bend.  I became chilled just looking at those birds in that cold water.  I should have called Tim to get a picture of them.  Perhaps they will be there again tomorrow and he can take a picture.

Copies of newspapers all across the country will be “keepers.”  They will be a collectors item because that date will never be seen again.  Store away your River Press today in a safe place and years from now your family will enjoy reading it. Have you noticed that there are 5 Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays this month?  I checked with my oldest son who is a magician and numbers are very important in magic.  He said that in March of 2014 there will be again 5 Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.  There are other months that there are 5 of one of the days of the month, however I choose that one because it is identical of this month.  I really enjoy numbers and they are so important in our lives.  Just think about your life and how numbers affect it.  For example they involve your every day activities, your age, your finances, and on and on.  Numbers control all games that you play like cards.  I just wrote this to give you a break in your routines that involve the numbers in your life.  How many more can you think of?

I attended a meeting this morning (Monday,) and the program is off and running in the planning stage.  We are on the agenda next Monday at the City Council meeting and those of you who are interested are welcome to join us.  Next month, there will be a Public Hearing meeting planned for the community.  We will have speakers and if you missed the last community meeting because of the storm, you will have an opportunity to hear experts on the subject.  Watch the River Press for the date and time.  We would really appreciate any input that you may have.

By the time you get this River Press, there will be only a week or so until the days get longer.  I usually party on that day so if you want to join me, let me know.  I simply cannot handle darkness coming on by 4:30 or so in the afternoon.