Wednesday, October 23, 2019

View From The Bridge 10/23/19

By Muncie

I have not had birds at my feeders for several weeks. Last week I saw a feral cat taking a walk on Front Street, and perhaps it is the reason for the lack of visits to the Red Dot Diner. This past weekend the birds were back so perhaps the cat found better eating grounds.

I am so envious of my step-daughter, Valerie, because she has 5 blue-jays at her feeders. She has pictures to prove it. I told her to tell them to come to the north end of town because I have better bird food. It has not worked yet. I am content with my finches, sparrows, and wrens. It is such a great time watching them feed. They get along so well and share. They get in a group to get rid of the bigger birds. Oh, if I could fly like a bird.

I am writing this story because in the last few weeks I have gotten cards from former Fort Benton residents. They all said that the View from the Bridge keeps them connected with Fort Benton. They enjoy hearing about the town’s activities and goings on. I thank you former residents from PA, MI, ID, WA, NV, AZ, TX, and many other states that I cannot put my finger on at the moment for reading the view.       

Last Friday was the worse wind day we have had lately. It accounted for this story about my view of the area in which I live.

When I look out of my kitchen window, I can see the Bluffs that surround our town. However, in the spring when the leaves fill the trees and all through the Summer I cannot see the Bluffs except for one small section where there are no trees blocking the view.

Last Friday the wind blew all the leaves off the trees and I again have my 180 degree view of the Bluffs. In fact, looking way to the right I can see Signal Point. In the evening when the sun is setting, I enjoy a view that I so look forward to. It looks as though the Bluffs light up with a golden hue. It is so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I do not live close enough to the Missouri to enjoy the river sights, but my view of the Bluffs makes up for it.       

Next Saturday evening is the second performance of the season at the Fort Benton Elementary School. It features Dennis Stroughmatt. (I wonder if it will be his first visit to Fort Benton.)

I really enjoy the stories these musical artists tell. How they got their starts in a musical career, where they came from, and where they have traveled around the world. For those of us who are not able to travel any longer, it keeps us abreast of what is going on here, there, and everywhere.

So, you can have a treat in music and a way to spend a weekend evening away from the TV. Be social and come to mix with family, friends, and neighbors. For those who attend all CCPA performances, bring someone, who has never been, with you. Perhaps you have company or a new neighbor that just moved in. It is a great way to welcome them to the community. O.K. we are all set for Saturday evening and see you there.

The Lasagna Dinner and Auction are on Sunday late afternoon at 5:00 p.m. This event is something I look forward to every year. I call it an adult Halloween party. You get to put on a costume, be silly, laugh a lot, and in general have a great time.

Remember that it includes an auction that is a barrel of fun and laughs with an auctioneer who is a hoot to listen to. (I’ll bet she practices all year long for that job.

I know that you are all trying to downsize but at the Shonkin auction you will surely find something you cannot live without. That is a promise. See you there.

You still have a week to prepare for the Trick or Treaters. It is a time for recollection for us “Oldsters”. We think about how we never had to worry about anything except how much candy we could collect. We knew what house gave what kind of treat. Later we gather with our brothers and sisters to trade candy. It was a night to just have fun.

I never went with my children but their generation went with their children. I am ready for Halloween again this year. (I won’t shut the lights off and eat all the Reeses myself. I am allergic to chocolate.)

I am thinking back almost 18 years when the Longhorns won the Class B championship. This is the first year since I have been living in Fort Benton that I have not attended the football games. However, I have followed the progress and this year the Longhorns have not yet lost a game. How exciting for everyone.

Just remember, all sporting teams, that we all love you to the moon and back. You make our town so proud no matter what.

Last Saturday afternoon I attended a party in the way of a High Tea at the home of Mary Meisner for her birthday. (I won’t say how old she is unlike Bethany announced my age with an ad in the River Press.)

It was by far the most enjoyable parties I have ever attended. We were treated like Queens and waited on for any need.

You have a wonderful family Mary and I know you count your blessings.