Tuesday, June 19, 2012

View From The Bridge 6-20-12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

At last, the big weekend is upon us.  The weekend is jammed packed with exciting things to do.  You can check out the full schedule at Summer Celebration's website.  There is something to do and places to go every minute of the three days.  Be sure to pick up a schedule and carry it with you.  Yes, there are many things going on at the same time but that is the way it has to be.  Not everyone can be at the same event at the same time because there would not be room to accommodate everyone.  Just plan to have the most fun at what you are doing.  To use “F” words, remember family, family circles, family names, family trees, friends, fun, frivolity, fabulous, fantastic, fantasy, fairways (MSU Montana State University tournament on Friday,) fairy tales, falling stars, fireworks, fanfare, fattening foods, free events, feedback, and now I have had enough of this.  It was fun though going through the dictionary but enough is enough already.

To get back to Summer Celebration, the Parade features Shep, the Ever Faithful dog. The children will really love that part of the Parade because I am sure they all know the story and most of them have a dog as a pet.  It will be very special, so get yourselves a good spot, and enjoy.  The Old Fort will have an open house, (check your schedules,) so if you missed the dedication, be sure to get in on that one.  As you read your schedule, you will find so many things to do free as far as entertainment.  If you want to spend money, check out rummage sales, book sales, book signing by a hometown gal (Ann Shaw,) food vendors and crafts in Old Fort Park   Remember, it will not be back for another year.    

Most of you must know the “log house” on River Street.  At least it is called the “log house” although it is now covered with asbestos siding.  Last week, Thursday, Jim and Judy Paine came to visit Fort Benton from North Carolina.  Jim is the son of Mary Elizabeth and James Paine returned in 1967 to live in the old historic house for many years.  Jim and Judy had never been to Fort Benton before but wanted to make one last trip to visit the town that Jim’s parents loved so much.  Jim and Mary Elizabeth moved to Fort Benton in 1967.  Jim passed away in 1991 and soon afterward, Mary went to the Sunrise Bluffs.  They had not moved west as Jim was employed in North Carolina and did not feel that he could find work in Montana.

Last Thursday Jim and Judy checked in at the Visitors Information Center where Beverly Grass was the greeter.  Beverly felt that I would like to have a chat with the them.  I contacted them and they came over that evening to tell me their story.

It seems as though the Paine’s have three daughters who used to spend many summers vacationing with their grandparents.  Jim and Judy were to pick them up at the airport on Saturday morning and they were going to visit the Wisdom campground.  Jim and Mary Elizabeth were hosts at campgrounds around the state and the girls remember Wisdom.  They are to return to Fort Benton sometime this week to reconnect with the old house their grandparents lived in. They will call me and I am eager to learn about their summer vacations here in Fort Benton.

After Jim’s father passed on across the wide Missouri, Mary Paine soon became a resident of the Sunrise Bluffs.  She was a well-known figure walking down the middle of Front Street from the Bluffs to the little log cabin.  She would remain there all day and it was soon apparent that she could no longer take care of herself.   Jim and Judy moved her to North Carolina and she passed away there away from her beloved Fort Benton.

Jim and Mary often asked son Jim to move here.  When Jim asked his father why he moved back to Fort Benton, he replied that there was not any place in the world that was as beautiful as this town.

Do any of you readers remember the Paines and especially Mary?  I have a recollection of talking with her while taking my walks.  I will learn more when the granddaughters relate their memories.  Please contact me (I am in the phone book,) if you would like to meet the Paine’s.

There are still plots that are begging to be adopted.  If you walk the Levee Trail, you can see for yourself.  Most plots are so beautiful and well maintained that it makes those un-adopted look so sad.  I know that everyone is very busy, have his or her plates full so to speak, and have many obligations.  I often think of that saying that I have embroidered that says, “The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get.”  Did you ever hear anything so true in your life?  Why are we rushing around so?  Are we taking time to smell the roses?

That dreaded day when the days began getting shorter will arrive this week.  I always call it the saddest day of the year.  Even though it is a slow process, it is always on my mind the days are getting shorter.  I do not keep track as I did when they were getting longer.  Do you remember when I reminded you readers about how many minutes we were gaining each day?  I remember it is about an hour a month.  Actually, I do not want to think about that today.  I just have to let it happen.

GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS.  Write or call someone in the service of our country today.  Say thank you to someone who has served.