Tuesday, June 11, 2019

View From The Bridge 6/12/19

View From The Bridge
By Muncie

Summer Celebration begins wo weeks from this Friday. It usually brings in 5,000 to 7,000 visitors. It is the most fun time of the summer. All of the volunteers, craft vendors, food vendors, parade participants, and the fireworks company, are in place. The schedule will be in next week’s River Press. You can also pick up a copy at all of the businesses. Check it over carefully so that you do not miss anything. The t-shirts are on their way and you are going to love them. See you there!

Last week Wednesday two of my friends came from Great Falls to visit me. I talk to Sue often and had told her that I needed a bigger flower pot for my tomatoes. She is planning to move and said that she had a pot about the size that I wanted and she would bring it with her from Great Falls.

She did that and we placed it in front of the garage door that faces the street, with the other two pots of tomatoes. The other friend had never seen Decision Point and so we took a ride to Loma. We also stopped into Ma’s because it was pizza day.

When we returned to the apartment the pot was gone. So now I have a situation that says, “Who took the flower pot?” I have “WHO” was decorates the hollow tree and now I have “WHO” took the pot?

If anyone has a clue or saw the pot being removed, please let me know. My number is in the book.

I do not know how many of you knew Hal Webster. There were not very many people who knew about falconry. Wally and I were good friends of his because he visited us often. He and Wally had long discussions about WWII. Hal was in the U.S. Navy and Wall was a Marine. I enjoyed his visits and the conversations.         

Hal lived out on the Romain place that was our last stop when we did the rural mail route. He fell and broke his hip and he then moved into the Sunrise Bluffs. He was pretty much a loner but really loved Fort Benton.

To those of you who have lost loved ones I would like it if I knew them. I can only write about those that I know. Even at that, do I really know all about them. I didn’t know them as children or when they married and started a family. I only know people briefly and then they are gone. I really only know them when I read their obituaries. Please tell me about your loved ones that have passed. I would love to listen.

What a great time you “Shonkinites” will be having on June 30th for your reunion. The time is 2:00 p.m. until whenever you are ready to call it a day. There is a more detailed article in the River Press this Wednesday. Everyone is invited and there will be great reunions for all but especially for those who are returning home. Memories will be the main discussion all around. You may find yourself in the pictures on display. So, come on over and make more memories. See you there!

Have you walked along the Walking Trail yet this year? What a beautiful sight. The Missouri is calm and a beautiful color. The trees are all in bloom. The swimming pool is open and you can hear the screams of delight. The park is the most beautiful in the area. Take a lunch soon to the park and enjoy the peace and quiet. What you can hear are the birds chirping. There is nothing like a small town and don’t you love living here? I have lived here for 26 years this month. I envy those of you who were born and raised in this area. I love “farm talk,” and I learn so much from those talks.

I was a city girl and what do I know about pinching growth on tomato plants? I used to plant marigolds behind my house. I had never been to a greenhouse to behold the variety and colors. I had never seen wildflowers as I have here. I can’t imagine living in a big city ever again. I am so happy that I got was granted a second chance at this peaceful live.