Tuesday, September 11, 2012

View From The Bridge 9/12/12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I found this very humorous written piece in my e-mail.  Hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.  “I really don’t have to pay a parking donation at the Chouteau County Fair because:
1.  I’m a 4-H’er.
2.  I’m a senior citizen.
3.  I’m a minor.
4.  I live in Chouteau County.
5.  I don’t live in Chouteau County.
6.  I’m just dropping of my entries.
7.  I’m just picking up my entries.
8.  I’m just checking on my entries.
9.  I’m just feeding my animals.
10.  I’m going to the 4-H auction.
11.  I’m not sure I am going to stay.
12.  I only want to use the restroom.
13.  I just came over to get some fry bread.
14.  I’m only going to be here a couple of hours.
15.  I’m meeting somebody.
16.  I’m only looking around.
17.  I’m with the car in front of me.
18.  I’m a (pick one) vendor/contestant/participant/casual observer.
19.  I’m helping (one of the preceding categories.)
20.  I’ve already bought a (pick one) pig wrestling /rodeo/demo derby ticket.
21.  I’m going to buy (pick one) pig wrestling/rodeo/demo derby ticket.
22.  I came in (pick one) Thursday/earlier today/last year for free.
23.  I’m dropping off my (pick one) son/daughter/wife/husband/friend/other and I’ll be right     back out.
24.  This isn’t actually my car.
25.  I’m just bringing it in for (pick one) a business, organization/relative or friend.
26.  I already paid $6.00 (in car registration) to come on state lands.
27.  I’m not going to the fair; I’m going down to the river to fish.

Then there were the following that gave us pause:
28.  I’m camping at the campground.  (Given the voluminous number of these, someone  should consider opening up a KOA in Fort Benton.)
29. I paid last year.  (No, you didn’t.)
30. I work here.  (He looked like Ed Romano, so we let him in.)
31. Conn Forder said to tell you that I get in free.  (Judging from these, Conn knows a huge number of people.)
32. I’m with the Sheriff’s Department.  (Judging from his natty brown uniform, official-looking Ford F-150, badge, and side arm, he probably was, so we waved him through.)
33. I’m related to you.  (This was the only excuse that cut absolutely no mustard.  “Pay up relative.”

Finally, Roger Axtman actually backed his pickup through the rear gate, attempting to convince the attendant he was exiting in reverse.  (In the interest of full disclosure, Roger had a parking stub and was just spoofin’ us.)

Actually, visitors to the Fair were very generous at the gates.  The volunteers explained that the monies collected were a donation to the local Lions Club.  The Club would be giving scholarship to Chouteau County students.  There were many $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 donations.  A great outcome for everyone involved.

Last Saturday, on our way to Butte for a football game, we saw a black bear running (full speed,) along the I-15 fence line.  We spotted it between Ulm and Cascade.  It was quite a sight and actually, I only saw a black blur because he was running so fast.  Years ago, on a trip to Glacier, we spotted two grizzles on a hillside quite a distance from the road.  We have seen many species of bears on TV shows but you do not realize how huge they are up until you have seen them up close and personal.  We wonder if they are really taking over the prairie again.  Have any of you readers had the experience of seeing a bear up close.  We do remember the ones that were near Fort Benton several years ago.  Have there been other experiences for any of you?  We would like to hear about it.

Are you waiting for some rain before you start seeding?  Perhaps this second week in September will bring some moisture.  We are hoping that is so for you.  However, we just have to wait and see.  I was told that by this time of year, Montana had already experienced a frost.  I remember in 1988, when my daughter called me in Michigan to tell me that it was snowing in Great Falls in the middle of August.  Mother Nature certainly has a vast variety of weather patterns.  We are, as I have said before, wondering what this winter will bring us.  Will it be like last year or will it be like the year before?

I had one of the special people in Fort Benton tell me last week that she did notice the white bulbs on the entrance to The Old Bridge.  She said she had never liked the colored lights either.  I appreciate her noticing

I enjoy those little tid-bits of long ago very much.  Many of the names are so familiar.  The old Chouteau County Fair pages are to be treasured.  Is enjoyment of those articles just a matter of loving history?  Our living in the most historic city in Montana is such a plus for us.  You residents still have two and a half weeks left to visit the Museums, Village, and the Old Fort.  Take advantage of it.

What a perfect evening for a football game last Friday was.  To make it more perfect was the win.  GO LONGHORNS but remember that we love you no matter what.