Tuesday, May 1, 2012

View From The Bridge 5-2-12

By Muncie

“And the rest of the story is.”  Yes, there is more to the story that I learned a week ago.  I went to a birthday party in Loma and found myself in the company of Jim Wood.  Jim has lived in the Loma area for 73 years.  He told me a fascinating story of the Blue Herons.  For all of those years there was one Blue Heron with a nest along the Marias.  They named him “Slew-foot.”  A Heron was there year after year and it was not until four years ago that there were eight nests on the west side of the Marias River.  The following year Bill Cornell counted 16 nests on the east side of the river on the Lower Marias River Road.  This year there are 23 nests.

Jim said that he has never seen a baby or young bird.   I checked the Inter-Net and found a site that was like u-tube.  It showed two Herons building a nest and had a musical background.  The next one was a single Heron turning the eggs in the nest and the third an eagle stealing eggs from a nest.

I received several phone calls from people that had made the trip to Loma to see the nesting places.  We also made a trip back today (Sunday) with six friends who had never seen anything like it before.  Try to make it an adventure trip to Loma before the birds leave.  I will try to find some site on the inter-net that tells me where they go or perhaps one of you readers will find it before I do.  Let me know if you find a site.

I saw Tim (editor of the River Press,) over the weekend.  I told him that I had gotten many compliments about the great photo of the Herons that was placed above the View.  I’ll take the credit although my pictures were too far away and only Tim could get a photo that good.  Thanks Tim.

For my Sweetheart Wally’s birthday, son Randy presented him with a copy of the 1940 census.  This particular census has been kept from the public for 72 years.  It was a privacy issue, as those questioned were required to answer personal questions about how they were doing after the Depression of 1929.

If your family lived in Fort Benton in 1940, your name is on this document.  Information about the number of people, about how many there were in the family, what their occupation was, where they lived, and how much money they made has now been made public.  The man that made the most money in town was the superintendent of schools and that sum was $3,000.00 a year.

If you do not have a computer to check on your family, contact us and you can see the printed out copy.  It is a most interesting document to research.  Wally was 16 years old at the time and knew most everyone in town.    Remember that if you do not know where you came from, you cannot not know where you are going.


The last meeting of the season will be held on Wednesday, May 9th at the Upper Missouri Interpretive Center.  Remember this is a change of location and I am reminding you this week because you will not have your River Press until the late afternoon of the 9th.  A salad and dessert luncheon is planned.  Connie Jacobs will be our speaker.  As Cindy always says, “Be a friend and bring a friend.”  We have had a very interesting season with many guest authors and books we read that opened our eyes to the world around us.  You do not need a reservation and a first time visitor is welcomed.  Come and see what we are all about.

We received our copy of the Montana PBS directory this past week.  On page three is a picture of Wayne Hampton working on his next project that is another harp.  The description of the segment reads, “We will meet a man in Fort Benton whose skill in crafting musical instruments is only surpassed by his generous spirit.”  That sentence is the perfect description of Wayne.  His segment of the Backroads will be aired on WEDNESDAY the 23rd of MAY at 7:00 p.m.  This is a change from the usual Saturday presentation of Backroads.  I will remind you the next several weeks, however in the meantime put the date on your calendar or better yet, a note on your TV.

On Friday May 11th at 8:00 p.m., the Highwood Jazz Band will perform in the lobby of the Grand Union Hotel.  This performance is a FUND RAISER for the Jazz Band.  They are raising money to go to the National Jazz Festival in Seattle, WA in 2013.  This will be a very entertaining evening for those who are jazz lovers.  The group is a very impressive jazz band that has made appearances all over the area.  Be sure to be supportive of their efforts so they can make it to Seattle with funds to spare.

Last week I wrote about an anonymous thank you to our Veterans.  No one has claimed writing it and so I am having it printed because it is such an inspiring tribute.

“I would like to say thank you to all who raised crops and food, and who worked in the factories supplying materials for the fronts.  Thank you to those who worked in hospitals, because there is no end to the work that had to be done to win World War II.  It could not have been done without you and those of you who worked in these areas are veterans too.  To Old Glory/our Flag, the National Anthem, (face your flag, hand over heart,) the Liberty Bell, Taps, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Air Corps, and Nurses, we give thanks.”  Anonymous

The program is moving along with the bios being typed as we speak.  If there is anyone reading this column that would like to do some typing, it would be much appreciated.  My number is in the phone book and please call after 2:00 p.m.

I did make a trip over to the First Christian Church to take in the most beautiful handiwork of the women in the foreign countries I mentioned last week.  I purchased the most beautiful basket made out of banana tree leaves.  It is a flat basket and now I have an authentic place to keep my bananas amongst the leaves.  I also purchased three bracelets made by Philippine orphans who lost their parents in a landslide.  They make the bracelets to earn money for schooling.  Two of the bracelets are for our great-granddaughters because I want them to be reminded of the children who made them and that is why I will wear mine every day too.

If you did not have the opportunity to shop on Sunday, you can still shop on line.  Contact Rita at 622-5119 and she will provide the information.  Shipping is free and there are many more choices.  Your help will help a woman to help herself.

It is defiantly spring and the April showers were welcome.  Our gauge showed 1” on that rainy day last week.  The lilacs burst into bloom overnight and are about a week ahead of other dates of blooming.  The sad part is that they may be gone by Mother’s Day.  The smell in the air however is glorious.  Tulips bloomed in my yard that were planted by a very caring friend.  I do not have a green thumb and I did so enjoy cutting a couple of tulips and putting them into a vase.  The rhubarb went to seed very early, I was told by an expert gardener, as hers did too.  My grandmother had the most beautiful rose garden.  Her whole back yard was all roses.  I however, did not inherit her expertise.  I concentrate on it next year.  So long for now and happy gardening especially with your veggies.