Tuesday, April 28, 2015

View From The Bridge 4/29/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

A meeting was held this morning Monday April 27th for the Visitor Information Center Volunteers were invited to travel the Missouri River by a jet boat to the White Cliffs. Since the volunteers talk about, answer questions about, and encourages visitors to see the White Cliffs; most of them have never had the opportunity.

This trip will be on Tuesday the 5th of May. Those who signed up will be at the Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center at 9:00 a.m. They will then be driven to Coal Banks where they will board the boat for a ride down stream to the Cliffs.


As of today, there were 9 people signed up and there is 1 opening. If you would like to sign up please call in Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center at 622-4000. You will be put on a waiting list and confirmation for those signed up, will be May 4th. You may be called that afternoon if there is a cancellation. You may be able to go on this trip in 2 years as the Missouri River Breaks Center will again do a trip for Visitor Information Center Volunteers. Last year the trip was offered to the River and Plains and will be again next year.

There will be more information in the View next week about the opening of the Visitors Information Center with opening day and hours. There will also be information about the opening of the Ag Center Museum, the Upper Missouri Museum, and the Old Fort Benton.  Another added attraction is “The Mullen Road Conference.” What an exciting month our town has to look forward to.

This presentation of classical music will be presented at the Grand Union Hotel on Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m. This program is free to the public.

The weather is supposed to be in the high 70”s.  If you are within walking distance, it would be a pleasant walk along the Levee Walking Trail to the Grand Union. It would end a beautiful weekend. See you there.

The annual Appreciation Luncheon/Dinner was the most fun ever. I have always enjoyed the food, being waited on, served by the 6th Graders, and the decorations. Most of all I looked forward to the entertainment. Last Thursday not only met my expectations but far exceeded them.

The program listed it as a “Hoe Down,” and that it was. K thru 4th grade began with Old Joe Clark. (How could they memorize all those words?) K then sang “Red River Valley,” and I am sure that everyone there sang along. The 1st Graders then flapped their wings to “Turkey in the Straw.” The 2nd Grade did a terrific rendition of “My Home is Montana,” followed by the 3rd Grade being on “Rocky Top.”

Then the auditorium got Hoe Down when the 4th Graders danced to the Virginia reel. (For years I have tried to get a Square Dance Fundraiser started. It never took off but I know from overheard conversations that most all in attendance would participate in that dancing program. Once a month would be wonderful. I am not a dancer but if someone is calling out instructions…why not? If there any organization that would be willing to get it started?)

The finale was the icing on the cake. Principal Jory announced that the Kiddos would go into the audience and find a parent or grandparent. The “Tennessee Waltz” began filling the air and there were dancing couples all over the gym. It was a most heartwarming and memorable time. That dance will remain as one of the memories that will be hashed over and over for many years to come.

I know that I speak for all of the Senior Citizens that we appreciate and look forward to that day every year. We love each and every one of you.

I wrote two or three interesting things that you (nor I) knew about Montana each week for many weeks. I received a note from Bonnie Anderson who left Fort Benton to move to Helena. She wanted me to know that the 50th thing was her great grandfather who was Walther H. Peck.

I went to my files and found #50 and it read like this…“Roy, Montana (pop. 108) owes its name to a typing mistake. When Walter H. Peck established a post office on his ranch in 1892, he requested that the name be Ray in honor of a friend. However, someone in Washington, D.C. misread the name and returned it with the name Roy.”

I appreciate that you read the View, Bonnie, and that interesting tid-bit of a story. I would like to know more about your great grandfather.

It is obvious why the May Moon is called the Flower Moon. Its’ other names are the Full Corn Planting Moon and the Milk Moon. Look forward to the May Full Moon on next Monday, the 4th.

I believe that everyone in town knows Idella Singer. Her late husband used to be in the River Guide business.  The first bench was placed on the Levee by the Lewis and Clark Bronze Memorial Statue by his family in memory of him.

I have known Idella for a long while and in the last few years we became more acquainted because of the Billy Swensgard Memorial project. Billy was Idella’s grandson and a very important part of the memorial service/program we held last Veteran’s Day.

Now to get to the story of Idella and me. She told me several weeks ago that two people had called her Muncie. A third person was added to the list last week. A woman sitting next to me at the Tuesday night monthly dinner said that she saw Idella walking on her street and thought it was me. Folks, I know that our hair is about the same color, we both wear glasses, so how can you confuse us when she is so much prettier than I am?

The kid’s text me “plz” which is shorter than please.  I text back “no” which is shorter than “yes.”