Wednesday, March 28, 2018

View From The Bridge 3/28/18

By Muncie

It looks as though most of the snow will be gone by Sunday. At least everyone hopes so especially the Lions Club who will host their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Check the River Press for time and exact locations for each age group.

That frees up Sunday for Church going, dinner time, and travel time if you are going out of town. (Drive carefully…I know that you would do that regardless of my reminding you.)

Have a great, happy, and fun day. Usually Easter is spring break time so enjoy that too. Take your time traveling, leave early and do not be in a hurry.

(I wrote most of the View on Saturday, and Sunday’s weather report does not look like we would want. We will have several days of 50’s and even 60’s and then it will turn chilly again with rain. Woe is me!)

All of the Chouteau County Performing Arts programs are truly the greatest but Pub Night is the most favorite. Can you believe that it will be a week from Saturday, the 7th of April?

Please invite your family and friends to join you at a table either to dance or just to listen to the music. I it will be like a music New Year’s Eve.

If you attended the consortium in Great Falls a year ago January, you heard the John Roberts y Pan Blanco band perform. They are good and I know that you will truly have a wonderful time. See you there.

The next and last show for this season will be the Piatigorsky Foundation on Thursday, May 10th at 4:30 in the afternoon. This is held at the Grand Union where the setting is a classical one. Cheryl’s grand piano once belonged to her Mom. It has been enjoyed for years in its new home. See you there.

These days it seems as though people classify themselves as “this kind of person” or “that kind of person.” An example is “I am not a dessert kind of person.” (That is wishful thinking on my part.)

So this reminder is for pinochle player’s kind of people. There seem to be many of them in Fort Benton because the Sunrise Bluffs are again having one of their special pinochle parties. It takes place next Monday, April 2 at 1:00, in the Bluffs dining room.

There will be prizes, snacks, beverages, and lots of hospitality. A good time will be had by all and for those addicted players a great fix until the next time.

I still am not able to report on who the person is who is entertaining us at the hollow tree at the corner of Front St. and 22nd. I hope that you are enjoying this story as it continues because you have not been able to see it. Bear with me as I am having a ball with it. I am playing detective and not being very successful. I am not able to take fingerprints or molds of boot/shoe tracks in the show. Just wild guesses are all I have to work with. I was hoping for a “snitch” but “the who?” must have faithful family and friends. With spring and Memorial Day being the next decorating days, I will have to do all night vigils and then perhaps I may see someone at the hollow tree.

Now, why would “the who?” want to put me through losing all that sleep? So please spare me that agony and let me know who you are. I will promise my next great grandchild that I will not reveal your secret. Well, after thinking that over, perhaps it is a little too much. I’ll just promise “pinkie finger” or if you do not know what that is, just a good old fashioned Fort Benton handshake.