Tuesday, February 28, 2012

View From The Bridge 2-29-12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Much has been said about this day, explaining why there is a Leap Year every four years. All I remember from being a young person, was that was the day that women could ask men to marry them instead of the other way around. I have not heard that story for a long, long time. I will not admit to what I did in my lifetime. All Hallmark movies have the man kneeling down and pulling a ring box out of his pocket. I do not know anyone that has had that scenario happen but it must if Hallmark says so. Congratulations to those who are engaged on February the 29th.

Date        Rise Set
2/15/12  7:31 5:48
2/22/12  7:19 5:59

Another 22 minutes of daylight to enjoy. There are approximately 2 hours more of light than there were in December. I can take trash out after supper and it is not dark yet. Even this wave of colder weather cannot spoil my thoughts of spring. As you read the River Press this week, spring will be only three weeks away. Perhaps spring will be as different from spring last year as this past winter was from last year’s winter. We will just have to wait and see. It is a waiting game, no doubt about it.

I had a great visit with Judy and Joan at the Latter Day Saints Church last Wednesday evening. They were so very helpful; however, they were not able to find any record of my family. This now becomes a project on the back burner until I finish a few other projects. I would like to hear about any successful stories about your genealogy.

If you have a membership in the Agricultural Center (we hope you do,) you receive a River & Plains Chronicles. It is a wealth of information about the Ag Museum, the Village, the Museum of the Upper Missouri, the Schwinden Library, the Joel Overholser Research Center, and the Old Fort. Even though it is winter, the work continues. The latest Winter 2012 edition of the Chronicles is about the Lippard Auditorium starting its 25th year serving Chouteau County.

When the Hornaday Buffalo Gallery was built in 1992, the size of the auditorium was doubled. The size of the kitchen was increased as well. There are now enough tables and chairs to seat 300 people for dinner. The Fort Benton murals painted by Bob Morgan and the Monte Dolack posters were hung. All of these projects were the result of very generous donors. Since that time, the facility has been much used and many functions and meetings could not have been held in Fort Benton had it not been available.

During this past winter, the drug store in the Homestead Village sprung a leak and a new roof and floor were replaced. A map room was constructed to house the collections of maps and charts. The Scriver Bronzes were added to the Hornaday Gallery. A new sound system was added in the Lippard Auditorium. Enormous collections of farm equipment books/papers were donated. The two librarian’s work is constantly ongoing with the new boos and materials. Three new volunteers were very welcomed, as the Research Center gets busier and busier. The cataloging of historic items donated to the Museum is also ongoing.

I have invited you readers many times to come to the Center on Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may realize why we want your pictures to scan and your family histories. One of our new volunteers had never visited the Center and said that she never thought there was so much going on. It is always the reaction of people who visit for the first time. It is an exciting place to visit and we enjoy visitors. So come on down and see what is going on right under your noses in the history department of Fort Benton.

I also urge you to visit the Museums and the Old Fort this late spring and summer. If you love history, then Fort Benton is the place to be. Be sure to entertain your visiting family and friends by taking them to the historic places in your town.

Over 200 photos of service members are hanging at the Sunrise Bluffs. A notebook is nearby for any corrections you might find. To find some of the ranks and the war they served in were difficult to find. The next segment of this project is to type the bios and auto bios. We would like to have them completed by Memorial Day when we are planning a reception. We will keep you posted.

I will try to keep this brief as possible as I said my piece (in length,) last week. I contacted Joan and Phyllis and they received phone calls from four women. Three calls were from women explaining that they were interested, however they had reasons they could not attend at this time. The other call was a non-descript complaint that was not a positive solution. It was decided we would wait until Juanita Dietz returns from the southland to make any decisions. Another meeting could be held to see how many attend and those women should make the decisions. I will keep you posted on that one too.

Not much going on. I think everyone is staying home because of the next few days of cold weather. There are many events coming up in March to make your lives interesting. There is a Chouteau County Performing Arts program on March 14th and a Poker Tournament at the Grand Union on the 23rd. If anyone has Social Events happening, let me know. It does not hurt to have an event featured in several places. I missed the Fort Benton Trailblazers Unite last week even though I looked for it because I had heard about it. It is all about walking routines and I hope you will join us next week Monday at 5:30. It is all about HEALTHY LIVING these days and walking is about as healthy as you can get.