Tuesday, July 16, 2019

View From The Bridge 7/17/19

By Muncie

How I wish I had written the thank you from Laurie Reddig to the City Crew. Laurie hit on every subject. I have so many times thought about how to thank them for the things they have done for me but I never got around to it.

Just recently I found a problem that needed attention immediately. On the Wednesday before Summer Celebration I was visiting my newly planted tree when I looked over the Levee. It was covered with weeds, so much so that the sandstone was completely covered. I was advised not to call Skip because he was so busy with preparations for the Celebration.

I fretted over it for a day because I knew that many people would be sitting on the Levee for the fireworks. I decided to call Skip on Thursday. It was not a matter of spraying because it was too late for that. On Friday when I checked the Levee every weed was gone. They must have been pulled out. How thankful I was but did not verbally express it or write about it.

Another example was when I and my other “scooter-ists” found it difficult to travel the circle by the Lewis and Clark statue. At either end there was about a 2 in. space with no sidewalk. I called and the next time I went downtown I found that the spaces on both ends had been filled with gravel making it easy to go across.

I could go on and on of stories about the City Crew that have kept out City of Fort Benton clean and tidy over the years I have been here. So, thanks to Laurie I now have my opportunity to say THANK YOU CITY CREW. You are my heroes. Now…I do not want to leave anyone out of the loop. I have so much to be thankful for from every organization, all of our volunteer Firemen, EMT’s, family, neighbors and friends. You are all responsible for making the second part of my life a happy and contented one.

How I wish….I could have made it to the Geraldine celebration as written by Robyn Scribner. I will make an effort to be there next year. I know I missed a great time.

I congratulate our sister town of Geraldine for what they get accomplished for a small town. I personally know how much volunteer work goes into Fort Benton’s Summer Celebration. You are a fabulous small town who came up with fabulous ideas to make your celebration special. Thank you for your efforts.

There is always something to do in Fort Benton. If you cannot find something to suit your time and energy then lay back and enjoy the lazy days of summer. If you feel the need to get out and mingle then get up to the Golf Course on Saturday morning and not only have a fun day with other golfers but to support the Lions Club who are raising funds for diabetes.

The Lions expect participants from all over the State of Montana but most of all can expect support from the generous residents of Fort Benton. See you there!

After the Golf Fund Raiser is over, come on downtown for an enjoyable evening of music, music, music. Read the River Press of last week for the details of the time and place. It was a great success last year and I am sure that many people have looked forward to the event being repeated.

This is the event to enjoy jazz and blues music. You do not have to make a trip to New Orleans and especially not at this time of storm problems. (I feel so much empathy for those people who are affected as I know personally what they are going through. My home in Michigan was hit by a tornado on March 20, 1976. It is devastating to the family and neighbors.)

I know that for years the Hutterites have come to town on Thursdays to sell their veggies, eggs, and bread door to door. That may keep you from frequenting the Farmers Market but it offers more than just veggies, eggs, and bread. There were 4 vendors last Thursday who offered sour dough bread, and cinnamon rolls. These are all fresh baked items by local residents. They were all sold out. The baked goods sold out quickly and so I hope that those who bake them double their recipes.

More Vendors are welcome. Just give Connie and Chandee a call. Their numbers were in last week’s River Press. See you there.

This program comes on every Sunday morning. It is all about Montana and what is going on. It is not political, (At least I have not yet found it to be so.)  A few weeks ago, it was about trafficking. Do you think it doesn’t happen in Montana? If you think it does not, then you are wrong! It does. You would have found out some statistics and what is going on.

I think that everyone in Montana should watch Face The State and learn. Perhaps it may change or save some young girl or boy’s life. Please try to listen although it comes on at 6:30 a.m. Sometimes it is repeated at 9:00 a.m. Give it a try and learn. If that is too early for you, record it and watch it at another time.

Last week I wrote to be kind. That came from old material I was going through. I came across a story that appeared in “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” It told about some graffiti that read “Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.” What a beautiful story it was, as were all the stories in the Chicken Soup books. I try to be kind and do a good deed a day. It is difficult as we all seem to be busy doing what? The good thing is to keep on trying and perhaps someday you may touch someone who needs a hug.

Perhaps I am watching too many Hallmark movies or thinking about “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Life seems so easy going, about family, kind, and perfect. I know that it is not real but still continue to wish for things to be better.

Have a wonderful week and when you see me around town remember to let me know who you are.