Tuesday, April 27, 2010

View From The Bridge 4/28/10

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It seems that many of you enjoyed the story last week about Wally’s encounter with Mr. McAfee (I misspelled it last week.) I found when I checked the Research Center for the authentic note that he wrote about the incident, I had reported he was 4 years old. The note accurately said that he was 6 years old. I wondered how a 4 year old would remember although it was an auspicious occasion.) I especially enjoyed the phone call from Luella Martin from Geraldine as she made my day. Other readers around town commented on the humor of the story and the time that it took place.

I have often said, “Everybody has a story” that would be similar to Wally’s. I would really like it if you would tell me these stories. Let me put them into this column because will be enjoyed by all. They are also important historical items about you, your family, and the connections to Fort Benton. Several people have shared in the past some stories similar to Wally’s but at the time, I did not realize how important they were to document.

As far as the voting on whether to let Wally go on a free trip to Europe or keep him in Fort Benton…I only received one vote to have him stay where he is. So much for the free trip.

On May 24, Brian Morger will be sprucing up the Shep Burial area. He will be painting the sign, the rocks and making it a more attractive area to visit. If there are any of you readers who would be interested in volunteering to help out, you are more than welcome. Show up on May 24th, at the site at noon. I hope that it will be a beautiful day and many hands will make short work. I am always asking you to “put it on your calendar” and I will be reminding you again. It is a great view from that point so take your cameras.

Did you know that Tuesday, May 4 is Star Wars Day? It is because, “May the 4th be with you.” Well, I thought it was funny. Hope you got a chuckle out of it.

At a General Federation of Women’s Club of Fort Benton meeting several months ago, there were placemats on the table at the meeting that I saved because of the list of “I’ll show you a Volunteer” (author unknown.) I am going to list one each week for you to ponder about during the week. The first one is…”Show me a person who spends endless hours in training without pay, and, I’ll show you a volunteer.” Those of you who are volunteers will understand that very well.

That brings up the subject of volunteers for the Visitors Information Center in the Old Fire Hall. The Center will reopen on May 1st and as always needs volunteers. Trust me when I say that volunteering at the Center is actually fun and a break from your usual routine. If you like promoting Fort Benton and its history, and meeting people from all over the country, this is get-a-way time. It is actually like taking a vacation to visit with the visitors who have made Fort Benton a destination place or that just happen to drop in off Highway 87. If you have a couple of hours at most to spare, then ring up Ruth’s new phone number, which is 622-3634.

There are perks that go with the Center volunteering. Ruth, as the Coordinator, is #1 for treating the volunteers to special events and get-togethers. We are a bunch of Happy Campers and it never gets boring. Come join us.

There is a definite order for a cement table and another order pending for the family’s approval. There is a spot for one more table if anyone is interested and it is downriver from the Old Bridge. I have been told that there will not be any tables placed upriver from the New Bridge because of the parking situation in that area. A picnic lunch would have to be carried from a parking space on Front St. or the side streets dead-ending into River St. That does not seem worth the effort since there are picnic tables (or will be) in every block heading toward the Old Fort Park and many tables in the Park.

It pleases me no end to see people enjoying their lunches sitting at the tables now that the nicer weather is with us. Soaking in that Vitamin D sure is a pleasure but remember…on 15 minutes a day.

Just wanted Rodger Hankins to know what a pleasure it is to check the “real” Fort Benton weather on the web site. Knowing how fast that wind is blowing determines what you can accomplish that day. You just cannot rake leaves on a windy day. The next two weeks will make Fort Benton more beautiful than ever with green everywhere. Isn’t spring the greatest.

Gladys Peres was very happy to hear that our apricot trees had blossoms on them and it seemed as though a whole beehive was buzzing in them. The blossoms have fallen off like snowflakes and they are safe now if a frost happens. They have not produced for about five or six years because of frost, so this is an event for us. I think Gladys is more excited than we are because she is a super apricot jam maker. Go Gladys.

It is almost time now to put away my Easter baskets, decorations, tablecloths, and miscellaneous for Memorial Days red, white and blue items. It is time for wedding showers, weddings, and graduations. It is a time for celebrations so be extra cautious while driving…no distractions like talking on your cell phones, absolutely no texing and never be in a hurry. It just does not pay to be rushing so leave a few minutes early and take your time. Always remember…God bless America.