Tuesday, September 2, 2014

View From The Bridge 9/3/14

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Today, (Sunday the 31st,) I walked the Levee Trail from the Lewis and Clark Memorial Bronze toward the Sunrise Bluffs and beyond to what I call the “Nature Trail”.  My route so far has been from 14th St. and Front St. toward the Upper Missouri Interpretive Center one day, and the Lewis and Clark Memorial the next day. Last week I stopped at all the memorial tables and benches and thought about what the plaques mean and the families involved

Today’s walk, with grandson Grayson, was amazing. The landscaping has grown into full maturity.  The trail has many cracks but is well maintained by the City Crew.

The island is so green and lush.  (I do not know the name but I will name it Native Island as it is shallow at that point and is where the Native Americans crossed over before bridges were thought of,)  Grayson thought that it was larger than it used to be. That could be happening because of debris and mud traveling the Missouri. I’ll check it out with Land Management, however I am sure there are many of you readers that already know the answer.

Another great sight was the ducks, swans, and pelicans that let us know they were there with their quacking and antics in the water.

I made a list of the Memorial Benches and Tables to share with you your thoughts about the families. That program was so successful and I am so happy when I see residents and visitors making use of just sitting to enjoy the river or having a picnic lunch along the river.

On our walk, the first tables that attracted my attention were between the Museum of the Upper Missouri and Old Fort Benton south side.  (I know that Fort Benton is not directly north/south and east/west but I describe it as such.)  I was told the two tables were recently installed and were donated by the Fort Benton Odd Fellows Lodge #57 and the Rebekah’s Lodge #l05, 20013. It is a beautiful addition to that space across the street from the Veterans Way triangle.

When you walk the Trail check out the tables and benches to remember the families of McKeever, Works, Remick, Corder, Owen, Allen, Fanner, Schoonover, Ayers, and Loda/Slavas. There are also two covered tables near the Bluffs that were donated to the City of Fort Benton by Art on the Levee.  There is also a bench  by the Fort without a plaque. I no longer have the records, as I turned them over to the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs, to check out who purchased it.

Next week I will mention the names of the Memorial Benched from 14th and Front Street to the Lewis and Clark Memorial. The following week the list will include from that same corner to the B.L.M. Interpretive Center. Another surprise was the fantastic sign leading into the Nature Trail. The sign was installed about a month ago and gives credit to the City of Fort Benton, BLM Interpretive Center, and the Fish, Wildlife and Parks, for creating the Nature Trail. If you are looking for a quiet time and a great amount of solitude, walk that Nature Trail. Since I have walked the trail, solar lights have been installed. I do not know if they go all the way around but thinking about it…they must.  You could not walk that area in the dark. (I wonder who walk it in the dark..no way…not me.)

Grayson and I did not walk the Nature Trail because of a time limit.  It is on my “DO” list the next time he visits Fort Benton.  (Note picture that Editor Tim took for me.)

I met an older, (but younger than me,) couple on the Walking Trail. They were from Cleveland, Ohio, and Fort Benton was a destination. I love to hear that from visitors. They visited Fort Benton last year too. They had walked the entire length of the Trail and it was 9:45 a.m.  After spending the night here, (they are traveling in their automobile,) they were headed to St. Ignatius and then back to Ohio for total mileage of 4,000 miles not including side trips. I told them that I hoped they would return again next year and they said they probably would. It makes my day to talk to visitors who enjoy our historic city.

There are 17 raffle tickets left to sell for this project. Diane Jones will be at the Farmers Market next Thursday if you would please purchase a ticket, (or a few) so we will know the total amount of funds we have to work with. Much appreciation to those of you that have purchased tickets. (I know that you are wondering if the raffle has been held or not.)

To this point in time, the arrangements are being made for a dedication on Veterans Day. We are planning to have a cement table with a cover and if enough funds, a cement bench in Veterans Way.  That will fill in that area nicely. Please visit that triangle next to the Old Fort Benton. If you have children, make them aware of their grandfathers and great grandfathers, sacrifices for their country.  Too much of that history is disappearing too quickly. My generation remembers WWI because our grandfathers and perhaps  fathers fought those battles. My generation, (was called the “Greatest Generation,) and we knew the Great Depression and WWII.  

Since I am running short of time and space, I will report next week. I will know then exactly how many shirts were sold,  how many and what sizes are left. I love all of you who “Wear Red on Fridays.”

Last week I reminded you about Pie Day and forgot to mention about “Tuesday Night’s Dinner,” the third Tuesday of the month. This month it is the 16th. Please and call in your reservation because it only accommodates a limited number of diners and you would not like to miss out. The first get together of the season is always a great time. You may see old friends for the first time since last spring. Funny how time slips away.