Tuesday, May 17, 2011

View From The Bridge 5/18/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

It is Sunday afternoon and 72.5 degrees outdoors. A few weeks ago, on my early morning walk, I discovered that my plot under the new bridge had been painted. I knew that it must have been completed on Longhorn Days but I only knew who actually did it in the May 4th addition of River Press.

A great job was done by Kaesi Bird, Ashley Talbot, Beth Schuler, Kyler Witt, Nathan Applegate, Jacquelyn Davis and our much admired music teacher Evan Goldhahn. I really appreciate what all of you did and it does not go unnoticed. It beautifies the Levee Walking Trail for those who walk, jog, run, and ride. One of the most complimentary things that the volunteers hear at the Visitors Center is how enjoyable the Trail is.

Be sure to tell Mayor Morris, our Councilmen and women, and our City Crew how much you appreciate it. Let the appreciation override the many complaints they receive. It is a tough job and I would not do it for any amount of money.

I also appreciate all the Longhorns who worked that day. The impact of your work on Front Street was very apparent..

Today, Sunday the 15th, I saw a member of The Garden Club, Nancy LaChapelle, working on the plot in front of the Museum of the Upper Missouri (known to most of us as the Little Museum.) The Garden Club adopted that plot about a year ago and began in the fall the work of landscaping the area. The first thing they did was to trim that huge unsightly bush and what did they find? There were several beautiful huge rocks hiding underneath. Who knew? I cannot remember all the flowers that Nancy said were planted there but I do remember day lilies, and irises. Annual daisies and other colorful annual flowers are still to be planted. Be sure to take notice the next time you drive or walk past. It looks awesome.

There are still a few plots to be adopted. Please consider it soon as everything is starting to bloom and well as the weeds.

Next Saturday the 21st, is a big day on the Levee between the Grand Union and the Old Fire Hall. The Annual Perennial Plant Sale is being held to support the Cancer Support Group of Fort Benton. I admire the work this group does because all the funds they raise go directly to help cancer patient’s right here in Fort Benton. There are no funds spend on executive positions, on advertising, and postage. It is all free and clear for the patients. Do what you can to support them because you never know when someday you may need their help.

Another reason to be at that location is the Fishing Derby. It was a great success last year and I am sure the word has spread. Be there early and get in on the fun. It is a great family togetherness program. Look for their ad in this River Press for times and other information. Good luck Anglers.

On Sunday, back to the Levee for the “Lampshade Auction.” Have you gone by the Pioneer Insurance to check the shades? Not only will you have a great time there but also you will enjoy the “Baked Potato” lunch. Do not miss this one.

I put this announcement in this week because on Wednesday the 25th there will be a seed giveaway at the Fort Benton Elementary. You will not yet have received your copy of the River Press. This is a Garden Club project. If you have some time to help, it would be appreciated. Call Nancy at 868-6210 and she will give you details.

I had a great time again this year at the Halko’s 8th Annual Jimmy Buffet Party. There were huge platters of nachos and refreshing fruit. Chris (our host) was busy whipping up the mocktails but not so busy that he could not visit with everyone. I had lunch with Cindy and Debbie from the library, Chris and the editor of the River Press, Tim.

Writing about Tim reminds me to say hello to his Mom Mrs. Burmeister. I heard that she reads the River Press regularly.

Took a ride on Saturday along the Missouri and again today. I could not believe how high the river had risen since yesterday. It was flowing much faster and there were huge hunks of debris floating along. The water was very muddy and that means it is picking up the debris from higher up on the banks. It is an ominous sight and I will be happy when it gets back to its normal height and looks a nice color of blue.

I phoned the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center this morning (Monday) for information about the river. The average height of the water is 2.25 ft. Today’s reading is 6.25 ft. and flood stage is 13.5 ft. I can only judge the height by checking the piers. The Interpretive Center estimates the flow to be between 6 and 7 m.p.h.

The wind has diminished this morning and that may have had some effect on the river yesterday. Looks like rain, however the temperature is at 60 degrees at 10:30 a.m. It is so nice to look out my computer room window and see the leaves on the lilac tree.

I have forgotten the last two weeks to remind you to take your phone books to the Elementary School. I phoned the school and they do collect the phone books. I believe they are compensated for each one.

I wish that we could coax some organization to collect newspapers. Pacific is paying .05 cents a pound. I remember years ago when our school had paper drives. They gave us a day off from school to do the paper drive. We did not ask households to save the papers for us. We went from house to house and collected what they had accumulated. I wish I could remember where we took them and how much money we made. I do remember a huge truck that was parked in the school parking lot (football practice field.) Perhaps some of you seniors can remember your experiences.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. May you get your snow shovels put away, your veggie and flower gardens planted, your spring cleaning finished, your fields sprayed/planted, and getting yourself ready for the munchkins to be home for the summer. Take time out to enjoy this summer as the time is flying by so quickly. The month of May is half over…can you believe that. Visit friends you have not seen for a long time and do the same with phone calls. Just do it.