Tuesday, November 13, 2012

View From The Bridge 11/14/12

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie

I have so much to be thankful for that I am about to burst.  I have had more happiness than sadness this past year.  I wish the same for you and that it continues to get better and better.  I wish that your families are able to see each other more often, that your health holds at an easy pace, that all things go positive instead of negative, and generally just that you can enjoy every minute of every day.  Remember the slogan, “Do a good deed everyday.”  Make that thanksgiving call right now to someone you have been meaning to call for weeks.  Take on one volunteer job if you have never volunteered.  There are many volunteer jobs waiting around town that need you.  If you already volunteer, keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated.  A big job can be completed if there are many little helpers. 

About 30 individuals were able to attend the Recycle meeting at the Golden Age Senior Center last Thursday evening in spite of quite a bit of snow on the ground.  What I was most excited about were the Fort Benton High School students that were there.  Although I am sure that they realize that we want them to take over civic duties someday, they were attentive and interested in the proceedings.

Our speaker from the Department of the Interior could not make it from Helena (understandably).  The speaker from Havre, (where they have a recycle program in place,) also could not attend.  However, there was a phone call connection for about an hour and she was a wealth of information.

There were representatives from many businesses and organizations.  My opinion was that all who attended came away with valuable information.  Another meeting will be set-up and I will let you know when that will be.  Eleanor, (the most popular young woman in town these days who is a new member of the B.L.M. crew,) conducted the meeting and is doing most of the research. 

A flyer was delivered to my home last week announcing the newest form of recreation in town.  The V.F.W. is holding BINGO games every other Monday evening at 7:00 p.m.  The first was held on October 29th and had a sparse crowd.  Now that you are aware of the time and dates, you can support them by enjoying an evening of fun and frivolity at the Club House.

In addition, there will be a TURKEY BINGO NITE on Saturday the 17th.  One of my acquaintances enjoyed the Turkey Nite last year and took home two turkeys.  In addition, she had a great time with friends. 

I made an announcement at the General Federation of Woman’s Club Fort Benton last Thursday.  I said that I thought that Bingo was an old woman’s game and so I would be there.  Come on over and sit with me.  I plan to be there as my calendar was clear that evening when our Great Falls Marine Corps League Birthday celebration dinner was cancelled November 10th because of the snowstorm.  When we received the phone call, we assumed it was the next Saturday, which would have ruled out Turkey Nite.  However, we later found that it was changed to Sunday the 18th that worked ou6t well for me and Turkey Nite.  We will see you next Saturday evening.  The only sad part of the whole affair is for the turkeys.  It will be a “pain in the neck” for them.  (Not my original joke!)

Hope that you did not have to go anywhere on Friday or Saturday.  Reports from Helena and Great Falls from friends and relatives were not at all good.  Their cities were dumped on with more snow that Fort Benton.  It was strange here in Fort Benton because some areas in different locations in the city received more snow than others.  Today is Saturday the 10th and we have not left the house.  It is cozy and warm and just looking outside makes me shiver. My greatest fear is that the electricity goes out.  I do not mind the dark but I do not like to be cold... 

Tomorrow is another story as we are going to the Veterans dinner at the Club House.  Fortunately, we live almost across the street however, I do not know if the GoGo will go in the snow.  It would save us from trying to find a parking place.

It is now Sunday morning and the sun is shining bright on the snow that is covering everything.  A ride along the Missouri was picture perfect as in magazines and calendars.  It is very cold although people are moving around town.  A volunteer from the Sierra Club called yesterday who said that he would send some warm weather up to us.  He has never traveled to Montana but said that he would like to visit.  Of course, I invited him to head for Fort Benton, the first stop, where he would learn all about Montana history.  He said that he would spread the word.  It amazes me how little the rest of the U.S. knows so little about Montana. 

The letter from my schoolmate in last week’s River Press made an impressive on Marg Chappell. She wrote a “Letter to the River Press Readers.”  Please read it in this week’s edition.  She and her daughter, Muriel, came to visit me about the article.  She was very touched by Dorothy’s letter because her feelings were the same.  I would hope that it affected you in the same way.  “Just light one candle,”

In just a few weeks it will be time for Chouteau County Christmas.  Final arrangements were completed this past week and as usual, it will be a fun time.  Let us hope that the weather is kind to the many vendors and shoppers.  I will have more information next week as well as the ad from the Chouteau County Christmas committee.  Here I go again, asking for support for all the events that take place in Fort Benton and the surrounding areas.  If you cannot find just the perfect gift while shopping local, then voice your concerns to the Chamber of Commerce and or the Chouteau County Christmas committee.  Suggestions are welcome and new ideas always considered.