Tuesday, November 1, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/2/16

By Muncie

Can you believe it is already November? Are you ready for Turkey month? I’m ready for Turkey Bingo at the VFW Club House. As I said last year, the only ones that aren’t happy are the turkeys. Poor things must be overjoyed with all the food they are getting to fatten them up and then guess what? In the old days, the ax awaited and that is the end of the line.

The November moon has several names. The Full Beaver Moon is named because it is time to set beaver traps before the freeze. The furs are needed for warm clothing for winter.

It is also time for the beaver to prepare for winter. The name is the Frosty Moon and that needs no explanation.

The full moon will be on Monday November 14th. Be on the watch for those beaver. Let me know if you live along a creek if you see one.

In my opinion Thanksgiving is more of a family day than Christmas. All you have to deal with is dinner and football. At least that is the way it used to be. If I remember correctly, there are football games on Christmas Day in the present time frame. If I were president I would ban football on that day. I know that last sentence will get me in hot water again. Sorry, but that is just my opinion. If you disagree write a letter to the editor and tell me why you enjoy it.

What I do love about Thanksgiving is the parade. What fun! I love the floats and especially the bands. I love it when they show the faces of the youngster sitting along the way with their wide eyes and laughter. It isn’t that far off so look forward to some happy times.

Last week’s performance of the Beverly Belles was the most nostalgic ever. I and many others I spoke with said that they remembered and mouthed the words. It is funny after so many years to remember. The attendance was one of the best at 250 people.

The Beverly Belles were advertised to sound like the Andrew Sisters and not to act like them. They surely did a splendid job of it. They were so delighted with Fort Benton having come from California. It must be a real culture shock for those CA visitors who had never lived in a small town.

I visited CA once and drove those 6 and 8 lane highways on both sides and found nothing that would ever make me want to live there. Life here in Fort Benton has gained a little speed since I moved here. Residents seemed more laid back then. Today it seems as though some people are rushing around and never take time to smell the roses. Perhaps it is because I am retired and whatever I cannot get completed today, there will be time tomorrow.

The best part of the show was when they did the Armed Forces routine and had the Veterans stand? God bless America and our Veterans.

What 5 days practice can accomplish. I want K through 8th grade to know how wonderful you were. I especially want to comment on the penguins. You were adorable, all 15 of you. This does not take away from any of the rest of you. I think it was the cute costumes that the penguins wore. They looked like penguins.

We have to wait a year now to see what fairy tale the Missoula Children’s Theatre are going to do next. I have a great suggestion if anyone would care to know about it.

The lasagna dinner was everything I remembered from last year. I enjoyed visiting with friends, some I haven’t seen for a year and others I see often but am not able to talk with one on one.

I love their Community House with the wood burning stove. You can smell it in the air when you get close to the building.

I won a gift certificate for wearing a Halloween outfit. I did not wear my Dracula costume even though I found his teeth this year. I wore my orange t-shirt with my Halloween vest and a witch’s hat and that was considered a prize winner. I would like to say what an inspiration you Shonkin women are for the work you put into that evening.

By the time you get the River Press the Wednesday evening performance will be over. Scheduling is difficult for the CCPA board. I have watched them put the program together and it is mind boggling. They try to work with other cities and towns to get acts, for instance, from California to perform in 5 or 6 places within a short period of time to save money on the performers airplane flights.

The CCPA board does a tremendous job and you can show your support by buying your seasons tickets and attending the shows.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique…just like everybody else.”  By Margaret Med.