Tuesday, October 3, 2017

View From The Bridge 10/4/17

By Muncie

What is it? It is becoming the owner and editor of the local newspaper called the River Press. Now I have to call Bethany “Boss” as I called Tim. This happening could not have happened to a nicer, more intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic, and just plain nice person. Everyone is so happy for you and thank you for your wonderful work with the paper. May you be the longest owner of the River Press and may you be the oldest ever. That is a huge order to fill but I am certain you will do it.

A standing ovation told the story of how everyone, last Wednesday evening, enjoyed the Chouteau County Performing Arts presentation by the Twin Kennedy’s.

They performed all kinds of music and I especially enjoyed the classical. They have BA’s degrees in Classical Presentation. Twin Julie was the winner of the year for her violin playing. Did our ever see anyone play so fast?

They are originally from Canada but now live in Nashville, Tennessee. (That is where all the action is for music as if you didn’t already know that.) Come back soon Julie and Karla.

I want to share this story with you because it made me laugh and happy. On Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. the Twin Kennedy’s did a performance for the school kids. I had the pleasure of meeting the Twins on Tuesday and told Karla, the guitar player, that I had Garth Brook’s guitar. She asked to see it and so around noon on Wednesday I headed to the Elementary School to meet her.

I had to park on 14th St. and as I lugged that heavy guitar and case across the playground, a very little girl ran over to me. (I think that she thought I was one of the performers.) She said something to me but with my hearing problem, I could not hear her. I bent down and she whispered in my ear that she played the piano. She was so proud and wanted me to know.

I met with the Twins and watched them set up for the show. (That is a whole lot of work and I tired just watching.) I thought about that little girl and decided to write about her. I went to the Kindergarten room #2 and knocked on the door. I asked if the girl was there who talked to me on the playground. No luck! I went to #1 and when I asked she raised her hand. I told her that I needed her name and phone number to ask her mother’s permission to put her name in the River Press. She again whispered in my ear that, “I only play the piano at my Gramm’s house.” Now how adorable is that.

Ava, is doesn’t matter where you play the piano. Just the fact that you try is the important part. I hope that someday you become famous and I can say that I knew you when.

I belong to the Lions Club and so that makes me a Lioness…I guess. Last Thursday evening, Friday morning, and a few hours on Saturday, I tried to help as much as I could. I helped set up and was the cashier for a while. It was also the most fun I have had this year so far. I really enjoyed Summer Celebration, the Chouteau County Fair that included being a parking ticket collector, and now this yard sale.

I have never seen so much “stuff.” It all came from the Chouteau County communities and they were so generous. The Commercial building was filled to capacity. There was table after table filled and boxes underneath to replenish when they became empty. There were two couples that were there for two hours and went away with a truck load of treasures.

On the big sale day on Saturday the generosity was overwhelming as person after person gave donations far above what they were taking.

I had never been to a sale quite like this one. Nothing except large items were priced and when they checked out, they were asked what they wanted to give as a donation for the Lions Club. They would ask how much we wanted and if we said $1.00, we received a $5 and told to keep the change. If we said $5 we would be given a $5 or $10. 

I personally want to thank all of you who came to the Yard Sale because the Lions use all of their donations for community projects in Chouteau County. I know you all had a great time finding wonderful treasures. See you next year, hopefully same time and same place.

The trip planned for the volunteers at the Visitors Information Center was cancelled. The reason is not known as yet. It could have been that it was a Friday, it could have been the site chosen, or it could have just been other commitments. Whatever the reason, the trip will be postponed until perhaps next spring.

I know that Stacy appreciates all the hours put in by the volunteers. Next spring sounds good to me after winter is over and we have longer days. May all my fellow volunteers have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


It is the first of the month and I said that I would only mention this subject occasionally. I would like to ask that you all put American Flags out every day on your front porch except in inclement weather. We especially today need to show our respect and love for our Flag. Think about the thousands of men and women who have died for our Flag.

I was a teen-ager during WWII but lived through all the others since with fear and sorrow. I only knew a lot about only Iwo Jima as my husband, Wally, was a survivor of that conflict. Over 7,000 men died, in that famous picture, to get the American Flag up on top of Mt. Suribachi. 

I hope that war does not happen again and those that are going on all over the world would end. We all want peace. May it happen soon and in my lifetime?