Tuesday, December 15, 2015

View From The Bridge 12/16/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

On Monday evening, December 7th, I again played Bingo at the Club House sponsored by the VFW. I sat next to the “Bingo Caller Man, Nathan Nash,” so I could hear better and see the board. It was quite different than when I played Turkey Bingo a few weeks ago. It was quieter. Bingo is played every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.  Who knew!

I learned all there is to know about Bingo and I thought I would pass it on in case it may interest you to become a player. By the way, it is for a good cause.

1. You cannot cheat at Bingo as I can in Solitaire.
2. Do not scream out when you need one more number and someone calls Bingo.
3. Only play one card if you have indulged in a little celebration.
4. The game is random.
5. I learned what a photo box is.
6. I learned what a T is.
7. I learned to wait for breaks to eat my sandwich.
8. I learned to clap and be very happy when the gal sitting across from me wins three (3) games and I have not even come close.
9. I learned how old I was when I asked Nathan if he had a son in the service that I made a poster for years ago. It turned out that he was the soldier and had been out of the service for 10 years. Ouch! 10.  Take a cushion to sit on. After an hour or so, the metal seats seem to turn to cement. I was there when a record was set.  A player got a Bingo in 5 plays.
11. Finally, I had a great time and think I could very easily get addicted.  

On Tuesday the 8th, the First Security had their Christmas Open House. If you read the River Press, you knew about this event. They again had beautiful Christmas wreaths displayed and you could fill out a slip with three choices and enter it in a drawing.

I have not received a phone call that I was the winner of one of the wreaths. Oh well, there is always next year.

Again, who knew! I was told about the Concert because I have an adopted grandson now in Kindergarten. On Tuesday, the 8th, there was a dress rehearsal at 1:00pm. I choose the daytime performance instead of the evening one.

It was incredible how those children and teachers produced a play that would make Broadway envious. They sang, danced, and never missed a line. I believe that the Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades did the first part and the 4th, 5th, and 6th the second half. It was a wonderful afternoon and I want them to know how delightful it was.

It was a busy week with something going on nearly every day. The “Bakers” at the Golden Age had a yummy variety of Christmas cookies to be sold by the pound. This year as was last year, I purchased 2# of cookies. I put them into the freezer and allow myself 2 a day for dessert. I hope that you made it over to the Center. It is such fun to walk around the table and pick a plateful of your choice. I wish that would happen more than once a year. How about Easter cookies or any of the holidays?  You Bakers do such a great job.

On Friday it was Pie Day and what a great variety there was. Most of the pies were gone but one gorgeous Pecan Pie. There was still time after I left and I hope it sold. To entice you to come to Pie Day I am going to list the kinds of pies that were there. There was lemon, apple, pumpkin, peach, cherry, and the pecan. Does that make your mouth water? See you next month on the second Friday of the month at 1:00.

The Bakers also offer a bake sale. If you are having company and do not have time to bake, check out the Bake Sale. You can put your purchase in the freezer and thaw it when needed.  You cannot find a better solution. See you next month.

This happening was the result of what I wrote about last week’s story about the potato bags. If you read it you will understand what occurred on Thursday after the Woman’s Club meeting.

The handicapped parking place was taken but there was a great spot in front of the library on Front St.

After the meeting I walked to the Post Office and when I returned across the street to my truck, a vehicle pulled up to the stop sign. A man rolled down the window and said, “Muncie, how many potatoes fit into the potato bag?” Isn’t that that the cutest?

I am sorry that I do not know who he was. My eyesight at that distance is not good. Besides, I was trying to tell him quickly because another vehicle was pulling up behind him. I explained that 3 small potatoes would fit and 1 large sweet potato. I also told him that I had just gotten my bag, for a pattern, to the woman who will attempt to make them. As he pulled away, I shouted to him to call me. As of today, I have not any further information than she is working on them. If you would like a bag, please call me at 622-3217.

On Saturday the 12th, I drove to the Riverside Cemetery. Nancy dropped the wreath at my house for me to place on my Sweetheart’s grave. I decided to attend the ceremony and there was a bit of a crowd. When the speeches were over, the crowd began taking wreaths to put on the Veterans graves that were marked with little flags. It was a thrill to see them gather as many wreaths as they could carry and start across the Cemetery.

The sad part of this project was the several people that I talked with in town who said they wished they knew about Wreaths Across America. If they had read their River Press, they would have known about it. There were several articles in the paper that told about the program.

Bethany, (our lovely young reporter,) was there taking pictures and I am sure that she will tell a better story.

I want to say these words to all of you who read the View and tell me about it. I have found that those of you who live out of Montana are weekly readers. Today I would like to say hello to the Miller’s who live in Virginia. What I usually ask of those who live elsewhere, first of all I am sorry about that and secondly how is your weather? (This is my own joke of the week.  Laugh please.)

Because they had reservations at a busy restaurant, my elderly neighbor and his wife were told that they had a 45 minute wait for a table. “Young man, we’re both 90 years old,” the husband said, “We may not have 45 minutes.” They were seated immediately.