Tuesday, May 8, 2018

View From The Bridge 5/9/18

VIEW from the BRIDGE
BY Muncie

It just gets better and better every year. Let’s start from the beginning. We were met at the door by a line of students who were waiting to escort us to our places. The personalized name tags were ready and waiting. The backdrop was decorated with large paper flowers with a huge yellow flower depicting the sun. This flower was actually made make from the hand prints of the students….awesome.  There were beautiful signed place mats made by the students. There were yellow paper flowers on each table and I was told they were made by the 2nd graders. (I hope I got that right.) All that participated, to organize this luncheon together, were recognized.

The turkey dinner with all the trimmings were served by the most wonderful cooks. How lucky the school kids are to have such a crew. I especially loved the bread pudding.

My favorite part of this program is the entertainment. Each class did a spectacular job and what a job it was. (How long did you have to practice to learn all those songs?)

I went home with two of the flower arrangements and they now decorate the hollow tree. I hope that the rain does not ruin them. I love looking at them across the street. Yellow flowers are my favorites and they are like a burst of sunshine.

Thank you, Fort Benton Elementary School, from the bottom of my heart and from all of the other grandparents and seniors that enjoyed the afternoon.

This evening the T.C. Dance and Co. presented their recital at the Elementary School. Just as I saw the how the youngsters at the luncheon have grown taller each year, it holds true for the dancers. It truly was like a Broadway show with much of the music that I remember from my lifetime. You all brought back many memories and I loved every minute of your show.

Just a little observation for boys and young men. It is very important for you to know now to dance. Females like it when a partner can lead. It is said that if a gal has a good leader, she can follow any dance. So think about taking lessons and it does not make you a sissy. Be proud of your dancing skills and just enjoy it.

This advice also goes for taking music lessons. Anyone who can entertain with a musical instrument is the life of the party. You may end up being a John Denver or Garth Brooks. Then I can say I knew you when.

Just a reminder that I have been dubbed a columnist for the River Press. I am not a reporter. I do not go searching for stories. They have to come to me.

I depend upon events planners to let me know a couple of weeks ahead of time what the details are planned. I do have a couple of planners that call me regularly and for that I am grateful. I do not get around town as much as I did before I moved what is called “out in the country.”

Some folks tell me that they read the View for info about what is going on in town. Unfortunately they miss a lot of ads for various reasons including eyesight.

If you would like your event to be in the View from the Bridge, please call me. It doesn’t hurt to have it in 2 places but remember that I can only put it in the view if you have an ad in the paper.

It seems as though the other columnists do get phone calls although they write a different venue. I do not write about engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or baby’s arrivals. I would like to know about long time anniversaries and babies who have a long history of generations. I would also like to know about birthdays of 80 and over.

 So I hope that I will get some phone calls because since I don’t get around much anymore, it becomes difficult to find interesting stories. It seems that I write about my adventurers, that I have, but I would like to hear about yours. Will my phone now ring off the wall? I certainly will welcome that.

Thank you Longhorns. You did a tremendous job cleaning up many areas in town that needed it. You deserve so much and whatever they are paying you, it isn’t enough. (That is my joke of the week.)
Residents of Fort Benton, take note of some of the accomplishments that brightened up our town. All the bronze statues were polished. That included Shep, Lewis and Clark, the Cowboy, and Governor Meagher. That is a huge job that has to be done every year.

Take note of the triangle by the boat launch. Much work was done there with trimming out bushes and removing weeds. It looks fantastic.

Another job that does not show is the removal of the old shed behind the Baker House. It is now completely gone. It was all due to the Longhorns. They were brave to tackle what someone called mouse and black widow heaven.

Not only did these youngsters work hard, they learned life lessons. Volunteering is a lot of work but it is a lot of fun and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped is so fuzzy warm.

I would like to express my sympathy to the 5 families of Fort Benton residents that have passed on in the last few weeks. They will be sorely missed and remembered as the dear souls they were.