Tuesday, September 27, 2016

View From The Bridge 9/28/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I believe it was last Wednesday or Thursday that I drove by the Missouri River along Front Street just for the beauty of it. At the Museum of the Upper Missouri, (the Little Museum,) there is a tree that was bathed in gold. Its yellow leaves were brightened by the sun and it was awesome. The next day I drove by again and it had rained. Many of those golden leaves were covering the street. Another sign of fall.

I am thinking about spring already, I hope that the Wake Cup Coffee Shoppe will have tables outside. This would be for people watching those who take advantage of the Visitor’s Information Center, those enjoying walking on the Old Fort Benton Bridge, and just watching the traffic on Front Street. I’ll hold that thought all fall and winter.

By the way, the Wake Cup Coffee Shoppe moving to the Culbertson House is the best thing that could happen to Front Street. It is the “Meeting Place” and the “Gathering Place” for young and old alike. What a great example for small business and I know that everyone wishes you the best of luck. I also wish to say how much I appreciate the work and effort that went into that more.

I do know however, that there are some people who will miss you and that would be the Gals at the Studio Salon and their customers. It was such fun just watching people going in and out for breakfast and lunch. GO WAKE CUP!

I am grateful every day that you are into drugs and alcohol. I feel confident that you know what you are doing and at this time you do not need any help.

I am sure that the community is happy for your success and appreciate that you are providing us with what we need. KUPGW which means keep up the good work?

The rain did not dampen the spirit of homecoming as I knew it would not. On Friday it began to dry up and the sun came out just as the parade began.

It was a fun parade and the participants were throwing candy which thrilled the kiddos. I was enjoying the parade and was watching by the Grand Union Hotel. Karen came out and collected a small plastic bag of candy for me that Randy and I enjoyed at the football game.

I took a ride today, (Saturday,) down Front St. to see all the painted windows. It was great fun. It must have been a welcomed break in the school schedule. I never experienced Homecoming when I went to high school. (I am sad because with my last Alumni Newsletter to told about how they are going to tear down my high school building. It has been empty for years and if those in charge would wait a couple more years, it would fall down by itself.)

Thanks to all at the high school for working so hard to make it a great homecoming for this year. You made it a special “Go Longhorn’s Year.”

There is a new smiley face at the Chouteau County Library these days. Carolyn O’Hara has taken the job that was left open from a retirement.

Carolyn has been with the Library for several years as custodian and has now changed her job description. She has an advantage in knowing most people in town and if you do not know her, drop by and get acquainted.

I love to hear about people who love their jobs.  It makes for a “Happy Day.”

Many of you old timers have asked about Judy and Herb Hazen. I am in touch with them and spoke with them last week. I asked if they were all unpacked and everything in place. That is my joke of the week. Of course they are not all unpacked and everything in place. They are wondering where they accumulated all the “stuff” they took to Helena with them. Isn’t that a familiar story if you have ever had to move from one place to another? I read somewhere that you should move every 10 years in order to do a good housecleaning.

FALL (2)
Fall has fallen upon us. The trees turned yellow overnight, it is pitch dark by 8:00 p.m., it cools off in the evening, and my furnace has gone on. I shut the sprinkler system off during those rainy days last week, I have to wear a jacket when I go outside, and it is warmer outside than when you go into the Price Rite grocery shore. (I was told that the store does not have air conditioning but is cold due to the freezer sections.)

Now we can look forward to raking leaves and the grass gets cut one more time. There is a favorite song of mine sung by John Denver called “Fall.” The last line says, “but nobody asked me.” The seasons happen whether I like it or not. The only thing that is consoling is the beauty of it all. The sadness is this line from a famous song, “But I miss you most of all, l my Darling, when autumn leaves began to fall.

Yes, Fort Benton has talent. At our last Tuesday 5:00 p.m. dinner our entertainer was Eleanor Carver. It turns out that she is an artist and she set up her easel and began chalking out a picture while we sat in awe.

I asked a question afterward of Eleanor. “Is yours a natural talent or did you take lessons”.  Don’t quote me but I think that she said that back in the 70’s there were some art classes. She took the classes and loved it. She worked with chalk for us but she also paints.

The picture she worked on was of an old cabin, a stream, a mountain side, and a pine tree.  Each stroke brought the picture more to life. I loved watching. She did not complete the picture but said that she would finish it. I would like somehow for it to be displayed at the Golden Age Senior Center.

What amazes me about watching Eleanor is her hidden talent and what is out here in the area that would surprise all of us.

I have heard from several people who used to live in Fort Benton or Chouteau County who continue to receive the River Press. They said that it was like coming home to read their River Press each week. It makes my day when I know that is what the View is doing.

I am out of observations and this will be the last one. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did.

“Each night before you go to bed, pray to God and be thankful for what you have accomplished that day.”