Tuesday, December 31, 2013

View From The Bridge 1/2/14

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

I wrote the same thing last year when the new one rolled in.  How long will it take me to write 2014 on my checks?  I can only assume that no one else has a problem with that since I do not hear about it in any conversations.  Well whatever!  Hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you now look forward to an adventurous time in 2014.  Does the New Year feel like a new beginning to you?  Please remember to enjoy every minute of every day.

This is a big year for us women.  There has been a lot of chatter about it being the 100th anniversary of our right to vote in Montana.  I cannot imagine why it took so long.  I cannot imagine what those women went through.  Can you imagine what it would be like today to not be able to vote?  It just would not happen although we still do battle for equality especially in wages.  I am probably getting close to a lot of hot water here and so I won’t go on any further with the subject.

The point of these paragraphs is a new project to be started and it involves writing chores.  I received an e-mail quite a few months ago concerning writing stories about famous and infamous women in Fort Benton history.  Several years ago a list was drawn up in our now defunct Writers Group.  Each of us was to choose a name and do research and write about the woman we had chosen.  Only one woman completed her story and it was about the Nun who started the St. Claire Hospital.  I had some help with my research but never completed the story.  Now is the time to get busy on that project.  I am not sure when they, (who is they?) want the stories completed but we are faced with a huge problem.

We have to have a coordinator to organize this project.  Is there a woman out there who is willing to take this on?  I know that you would get a great deal of help.  There is already a list available about the women to write about.  If you are interested, even to choose a name, please contact the Joel Overholser Research Center at 622-5316.

A little “play it forward,” information is that Summer Celebration will be all about women.  It should be very interesting to see what the organizers will come up with.

The big enjoyable event in my life is coming up the end of this month.  The Performing Arts Consortium will be held in Fort Benton.  I think you remember that we alternate with Great Falls every other year.  If you like to be entertained for a full day, this is the event for you.  Just plan the whole day the Saturday it is scheduled, to enjoy some of the best entertainment in Montana.  You can also critique the acts and make it known to the Chouteau County Performing Arts Board members.  You can have something to say about what acts are chosen.  You do not get to vote but you can give your opinion.  I know that the C.C.P.A. Board would appreciate your comments.  I am looking forward to this fun time during the dreariest time of the winter.

Pie Day at the Golden Age Senior Center will be back on the 3rd Friday of the month.  There was not a Pie Day in December because it was replaced by a Cookie Sale.  I bought 2# of the best Christmas cookies ever.  I still have some in my freezer if you want to stop by for tea, cookies and conversation you are most welcome.

The Trivia Game at the Grand Union Hotel will begin again.  Watch the River Press for the date.  I have heard from several people what a fun evening it is.  (I also heard that my name was mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  I believe the question was something like, “What is Muncie’s real name?”  The subject was about people’s nicknames.  Actually Folks, Muncie is my real legal name.  If you want to know that story, you will have to ask me.

All the organizational meetings will be listed in the River Press.  Jump in and offer help for these non-profit much needed organizations.  Helping them could be your “good deed” for the day.  Help because instead of a few doing a lot, a lot could get it done more quickly.  Get off your couch.  You need the exercise. 

This statement holds true for the Recycling Committee.  What a great job they have done this year.  I’m still doing one bag of trash a week and what a great feeling to know that I do not have to drag my recycling into Great Falls.  Watch your River Press for a change of collection places in the near future.  It may go back to the Dedman Foundation due to the bins being emptied there.  Again, thank you Recycling Committee for a job perfectly accomplished.  You certainly lit one little candle.

We are back to Entertainment after two weeks of Sports and Leisure.  Q.  How many movies were shot in Montana between 1897 and 2003?  Answer below.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR TROOPS and WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS.  (I’m not getting very far with the Wear Red on Fridays Program.  I have come to realize that unless you have someone serving the United States of America, you are not much involved with supporting the Troops.  I know that you watch TV.  You have seen the Wounded Warrior program.  Do you know anyone personally that was wounded in a war?  Did you send a card or package to a soldier this Christmas?  Do you realize that there were thousands of men and women who did not get home for Christmas?  You are safe and sound because of them.  I hope this makes you feel a bit guilty.  Now I’ll be in hot water again but the only way to support in a small measure is to wear red on Fridays.  What is so hard?

A. 97.  (Did you ever hear my story about how the “Horse Whisperer” was made in Montana?  Ask me.)