Tuesday, November 12, 2013

View From The Bridge 11/13/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

We just returned on Monday evening from the Sunrise Bluffs.  The Veterans Day Dinner was held there for the first time and will most likely be the place from now on.  I know how hard the committee worked to put up decorations, set tables, arrange the centerpieces, put up pictures on that huge wall inside the dining room ,and arrange entertainment.  They worked all day Sunday.  I was there only for about three hours watching B.J. McIntyre hang more Veterans pictures.  A very heart warming idea was to put poppies on those Veterans who have passed away 

B.J. estimates that there are over 300 Veterans photos hanging in the Bluffs hallway.  There is also a classic picture of the American flag and a large poster of the 2nd Honor Guard started in 1946 that were hung Sunday.  There are many old-timers in those pictures and perhaps many of you saw yourselves.  The other picture belongs to Connie Jenkins whose father is in the picture.  It is of his squadron at Malstrom in the ‘40’s.  I’ll have more information about that picture next week because it is all on the back of the picture at the Bluffs.  We will mark Connie’s father’s face somehow as there are about a hundred men on the photo. 

A count of those who enjoyed dinner was about 120 Veterans and their families.  It amazes me how they can judge how many people are going to show up.  Somehow, they had it right tonight.  There were tables of eight and every one seemed to be filled. 

There were many well deserved “thank you for your service,” conversations.  They were well deserved and we would have liked to hear every one of their stories.  All the visitors viewed the Veterans Photo Wall and read the bios of their loved ones.  What a book that bio book would make. 

 I have a floppy clown about 2 ft. in length that holds a sign that reads, “Think Snow.”  Each fall I put him on top of our newspaper box in the entry way.  When I leave or enter the house, there he is with his message.  Every time I enter or leave, someone has turned the sign around.  Well, guess what!  This year I am not even putting him up because I do not do snow-man building, skiing, sledding, snow boarding, shoveling, or anything to do with snow.  Besides, I am tired of turning the sign around.

Today, (Sunday) I had to clean snow off our vehicle because I needed to watch B.J. put up more Veterans pictures at the Bluffs before the Veterans dinner Monday evening.  It was not too bad when I went out about 1:00 p.m. or so, but when I left the Bluffs about 4:30 p.m. I had to scrape ice and snow from the windows of the vehicle.  It is an awful thought that we have at least three more months of this kind of activity.  Woe is me!  Why can’t we hibernate like the bear?  It would be so wonderful to wake up to spring.

The Santa North Pole Outlet Mall for Children is under new management this coming season.  Give them a helping hand to make this year as successful as previous years.  If you do not know what the Mall is all about, here is the scoop.  Private donations and a grant provide Christmas gifts for just Children to purchase at a small fee for their parents and siblings.  It is held at the same location as always and that is the Northwest Physician Building, ll10 Front Street.  The date to remember is December 7th, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Children from ages K through 6th grade are invited to participate.  Prices start at .25 cents to $3.00, greeters are available to help the children to make decisions, and wrapping is available.  What a deal and what a bargain.  Donations are made from many of the Fort Benton merchants.  Also, private donations are welcome and please take them over anytime soon to the Northwest Physician Building.
If you want to have a fun time, show up at the building to help out or just watch.  The kids are so much fun and a delight to work with.  That is what Christmas is all about.  Happy Holidays for a warm, fuzzy feeling.

On next Monday, November 18th PBS will show nationally the film “Indian Relays.”  Please try to watch it and spread the word to your family and friends in other parts of the country about the program.  Have them check their TV schedules because different PBS stations may show it at different times.  Local Montana PBS it will air at 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time and again on Wednesday the 20th at 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

Friends of the Library and General Federation of Woman’s Clubs meet on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.  You will have missed Friends by the time you get your River Press.  I should have mentioned it last week.  Sorry about that.

Friday is Pie Day.  No kidding!  Because November began on a Friday, it will be this week.  Call your friends and come on down to the Senior Center on Front Street for homemade pie and a hot cup of coffee.  Nothing could be finer.  Give lots of support to those women who work so hard and a plus is that they are the best pie bakers around.  Don’t miss Friday Pie Day at 2:00 p.m.

I know for certain that Randy growing a beard it is why the Red Sox won the World Series and why Carroll College won the Frontier Conference title last Saturday.  I am begging him not to shave it off until Carroll wins three more playoff games and the final National Conference game. Wait a minute, I just had a money making idea.  It will be called “Rent a Randy Beard.”  I will rent Randy out to hang out at any contests you have going.  I’ll offer him 10% and I’ll keep 90%.  Do you think he would go for that?

I have missed this item the last few weeks because of 911 calls being made from our home.  I think I am back on track now and here is the next trivia.
Sports and Leisure Q.  How many state parks in Montana?  A. Below


A. 43, totaling almost 28, 000 acres.