Wednesday, October 1, 2014

View From The Bridge 10/1/14

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Another story from Sharalee Smith will be added to the legend of “Thunderbolt and Lightening.” Sharalee has been employed by Vielleux for many years and was in 1973, when the movie company was here in Fort Benton.

She was sitting in her usual spot facing the window that looked out onto Front Street and the Missouri River. A black Pontiac Firebird parked directly in front of the insurance building.  Sharalee went ga-ga over the car that a tall handsome man stepped out of.

For all of you who knew Bessie Vielleux, you will understand why she said, “I think that is someone famous.” When Sharalee related this story about this beautiful car to a customer, he asked if she got his autograph.  Her answer was, “Whose?”  So much for the recognition of movie stars. They are just  people like us except they make lots of money for pretending they are someone else.

I checked the inter-net for the origin of “Dressed to the 9th degree,” that Ron Saville talked about in last weeks View. The phrase “to the nines or to the ninth,” was used to indicate perfection-the highest standard. Since ten (10) is perfection, the ninth was as high as one could go. The women of Fort Benton were striving for perfection in an attempt to impress someone and I love them for it.  (My opinion is that it was not for Clint Eastwood. This is another of my own joke material.))

Last Saturday evening there was a dinner theatre at the Grand Union. I could not have been more pleased or entertained. It was the first time performance for three “Seven” women actresses.  They had been rehearsing for about two months. They played the parts of seven women from different countries and what they endured being women.  (Read the interesting article in last weeks River Press.) I will not go into what the play was about but just how I hung on to their every word for a little over an hour. I did not want it to end. I wanted to know more about what their lives were like.

I complain about my house being dusty from living on a busy street. I complain about prices going up and up, especially for food.  I complain about such unimportant things and the older I got the more I complain and get crabby. I have never had to sleep on the ground because I had to leave my home. I have never had to know that my parents were murdered. I never was separated from my children and never knowing if I would ever see them alive again. I never prayed to die because conditions were so horrendous.

Well, I have vented enough about these seven women who made the audience aware of what they had gone through. They are making a difference in the world. So count your blessings that you have a clean bed to sleep on, that you have enough food to sustain your life, and you have your families and loved ones to love daily. End of lecture. I am so happy that I made the effort to go out in the rain on Saturday night. It was meant to be.

I was only able to participate in one event for “Homecoming” and that was the “Homecoming Parade.” It was awesome and I know many hours were put into the organization of it. I especially enjoy the High School Band and how they have developed to the 9th degree. GO LONGHORNS.  I appreciate the great entertainment you provide.

Last week I went into the back yard and the leaves were falling around me like rain. I savored the moment and now the ground is covered with them. We always composted our leaves but not this year. They will be raked to the sides of the street and picked up by the City of Fort Benton.  Goodbye summer.