Tuesday, August 2, 2016

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

The full moon will be on Thursday, the 18th. Did you see July’s full moon? It was so spectacular because the sky was clear of clouds and was not overcast.

The August Moon is called the Full Sturgeon Moon. It was named that by the Native Americans who were fisherman on the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water. The sturgeon was most readily caught during this month. It was also called the Red Moon because when it rose it appears reddish through any sultry haze. The third and fourth names are the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon. (Take your pick. I like Grain Moon the best.)

There was a good turnout for the Market last Thursday. Thank you for supporting it. There will be plenty of Bing cherries on Thursday of this week plus all the other goodies. Those fresh veggies sure taste good.  See you this Thursday at the Old Fort Park instead of the Levee Park.

This once a year event is a very popular one. Be sure to get your supper there and picnic while you watch SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK. Bring along your blankets and lawn chairs. Enjoy our beautiful Old Fort Park. It doesn’t get any better than that, great food and great entertainment.

Are you ready for the Fair? It is only three weeks away. As soon as this terribly hot weather breaks, the baking can begin. Ideas about flower arrangements should be swirling around in your head.

What to have for lunch and dinner are also big decisions. I know you all have your favorites. Looking for old clothes for the “Pig Wrestlers” must be on your minds.

Be sure to park inside the grounds for a mere $3.00 fee for 3 days. (It’s not fair to park outside the grounds and not pay a fee. This is strictly my opinion as I have noted being a volunteer.)

It is a donation for the Lions Club and their charitable work. It is a lot of work just to get volunteers to sit by the gates from early morn to evening. Would you like to volunteer? They need all the help they can get.

I remember the first year I was in Fort Benton for the Fair and that would have been 1993. My Sweetheart Wally said that we were going to the Demolition Derby on Sunday evening.  I thought, “What?”  I wasn’t a city girl exactly but the thought of cars deliberately crashing together didn’t sound like an evening of fun to me.

Well, guess who yelled the loudest and had the most fun? Yep, it was me. Go Derby!

I think that I mentioned this last year but I am going to repeat. I came from an area of about 4 million people. It was a metropolitan area and there were no “Home Folk.” There were no fairs, no contests, no nothing.

I love the Chouteau County Fair and think it is the best thing since apple pie, (or should I say rhubarb pie as that is my favorite.)

So come on down and have a wonderful time because it won’t be around for another year. Try getting involved. Enter some of the events and make memories for yourself, your kids, and your grandkids. I wish I had those kinds of memories.

I want to congratulate all the swimmers who made Fort Benton proud these past few weeks. I enjoyed every article and every achievement.

I know what it is like for the effort to be a competitive swimmer. My daughter went to an all-girl' school and their main sport was swimming. She was a back stroker in the early 70’s. Her record held at the school for 17 years. Her team also won the state meet and she has a yellow stripe on her letter sweater.

I loved going to swim meets and understand how parents feel when their kid dives into that water. Nerve racking isn’t it?

So Bethany, keep those descriptive articles about the swim meets going. I am sure I am not the only one who enjoys them.

I also enjoy stories about people who are Fort Benton natives and are noted for what they have done with their lives.

Arlynn Fishbaugh has now reached retirement age and many of us here in town are going to miss her and her work for Fort Benton and everyone else in Montana at the Montana Art Council.

Just as our schools and our libraries, the Arts have a difficult time getting monies from the state. They are cut again and then again. Arnie did a tremendous job of working around the red tape.

She will be honored on September 30th at the University of Montana. I hope that Fort Benton will have some representative there to let her know how much we appreciate her work and how proud Fort Benton is of her.

Now that I have a reading machine, I am enjoying the River Press more than ever. I read every article, every ad, and everything else. I even read the want ads just to know what is going on in the business world. The Highwood and Geraldine articles by Kristen Brady and Robyn Scribner fill me in on what is going on in our sister cities. I especially like their writing about what is going on in the schools.

Jim Taylor sponsors the Business and Student of the Week that is most interesting. Another of great interest is the old River Press articles sponsored by the Gilded Leaf. As a history buff, they are of great value to know where many of you came from.

The Justice Court reporting is someplace I do not want to have my name. It is amazing to me how many people are speeding. What is your hurry? If you have an appointment at a certain time, then leave a little earlier so you don’t have to drive 80 miles an hour, or more, in a 70 zone. I never could understand that situation. (Now I’ll bet I’m in really hot water again.)

“No one is in charge of your happiness except you.”