Tuesday, June 2, 2015

View From The Bridge 6/3/15

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Yes! Yes!  Yes!  It is a true story. My “Fort Benton Charm Trail” necklace appeared in the New York Times on Memorial Day. What a great advertisement for the Charm Trail charms and necklace program. Ruth Carlstrom was thrilled because that is her project.

I have a necklace with an extender on it that holds all the historic charms. I also have a two strand necklace that holds the other charms from businesses and various events. (My Sweetheart, Wally, used to tell me not to go near the Missouri with both necklaces on because if I fell in the river, I would never be found.)

Because the two necklaces are so heavy I only wore the historic one on the Mullen Road bus ride on the Sunday road trip. I also had on my Fort Benton charm earrings that Ruth made for me. The free-lance photographer from the New York Times, Jane Osbourne, caught up with me at the gas station stop on the way to Fort Shaw. She admired the earrings and asked if she could take a picture of them. Of course, I agreed. Well, she must have taken what I thought was about 100 pictures. She had me turn this way and that way, of just the earrings, holding the necklace with my fingers every which way, and she finally said thank you very much. I saw her throughout the trip here, there and everywhere. She was a little tiny mite of a girl and you could not miss her carrying that heavy camera.

So, much to my complete surprise, on Monday morning as I walked up to the Old Bridge for the Memorial Wreath program, that I was greeted with, “Your picture is in the New York Times.” My son, Randy, had in the wee hours of the morning, brought up the site and there was the necklace, my hands, and half of my face. He showed it to me on his Smart phone.

I did not see the article until later that afternoon after the Memorial Day services at the Old Bridge, the Riverside Cemetery service, and the dedication in memory of the B-29 airplane that crashed in 1943 when 10 airmen were killed.

I was so surprised that with all of the pictures Jane took; only three were printed in the paper. (Now my Witness Protection program is blown and I may be moved. They did use my name but it is my 4th alias. That would make a great story if ever you would want to hear it…about the name and not the Witness Protection Program. JUST KIDDING READERS.)

I sure accumulate a lot of recycling in a month. I will be able to take advantage next Saturday, the 6th of June to do my share of trying to save the earth. Thank goodness for those faithful volunteers who are collecting no matter what the weather.  Spring and summer seem to have more recyclables than fall and winter. Tie up your bundles of newspaper, magazines, and cardboard with string. Then flatten those plastic bottles and aluminum cans to tidy up wherever you store them and feel good about what you are doing. Mother earth loves you.

I went up to the airport last Saturday for the Larry Lambott fund raiser. It was mind boggling to see the turnout, the live auction, the 50/50, the Kiddies buckets, and the food because it was all donated. I know that Chouteau County has the most generous people in the country.

I believe that everyone knows Larry and his wife, Pam who works at the First Security Bank. However, even if no one knew them, there would have been a great turnout because of the generosity of just people who want to help.

Such was the case for the Shiners fund raiser. Last year and this year were total successes as the organizers were surprised by the funds raised. Thank you, Chouteau County, for your support of all the organizations, the Churches, fund raisers, and those who need help.

The dates are Friday, June 26th, Saturday the 27th, and Sunday the 28th. Schedules will be around town soon so invite all your family and friends to come on up or come on down for a great time.

I am making an announcement that there will be a “WATERFALL” included in the Fireworks Show this year. When it didn’t happen last year, there were disappointed visitors and townspeople. I was sitting alongside the Levee Walking Trail and overheard a man repeatedly telling his kids to “Just wait until the waterfall.” Many viewers reported incidents that were much the same and the Celebration Committee decided that it was something that everyone looked forward to. See you there for sure.

Another first time event will be the HIGH HEEL RACE. Look for the View next week for details. In the meanwhile, think about a High Heeled Race. It should be a hoot. (I know that Chris Halko will be the first one in line to sign up and how about Tim Burmeister?

“At my age “Getting Lucky” means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.”