Tuesday, March 15, 2011

View From The Bridge 3/16/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie

We just returned to Fort Benton from a fun party. It is Sunday afternoon, about 5:00 p.m. and the temperature is 60.5 degrees on our satellite thermometer. One could not ask for a more beautiful day for Square Butte’s annual celebration and parade. Where and how did you order such a beautiful day Amy?

We arrived in Square Butte about 1:00 p.m. and enjoyed the corned beef/cabbage dinner plus other super delicious side dishes. Great job Amy. It seemed you were having more fun than anyone.

We visited with Amy for a minute or two, as she was a busy bee. We only had to wait a short time for the parade to begin that was on schedule at the designated time…3:00 p.m. The weather was the nicest of any of the days that we have been in Square Butte for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. All the partygoers were outside to view the parade. As always, it lasted all of five minutes or perhaps ten as they came back past the Country Club for the second time.

The candidates for mayor brought forth many laughs as the sisters battled it out with words. We could see that many hours went into their campaigns. Their floats, signs, and speeches were humorous. We are sure it was their own material.

I am only Irish for a week every year, and look forward to their celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I like the Irish spirit, and their love of family, and life. Isn’t it wonderful how different nationalities bring to the world their cultural ideas and traditions? It is my idea of what makes up the United States of America.

You may have seen your first robin earlier; however, Matt Patrias was the first to report his sighting. On Friday last, a robin flew past the windshield of his vehicle near the Kershaw Grain Elevator. Several others (after the fact,) reported seeing robins earlier but did not tell me. I thought everyone knew how I felt about birds and their comings and goings.

By the way, we saw a bald eagle on the way to Square Butte. He was sitting in a field enjoying his lunch. He did not budge an inch when we blew the horn. What a way to start a day.

I still do not have any species of birds at my feeders because of the cats that like my yard. I believe the reason is that they think that the birds will return and they will have a good meal. Gross! I will ask again…please put a bell on your cat

Progress is being made on the replacing of the planter in front of the Old Bridge. Several very good suggestions were passed on this week that have to be researched. The suggestions include materials to be used and designs.

I took a very good, long look at the planter this past weekend and was very surprised to note how large it is. We do know that those junipers have to go and when the frost is out of the ground, they will be removed. It will be then that we will be able to see how the telephone poles are holding up after about 25 years.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please call me at 899-1380. The F.B.I. Committee is very open and welcomes suggestions.

PIE DAY is Friday. These Pie Days are coming around faster and faster. I do not know what kind of pie that the Irish people prefer. What kind of pie would be green besides Key Lime? St. Patrick’s Day is the day before so I think it would be appropriate for green pies the next day. Our wonderful “Pie Ladies” did such a great job with cherry pies last month. I am sure they will come up with something green. See you there.

C.C.P.A’s next performance will be Tuesday the 29th of March. The Perfect Gentlemen are just that and if you enjoy harmonized singing…you will really enjoy the evening.

Remember the donation jar to help out the Woman’s Club for supplying the yummy looking cookies at each C.C.P.A. evening.

FUND RAISERS continue for the Naeseth’s. On Friday the 18th at the Rockin’ K there will be a Country Sock Hop, and Chili Feed, in conjunction with the American Legion Post. It begins at 6:00 p.m. with a chili feed and music begins at 7:00. If you are hungry, like to dance, or just listen to music…that is the place to be.

GOLDEN AGE CENTER will be serving a corned beef and cabbage dinner on Thursday at noon. We never get enough of an Irish dinner at this time of year.

PLEASE NOTE If you will call me about your social events, I will be more than happy to mention them. However, you must also have an ad in the River Press. I have been told that a few people read the “View,” and social events bares repeating.

I love you too. Jasmine, you, Mariah, are, Jasmine, on, Brenna, my, Tabitha, favorites, Liz, list, Kailee, forever, and Hunter. “I’ve never see God, but I know how I feel, It’s people like you who make Him so real.” By Helen Steiner Rice.

The typing of the biographies has begun to take form. We are matching those we have with The War Years book .Many of the bios are not as complete as we would like them to be.

There are some pictures with no bio at all. If they cannot be matched with the book, they cannot be found in the phone box, or otherwise identified; I will list those names in this column. There may be a reader that can give us whereabouts information of those unknowns. Look for the list in the near future.

There were sure a lot of good looking guys in Chouteau County. I am willing to bet they were better looking than any other state in the country. Wait until you read their stories. They were not only good looking, but also brave, courageous, self-sacrificing, and devoted to country. How did they ever do it? How do they do it today?

Again, I have to repeat as I have been asked this past week several times. The program is not over. It is on going. Keep looking for pictures and send them as soon as you can.

I would like to say that I appreciate all your kind words about the program. It is a labor of love and something I felt compelled to do since I saw Veterans pictures hanging in the restaurant in Chinook. God bless our troops.

The next time I will be with you,…it will be spring. It sure felt like it today. The sun shone all day. I do not even mind the cold if there isn’t too much wind and the sun is shining. The sun makes all the difference. I have eight solar lights on my deck and all eight of them are shining brightly tonight. I have not seen them all winter. In the deep summer, I do not see them because the leaves on the trees block out the sun. Spring and fall are the only times that I see them.

The other wonderful thing is that I can walk again along our Levee Walking Trail. I can walk over to the Trail without the danger of falling on the ice. It felt so awesome to take deep breathes (that good country air,) and just be by the Missouri. We may have a bit more snow but I do not think it will be piled up as it has been. It will be gone quickly.

Please advise who will see the first green in the grass or fields. One of my friends said that her tulips and crocus are coming up. What a wonderful season spring is.