Tuesday, April 26, 2011

View From The Bridge 4/27/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

This is a personal happening; however, I feel that I must pass it on. I never thought that this would be a problem in Fort Benton. I have lived in Fort Benton almost 18 years and my husband Wally has been here all of his life except for almost four years in the Marine Corps and a brief move of nine months to Oregon.

We have never locked our home. I know that many of you do not lock your homes or your vehicles. We never locked our vehicles until last summer when someone siphoned three-quarters of a tank of gasoline from our car. We have locked our vehicles since that time. That was quite a change for us as we always knew where the keys were. Even though our car is 14 years old, it has a code system so that is not inconvenient. The truck however, has to have a key and since I use the truck all the time, I always have to return to the house for the key. (You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.)

Last Friday night, the 22nd, someone entered our yard and stole some equipment. That someone knew exactly what they wanted and I feel they were stalking my yard. Unfortunately, the equipment did not belong to me as I had borrowed it. The person who owned it called the Police Station and he and the officer were concerned about the theft but not as much as they did about someone prowling around our back yard. This is not only scary but also spooky

We had family arrive in the late afternoon and we sat in our living room visiting most of the evening until midnight or so. We were facing the picture window and I commented on how much pedestrian traffic there was. There were vehicles parked in front of the house with the occupants going across the street to the Club House. At times, the streetlight in front of the house does not stay lit. It was dark and the only light was from the River City Laundromat across the street.

As of this writing, we've had locks put on all our doors and for the first time will be in a “lock-up.” What a shame. We (and many of you,) can no longer brag that we live in a town where we do not have to lock our houses or our vehicles.

I urge you to “lock-up,” for your peace of mind and your safety. The City of Fort Benton for a short time had a Police Chief, Lew Barnett, who spoke to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Fort Benton, who urged us to lock up. One of my comments to him was that most of us never have done the lock-up. He admitted that he did not either, (lock-up) although he was robbed shortly after he moved to town. He admitted that was a good example for us to pay attention. I did not at that time so please pay attention and start locking up.

On Thursday, the 28th, the annual Appreciation Luncheon for Senior Citizens will be a happening at 1:00 p.m. This is the “cutest luncheon” you will ever attend. The youngsters take it very seriously. They will guide you to a table. If you are not able to stand in line, they will serve you at your place. They are so polite and grown-up. Not only are you served a very appetizing lunch, (more like dinner,) there is entertainment. Just think people…you do not have to cook that day and you do not have to do the dishes. (I am really hung up on that subject, aren’t I?) We look forward to this event every year so see you there.

The Center has had a makeover. A pamphlet rack will cover the entire south wall. It will afford more space for Visitors to move around when two or more groups come into the Center. The theatre seats have been replaced by more comfortable seating to watch the computer programs.

These changes were accomplished by a Lippard-Clawiter grant. Please stop by to see where the grant monies are spent. It is your Visitors Information Center, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, and shows your interest in the tourism that our community is trying to build. “You build it and they will come,” came from the movie, “Field of Dreams,” and that should be our motto. Fort Benton is a beautiful city, we know it, and we would like Visitors to know it. Whatever we do to beautify is a plus.

Very important parts of the Center are the VOLUNTEERS. It is truly a fun time at the Center meeting Visitors from all over the world. If you can afford two hours a week, please contact Ruth Carlstrom at 799-3634. Just do it…today.

Pastor Hunter and Janice had a plot that they were giving up when they moved. Two women came up to me at the Woman’s Club meeting and volunteered to take it over. That was a very pleasant surprise as actually the Hunter’s had two plots on the Levee Walking Trail across from each other.

I have three plots that need to be adopted. Please consider a project that is much needed. Our Levee Walking Trail is such a wonderful, quiet, and meditative place. Two of the plots are on the Trail and is across Front Street at the Old Fort Park. Let me hear from you soon at 899-1380 (after 9:00 a.m.)

There is a City Council meeting next Monday, May 2nd. You may not consider this meeting a social event but I do. It is entertaining to meet with the Councilpersons that you have had part in electing and listening to what is going on in your City of Fort Benton. Do drop in and see what you are missing. You could learn something you did not know.

It is a clear calendar week as far as I know. The following week is full of meetings, which will be the last for the season that I will tell you abut next week. Mother’s Day is also coming up so plan ahead.

Alright…all is forgiven because you gave us such a beautiful Easter Sunday. Today, Monday, is also a great day with sunshine and the temperature sitting at 73 degrees right now. Trees are budding out and by next week, we should have the beginnings of leaves on the trees. It could not get any better.

I made a phone call today and the answering machine said, “GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS, and GOD BLESS YOU.” I am going to use their “blessing” from now on. Is that plagiarism?