Tuesday, September 15, 2009

View From The Bridge 9/16/09

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
by Muncie Morger
In my humble opinion, there was no doubt about the outcome of the game with Stanford. Unlike the game with Chinook, which had us in doubt a good part of the way through the game, the Stanford game was a runaway. It was a game of strong defense and offence. What more could we ask for? It was an intense and exciting game and we are sure everyone is looking forward to the next confrontation with anticipation. To add to that excitement, it is Homecoming week so not only will we have the visiting team, Tri City, here but a great many alumni. Let’s put on a good show for them and make it a special weekend with just a lot of good clean fun. Go Horns.
SERVING up a story about the Volleyball Team, we have not been to a game yet but every one who has attended said they are a BALL. The NET result of each game was UP IN THE AIR. (Just kidding Lady Longhorns.) The Girls have won every game so far and they are such fun to watch. They are playing together well as a team and were really fired up last Friday and Saturday when both the Varsity and Junior Varsity won. I quote Holly McAllister who said, “There is no star on our teams, they are all stars. Their hard work is coming together and paying off.”Try to catch the games on Thursday and Saturday of this week with Highwood. Check the River Press for the times.
The Memorial Plaques have all been attached on the benches and tables with the exception of two benches at the Ag Center. My “Super-Gluers.” Myrna and Denny Allen were caught hard at work attaching the plaques. Those of you who own these benches and tables should check out your plaques.
Next Friday is Pie Day at the Golden Age Center starting at 10:00 a.m. It is open to the public and the pies are homemade. There always seems to be a good variety so enjoy your favorite and come for a social hour starting at 10:00 a.m. Bring a friend and if you have Homecoming company, bring them along. What a treat if they are from larger cities that do not have the small-town activities If those of you who are regulars each bring a friend, it would double the number of pie eaters. It is a fundraiser for the Senior Center so kindly support them. Another thought would be to buy a whole pie and take it back to your place of employment. Perhaps you are having company for the weekend and it is too hot to bake…or you just do not feel like baking…or you just are too busy preparing for the company. Whatever the reason, get over to the Center next Friday and enjoy.
Please put bells on your cats. Several people have talked to me about cats in their yards. We all talked about how many birds we used to have in our yards. We filled our bird feeders at least every other day and now the birds do not come to the feeders any longer. They seem to know that it is not safe as the yard has stray cats laying in wait for them. So please, put bells on your cats. I would do it if I could get a hold of your cat but they are so quick to get away. I would love to have my birds back.
Joyce and Ray Erbe (former teacher I am sure many of you remember) visited Fort Benton this past weekend and were guests of Kathy and Harry Buckingham. Their daughter, who lives in Missoula, made them grandparents again which precipitated the trip from Denver. A chance meeting at the Expedition on Saturday evening brought us together. It was like old-home week for them and they were in Fort Benton for a few days. They are returning to Missoula for more visiting there and then they will return to Denver. The neat thing about our visit was that Joyce said they still receive the River Press.
Only five days of summer left from the date on the front page of the River Press (the 16th.) We made a trip to Utica on Sunday and saw many trees with yellow leaves. The speculation about what kind of a winter we are going to have is the subject of most conversations lately. If you see me around town, let me know what you think especially the “old-timers” who have known some very harsh winters. We picked up my youngest son, Jerry, his wife Sherry, and grandsons Joshua, Joseph, and Josiah in Havre where they came on the train from the Detroit area at 3:00 p.m. We went to the C.M.R. football game Friday night, Gates of the Mountain on Saturday (met Grayson and Greg Bonilla there,) and to the Hay-Bale Contest on Sunday. Jerry’s comment about Montana was said in five words, “It is a different world.” Our “Big Sky” certainly showed itself off those days with its deep blue and white fluffy clouds. Today (Monday) they walked the Levee and the Boys said their favorite was “Shep.” Jerry said his was the Old Bridge and Sherry’s was everything. I think that was a very good assessment.
God bless America.