Wednesday, April 11, 2018

View From The Bridge 4/11/2018

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Opening day of the Signal Point Golf Course was, what I hoped, the last snow covered ground this spring. Last weeks River Press reported that Mark Johnsrud was the new manager and I wanted to chat with him about calling me when events took place at the most beautiful golf course around the area.

The first question asked was “When is tee-off time?” The answer was “about “Mid July.” True story! Will spring ever arrive? As of this moment I really doubt it. I am so tired of seeing snow. It is so beautiful when it starts coming down but so ugly when it gets dirty.

So, back to the Signal Point Golf course story. Mark had some orange golf balls for those addicted players but so far no one had taken him up on it. (I’ll bet that even if Mark had offered a free game, no one would have taken him up on it.)

By the way…who ever put that breakfast together did a great job. Thank you.

Look for any news about Signal Point Golf Course here in the View.  Nothing is planned at this time.

Mother Nature seems to have a thing about giving a break on her winter hold during planned performances. The last three shows have been poorly attended because of cold and snowy conditions. Again last Saturday’s Pub night was a snowy disaster. It kept the crowd down to a little over 100 attendees.

Those that left early because of snowy and icy roads missed a rock and roll time. A conga line started and they circled around the room. Others began dancing at their tables and it soon seemed that everyone was up and dancing. It was a blast and a good time was had by all.

The last C.C.P.A. performance of the season will feature the founder and artistic director of the Piatigorsky Foundation, celebrated cellist Evan Drachman, along with pianist Efi Hackmey. They will perform works by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, and Grieg. Be at the Grand Union on Thursday, May 10th at 4:30.

Tickets for next season that will begin in September will be on sale. They will also be available through- out this spring and summer. Be an early bird lock in your tickets. (Can you picture the table and a C.C.P.A. board member this summer at the Farmer’s Market?)

Please support the Chouteau County Performing Arts. The Board works so hard to bring this entertainment to our small rural community. Do not let C.C.P.A. fade away as so many other events.

Barb and Joann arrived on Easter Sunday afternoon from Michigan. Neither had ever been to Montana before. It has been 10 years since I last saw them.
When I first heard that they were coming, I had no idea how to entertain them. Well, we were on the go every minute of every day. If you readers ever have that problem, let me know.  I will give you an itinerary schedule that will cover mostly the history of Fort Benton and some of Great Falls.

They said that they loved all the places that we covered and will return soon when it is sunny and warm. The weather was not a problem but then I was not the driver. Barb did all the driving and I provided the directions. I managed to get them lost twice but they insisted that we did not go that far out of the way.

They are both interested in history and Fort Benton certainly was their ticket to history heaven. Even though the museums, the BLM Interpretive Center, and the Fort were not open, Fronts Street’s history was enough to hold them until they return.

They stayed until Thursday late afternoon and I immediately began to miss them. Time flies by so quickly every day but it was twice as fast when they were here. Saying so long is difficult and I will think about how much I enjoyed having them visit.

Joann is a teacher and she wanted to stay at the Ag Museum’s library and archives area to read Bob Doerk’s notebooks about the Blackfeet Native Americans. Since I worked on those notebooks at the Ag Center, I was so happy to see that they have such a beautiful book shelves storage area. I am sure that Bob’s spirit had a lot to do with their preservation.

I have received a new computer with all the trimmings from a Helen Keller Foundation grant to continue writing the View from the Bridge. A program called I Connect is also involved. I relate this to my readers because when it is installed this week I may not have a View next week.

The reason for what may be a delay is because I will have to learn Windows 10. My computer expert son assured me that it will be easy because Windows 10 is in two parts. I only need to pay attention to the first part that is like Windows 7. 

So keep me in your good thoughts and hopefully I will be able to get a View to you the following week. Gee, I hate pressure.

I did get to Loma last Saturday for the Flea Market. I bought the cutest little coffee table although I saw many wonderful collectibles. I am still trying to get rid of much of my “stuff.” The vendor assured me that it was an antique and actually I didn’t care because I thought it was so adorable. I was looking for a table that was small and found it. It has claw-legs that indicate it may be old but then again some clever person may have used the legs from some other piece and put a top on it. It is painted white and I prefer it be darker. I’ll take it to an expert to have it checked if it is the real thing. What fun!

The Flea Market seemed to be somewhat larger with more variety this year. It amazes me who the vendors set up all their wares. It must take hours. They have more patience than I do.

In Michigan a friend of mine lived in a subdivision that had garage sales once a year. Every household would have a table in the driveway. Some energetic families would serve food and since one was there all day, one would get thirsty and hungry. Lemonade and sandwiches tasted mighty good after dragging a wagon around from street to street. It was such fun. Would anyone in Fort Benton like to organize an event like that?

It certainly would be a great way to meet your neighbors. Since there are annual garage sales by organizations and churches, perhaps an idea would be to donate half of what you sell to a charity of your choice.

Maybe I had better forget the whole thing. Sounds like too much work to me.

The Prairie Rose Art Studio will show “The Promise of Art in our Youth” on April 20th from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The entire store will be stocked with our Elementary and High Schools students’ art work. It is open to the public and is another highlight of the school year.

I have attended these shows in the past and am awed with the work on display. I actually was employed at Frames Unlimited in Michigan for 10 years. I saw hundreds of pieces of art and worked with college aged artists. I do not know a lot about art but know what pleases my eye. I am looking forward to the 20th and see you there.