Wednesday, April 17, 2019

View From The Bridge 4/17/19

By Muncie

I hope that you all have family and friends to spend Easter Sunday with. I am so fortunate to have several of my extended family living in Fort Benton. An Easter egg hunt and dinner are planned.

I have a story about an Easter Egg hunt at the old house years ago. Val bought a bunny suit and Wally, wearing the suit, hid in the shed until the little ones came into the yard.

When Wally came out of the shed the little ones began to scream and cry. They were so frightened. We still talk about that Easter often.

Thursday is the regular monthly meeting in the basement of the First Bank of Montana at noon. For those who have not been able to attend a meeting in a while bring your lunch.

It is going to be a fun afternoon because that is when we stuff the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt being held on Saturday at the Old Fort Benton Park. (You can have all the candy you want to munch on.) Check the River Press Community Calendar for times.

The more that come to help the more quickly the job is done. The Easter Egg Hunt has always been a very successful project for the Lions and I am sure that the Kiddos love it. So, set aside Thursday afternoon and join the Lions to get the job done quickly. You do not have to bring anything. Eggs and candy are waiting.

AH SPRING!       
April showers bring May flowers. It has been a dreary month when the sun is hiding out somewhere but just think about May. I have gotten reports that tulips and crocus are poking through the ground.

April is half over and Easter is upon us. It seems to me that time is going faster and faster. If I could only do one thing a day to catch up I would be happier. I get started on a forgotten project when something else comes up to distract me. Are you having the same problem?

I am looking forward to May when the flowers are in bloom and there are leaves on the trees. Fort Benton is so beautiful in the spring and summer. Enjoy every minute of every day.

Since the Wake Cup Coffee Shop is no longer at the Mini-Mall, you may not know that the waterfall/cascade has been repaired. It is running full speed ahead and I saw it for the first-time last Friday. I knew it was being repaired because for several weeks the center rocks were removed. Parts had to be ordered and all of this is due to Steve Johnson who is the husband of Jean, his wife, who opened her shop, the Rustic Mercantile, in the Mini-Mall last year.

Steve and Roger were  also responsible for Christmas decorating the Mini-Mall. They also had a lot of help from what Jean called the Girls. They won first place for decorations of a business.

Thank you Steve and Jean for choosing Fort Benton as your home town.

The waterfall/cascade was always a huge attraction for visitors as well as locals. Additionally Steve also put a fire pit behind the waterfall/cascade with chairs around it. It will be a great place to meet friends for coffee and conversation on warm summer evenings. See you there.

Do you like my name for the complex across from the Lewis and Clark bronze? I have always called it the Mini-Mall and pointed it out by   that name when I was at the Information Center.

Have all of you Upper and Lower Shonkin folks put June 30th on your calendars for the reunion? It will be held at the Shonkin Community Center. Come early, 3:00 p.m., and stay late, 8:00 p.m. That will give you lots of time to visit and renew friendships.

If you have any questions please contact Joan Koethoff Burrey. She is a longtime resident and can give you all the answers.