Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

Please remember your Mom on Mother’s Day.  I see a bit of a conflict with Fort Benton High School Graduation on the same day; however, I know that you will work it out.  In my opinion, the best thing you can do is not make her cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Either take her out or cook for her.  Also, do not let her wash a single dish, load the dishwasher, or unload the dishwasher.  This is strictly my opinion and is what I would enjoy.  I hope all you mothers agree with me. Happy Mothers Day and enjoy every minute of the day just doing nothing. You can make it up on Father’s Day next month.

Don Hazen filled the planter this past week with natural grass and plants.  It looks just as beautiful as I knew it would.  There will be some colorful flowers planted soon.  A drip line has yet to be installed and some cracks in the cement filled in.  It is ready for Memorial Day. Take a ride by and look.  What a difference from those overgrown junipers and telephone poles.

This project was initiated by the F.B.I.  They are an outshoot of the C.I.A.  The C.I.A. is The Community Improvement Association and the F.B.I. is The Fort Benton Idealists committee.  The General Federation of Woman’s Clubs supported the project financially with monies from a fundraiser.  The F.B.I. appreciates their financial support that lends itself to the beautification of our city.

I also want to mention the fabulous job the Fort Benton High School students did on Longhorn Day.  If it were not for you students, none of it would be done.  It is just too big a job for a few individuals.  You all know how I feel about beautification and clean-up.  Just wanted you all to know how your energies made Fort Benton a better place in which to reside.

Have any of you with a United States Service record ever had anyone say thank you for that service?  I have thanked Servicemen and women in Great Falls when I see them on the street.  I ask them if they have been deployed or if they are about to be deployed. However, I never thought about thanking the old timers until the Service Photo Program began.

Last Saturday evening we went out for dinner.  Greg Bouchard brought a young man over to our table and introduced him.  Greg also informed us that this young man was paying for our dinner.  He wanted to thank Wally for his service and that he appreciated what our protectors have done and are doing for our country.  He himself had never been in the service but his father was a WWII Veteran. This man, his wife, and daughter live in Great Falls and were just passing through.  We were in the right place at the right time.  I hope that you readers realize how this kindness affected our life.

I think that I have thanked all the participants in the Service Photo Project but I want to thank them again.  The best part of the whole project was the reading of the bios.  I would like to again, invite you to the Sunrise Bluffs on Memorial Day to view the pictures and listen to a veteran from each war tell a short story.  We owe them the privilege of speaking English instead of Japanese or German.  We owe them the everlasting remembrance of those that died for our country.  That is why we celebrate Memorial Day.  Celebrate it with thanksgiving for the country we have today.

We had to have a clock repaired last week and when I came out of the World of Time, there was a man talking to Wally who was waiting in the car.  It turns out that he is the owner of the Army and Navy Surplus store, opened about six months ago, next to the World of Time.  He and his daughter saw our license plate and stopped to chat. When I told him about the Photo Project and the plans for the reception we had planned for Memorial Day, he said that he would be here in Fort Benton that day.  He has a great admiration for our United States Services.  His daughter took our picture to show to her friends at school.  She will make them aware of what WWII was all about.  We, again, were in the right place at the right time.

MAY 5th
I have to tell some secrets here that happened that evening.  Cindy Lenington was at Ma’s with family and friends celebrating her birthday, Marta Ferguson was celebrating her birthday with her parents, Judy and Doug, who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at the end of the month.  It was a fun evening   Sing “Happy Birthday” to Cindy and Marta the next time you see them. They deserve many kudos from the community.  To Judy and Doug…you should write a book on “How to Stay Married for 50 Years.”  I am sure it would be a best seller for the young people today.  The divorce rate is out of hand with that rate pushing way past 50%.  Enough said.

When I walked the Trail last Friday, as usual I met someone who visits Fort Benton often.  She lives in Havre and each time she goes by on the highway, she drops down into town.  She thinks that Fort Benton is the best little town around.  She walks the Trail from one end to the other with her dog, Pearl, who is blind.  She said so many complimentary things about our town that I wished I could record them so everyone could listen.  She had been in Great Falls for two days conducting a workshop and was anxious to get out and stretch after sitting for a length
of time.

I left her at the Grand Union corner and we both said we would like to meet each other again someday.  I invited her to Summer Celebration and asked her to watch the newspaper for other events, times, and dates.  She is very involved in her community organizations and just joined the Chamber of Commerce in Havre.  She will read this article on the Fort Benton web site.

I am finally wrapping up this project.  It was closed almost a year ago however, there were some plaques that needed replacing.  They were ordered but were not picked up from Identity Printing because colder winter weather had set in.  The Allen’s tried to apply the plaques when we had a warm spell a few weeks ago and found that the cement was still too cold.  They will try again tomorrow.  That plus closing out the accounts will be the end of an era.  Those benches will be there long after we are gone.  Strangers will look at the names and wonder who these people were and what they had to do with the community.  It will be the same situation with the bricks in the Shep Courtyard. It will be a part of history and I am grateful to all those who purchased benches and tables.  They beautified the Levee Trail and are used often by runners, walkers, and bicyclist.
There are still several plots to be adopted.  Jim and Caroleen Willets graciously offered to adopt one.  Now is the time to “just do it.”  Weeds are growing and the plots need to be fertilized.  Several plots are just cleanup and not much maintenance.  Aren’t you anxious to get your fingers into the dirt?

All right Ed Fike, what does NY stand for in the name of your store? Well, I found out today that it is Now
Your Tire Store.  Many people I spoke with panicked when they heard that the tire store was going out of business.  Where would we be able to have a tire fixed or purchase new tires when needed?  We wanted to shop local of course.
I had two tires that kept losing air and I purposely waited for May 1st. I saw the ad in the River Press that it was opening day for NY Tires. I meandered over to NY on opening day and found that I did not have too much of a problem.  The tires were repaired with a suggestion that I may need two tires by next winter.  (I thoroughly agreed with that suggestion.)

The surprise about that visit was the new owner is Ed Fike.  I knew the face but could not remember where I knew him.  It turned out that he and Wally were inducted into the American Legion at the same time.  Ed is easy to deal with and a responsible young man.  He assured me that he would be joining the Chamber of Commerce. Good luck Ed.  I was completely satisfied with your service.

Two weeks from today, (Wednesday May 23rd,) will be the airing of the segment about Wayne Hampton.  This is just a reminder to put it on your calendar.