Tuesday, June 14, 2016

View From The Bridge 6/15/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

This year as every year, the Friends of the Library will offer a Bag-of-Books for $1.00. It will be on Friday the 24th starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Chouteau County Library.

Get to your own personal library and donate the “books you can live without,” to this fund raiser. Just drop them off at your convenience during library hours before Thursday the 23rd. The Committee needs time to sort through and organize the categories.

This is a popular community project and a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library. We are a newly formed organization within the last year. It replaces a previous group we had for years but for some unknown reason disbanded. I often expressed that it was my favorite group.

It is again a great group of interesting people who love reading and sharing thoughts about the books we read.

Our next meeting is in September and we decided to read “Boys in a Boat.” Books are provided and will be available soon to be read by the September meeting.

I use Talking Books out of Helena and ordered last week. I expect it to arrive any day in plenty of time to listen to it by September.

Come and join us. The meetings are held at noon and watch the River Press for the date. Everyone is welcome and a good time is had by all.

I had a few x-rays taken this past week and became acquainted with the new x-ray machine. It is amazing to me what technology has come up with in the last few years. I cannot keep up with it.

I had x-rays taken in Great Falls a few months ago but did not pay much attention to what the difference was in positions that the x-rays were taken. I did not lie on a table but they were taken while I was standing.  The same procedure took place at our hospital and I was so grateful I didn’t have to lie on that table. Once down on it I could never have gotten up.

Now I know firsthand why this machine cost $75,000.00. It is fascinating just to look at it. It spreads out more than half the room.

I hope that most of you readers do not have to have x-rays but for those you of who do…it is an eye-opener into the depths of what is going on at the hospital and clinic. Be grateful for what your donations are doing.  Also, be thankful for the work that is put into the improvements we have in Fort Benton.

It looks as though preparations are being put into place to move that old building. I know that it will be missed by those who have lived here in Fort Benton for years and years. Someday they will say to their grandchildren and great grandchildren, “I remember when the old Catholic Church rectory was in that spot.”

I read with interest in the River Press last week a letter to the editor from Mary Scott about the old depot. It was directed at the Great Northern Railroad to do something about getting it torn down.

I have been trying for years to have something done with that building to no avail. I called the City Hall to see who owns it and I have the name of the company who pays the taxes. They do not answer their phone or return my calls.

Perhaps we could get a “Social Media” thing going on the internet. If there is someone out there who would like to take that on, please let me know. I do not do Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other media inter-net “get involved” things. Let me know and I will give you what information I have.

There are some people who want to save the building but that would be too costly and a lot of work organizing that plan. The depot is not the original “Shep” depot. That was gone many years ago.  The building that now stands there was left by the railroad by mistake. It was supposed to be for some other town but mistakenly left in Fort Benton.

It is in terrible condition now with the broken windows, unsightly appearance, and rotting condition. If you agree and can do something about it, please do. Call me and let me know what you can do and let’s move forward.

I would suggest that this be done after Summer Celebration as many people are very busy rounding out those schedules.

Another problem that I have myself and that many people have talked to me about is the volume on the different TV stations. The commercials and the programs are totally out of kilter.

A bill was passed in 2011 that the programming and the commercials should be of the same volume. Today I find that every station and their commercials have not coordinated their decibels. The commercials come blasting on.

I called several of the TV stations and was told to call the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission.)  I was told by the FCC that I should kept list of the stations I listened to and watched. NOT! I am not able to do that. I am not the person to keep those kinds of records because I wear hearing aids. All I know is that I have to constantly adjust or shut off commercials when they blast on very often.

Another problem with volume is that many movies and some programs have music backgrounds and it drowns out the voices. So, here again…if you can start a social media on the internet, I know many people who would appreciate it. Perhaps then the TV stations will pay attention. Perhaps it is already on the inter-net and I just do not go there. If so, please let me know and I’ll give it a try.

The Quilts have been moved from the window of the Benton Pharmacy. One quilt is now on display at the Grand Union Hotel and the other at the First Security Bank. Thanks to Cheryl, Ron, and Tracy for being so gracious and honoring our request.

If any members of the Chamber of Commerce or the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Fort Benton could sell a book of tickets for the Quilt Committee, please call me at 622-3217. The date for the drawing of the raffle is set for Chouteau County Fair time.

I helped out this past week on a mailing of a fund raising letter asking for donations toward the fireworks on Saturday night of Summer Celebration. It is a fund raiser for the Lions Club organization for the fireworks so please be generous. It is one of the highlights, (my pun of the week,) of the Celebration. Everyone loves fireworks and your donation will ensure that they continue to make that weekend so special. See you there.

This article is quoted from the American Legion magazine. “Staying socially active by joining book clubs or church groups may add years to your life after retirement.”

WebMD reports,
Citing a new study by Australian researchers. According to the research team the more groups to which a person belongs in early retirement, the lower their risk of premature death. The study surveyed 424 retirees, 50 or over. Lead-Researcher Niklas Steffens of the University of Queensland says the sense of belonging that social groups provide help people sustain a meaningful and healthy life. The study suggests that social planning could be as important to health as health-care and financial planning

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out credit card.”