Tuesday, March 8, 2011

View From The Bridge 3/9/11

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

One of my dreams for Fort Benton has come true. I was so delighted last Friday when I came to the Stop sign at the corner of 14th St. and Main St. There on the building located on the opposite corner from my house, was a huge sign. It read, “River City Laundromat.”

Since I have lived in Fort Benton, almost 18 years, I have tried to promote a Laundromat. While volunteering at the Visitors Information Center, the question came up so often…”Is there a Laundromat in town?”

I, personally, have had to go to Great Falls for that service because I needed a large machine for rugs, large quilts, blankets, and bedspreads. (Our former Laundromat did not have over sized machines.) I did not enjoy those twice a year, lots of work hauling back and forth, visits to a Laundromat.

Trampus Corder, (the new owner of the building and the new business,) assured me when I walked across the street to visit him, that he would have a large washer and a large dryer. I will not have to wait perhaps a half hour or hour for the big machines to be available. I can just cross the street to see if the machine is not in use. It is a better deal than the 45 to 50 minute drive into Great Falls.

Trampus said that he should be open by April 1st for business. This is new business for Fort Benton is a welcomed one. Good luck in your venture Trampus, and for investing in Fort Benton.

On Friday afternoon the 4th, I arrived at the Elementary School just in time to watch the students come to the lunchroom, a few classes at a time. It was “Ice Cream” time, the reward for collecting Labels for Education. Karen, Wendy, and Calista were doling out in generous amounts, the vanilla, and chocolate ice cream with chocolate and butterscotch toppings of their choice. Oh, couldn’t forget the sprinkles!

If I were making out report cards for this event, I would have to give Grammas an A+ for effort. It was difficult to talk individually to the youngsters, but as I stood at the end of the tables, most of the children said that Gramma had a lot to do with their collecting.

The following are some of the comments given to me by the children. Alias Evan’s Gramma, who lives in Great Falls, has the care of Alias’ 4-year-old cousin. Gramma saved many labels from baby and toddlers items.

Mrs. Schuler’s Kindergarten class made up sheets with 26 blocks on them to help learn the alphabet. The children were to put a label on each of the lettered blocks. Jaycee Worrall had Gramma Phyllis’ help, cutting, and applying the labels. Jaycee returned her sheet the next day.

Jadon Jennings’ Gramma from Cut Bank gave him the labels she had been saving. Jaden Good said that his family saved many labels from his baby brother’s diaper boxes. Kaitlyn Bird’s aunt and uncle from Wisconsin sent labels as her contribution. Wyatt Zahradka said he went to the kitchen cupboards and cut off all the labels he could find. Marquis Venegas and his brother Jeremiah brought and removed labels from soup cans.

I would have liked to chat with more of the children. However, time was limited, and as you can imagine, there was much excitement, and chattering. Keep up the good work students, and talk to as many family members, friends of your family, and neighbors to save the labels for you. The program continues and is a financial aid to your school. Remember that every Label for Education is worth .10 cents and your school gains from the program.

I do not know any of the final details of the fundraiser for the Naeseths. However, I would like to comment about a few things. I am not mentioning any names because there were so many great helpers, it would be impossible for me to know them all.

Those who did the organizing, very well organized it. The spaghetti dinner including a salad, French bread, and dessert were very pleasing to the pallet and there was plenty of it. No one went hungry.

The silent auction and the live auction offered great items. The live auction also offered a great deal of humor. I wonder where Scottie gets his material. I have a feeling that it comes natural to him. He certainly keeps a crowd going.

I know a fun afternoon cheered Kim and Lester. This is a small part of their rebuilding their lives again. Fort Benton will watch your rebuilding and take courage from what you have experienced. Heaven forbid that we have any more of those kinds of tragedies.

I thought it was my imagination, (and it was,) that this event was beginning earlier and earlier each year. However, I checked my last year’s calendar and found that it was the second Sunday in March. So, we have Daylight Savings Time next Sunday, SPRING the following Sunday, and Easter Sunday five weeks after that. Can that possibly mean that winter will be over or at least that we get some warmer weather? Am I being too optimistic? All I know for sure is that everyone has had enough of cold, snow, and ice. A weather report that we just saw (Sunday evening,) said that on Tuesday a warm-up is coming our way. I hope you are one of the lucky ones that have not fallen in the last few months. That ice is a very hard surface and does not cushion a fall at all.

I must say that one thing in favor of this winter was that being confined to our homes made us enjoy our warm and cozy homes. Did you do a lot of “catch-up,” reading, work on set aside projects, phone friends you haven’t been in contact with for ages, finish your Christmas cards/thank you notes, and am I kidding? I really meant too…honest. “Tomorrow is another day,” as I pretend I am Scarlet.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and all our Protectors.