Tuesday, August 20, 2013

View From The Bridge 8/21/13

“VIEW from the BRIDGE”
By Muncie

On my shift, Tuesday 8/13/13, I greeted a visitor from Big Sky.  He had never been to Fort Benton before although he had been told about it by a cousin of someone who lived in Fort Benton.  I remember that he spent about an hour talking about Fort Benton.  He was amazed at the beauty of it being next to the Missouri.  He said that I should let the “city fathers” know what a fantastic job of beautifying the city they have done.  He thought the Ag Museum, the Old Village, the Museum of the Upper Missouri, the Old Fort Benton and the B.L.M. Interpretive Center were all the very best.  When I said that Fort Benton was the best kept secret in Montana, he thoroughly agreed.

He said that he writes occasionally for The Lone Tree Lookout local newspaper in Big Sky.  Several times when the 33 year old County Fair was cancelled and the 5K Race, he wrote about it.  The Lone Tree Lookout was surprised because they did not know about it. 

I have had a few readers tell me that very thing.  The problem is that I cannot tell you about it if I do not know about it.  You, your organization, and event planners have to tell me ahead of time.  Please help me keep in touch.

I spoke with my Big Sky visitor this morning to clarify a few items.  He said to tell Fort Benton that he has been an Ambassador for our town since he returned home.  He is telling everyone he comes in contact with that they have not seen Montana until they have visited Fort Benton.  Perhaps he will submit another article to the Long Tree Lookout, all about Fort Benton.  How about that Big Sky resident?

I always reply to visitors by asking, “So, when are you going to move to Fort Benton?”  They always smile broadly, say that they have family where they now live, their job holds them were they are, their kids are still in high school, and grandchildren they cannot bear to leave. 
I report this happening because I want you to know what a nice experience it is to volunteer in the Center.  You feel so proud that they admire the work that has been done in our city.  I hope that my telling you this makes you a little proud too.

That same day, a woman, (hello Karen,) from the City-County Health Department in Great Falls came in to meet me and say hello.  Her job brings her to Fort Benton often as she covers all of Cascade and Chouteau County.  A while ago she had a speaking engagement in Fort Benton and picked up a River Press.  She subscribed and said she reads the View every week.  We had a very interesting visit about her work and her association with our Cancer Support Group.
That brings up the subject of the Cancer Support Group.  If you or anyone in your family is diagnosed with cancer, this Group is a rock to depend on.  They will give you all the support you need as they have all been through it.  If you want your health problems to be kept confidential, it will be confidential.  I know the most difficult thing in the world is to ask for help.  If you need help, please ask for it.  It is there.  Ask at the First Security Bank for direction.  It is right at your finger tips.

Big news from the Chouteau County Performing Arts Board.  This year they are welcoming K - 12 grades to attend our concerts FREE of CHARGE.  They are hoping that this will add to their mission of “Entertain and Educate,” the youth of our communities.
This, in my view, would build the audience to fill the Elementary School auditorium.  I would like very much for more attendance to enjoy the absolutely great shows that CCPA brings to the Fort Benton community.

In February the consortium will be held in Fort Benton.  This may jog your memory about the consortium being held in Great Falls every other year and Fort Benton in between years.  It is a full day of the best entertainment, so look forward to it.

When you get your programs at the first performance in September, be sure to thank the business sponsors.  They deserve it many times over.

No. 4 So you drive a $60,000.00 car.  We are impressed.    We have a $250,000.00 combine that we drive three times a year.