Tuesday, December 27, 2016

View From The Bridge 12/28/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I wonder if you are looking forward to the New Year. There have been so many changes in Fort Benton this past year and I still need time to adjust. In the circle of people that I know there have been at least a half dozen who have moved to Great Falls. The reasons were a different job or, medical, or to live closer to family.

My move was significant in that it propelled me into a completely different schedule then when I lived in the middle of town. Randy refers to my move as “she moved to the country.” Actually I was 4 blocks south of his house and now I am a 4 blocks north.

I am happy that the days are getting longer and soon I will be out and about with my Go-Go traveling along the Levee Walking Trail. (At least I am trying to console myself about the snow, wind, and cold.)

It is named the Full Wolf Moon. During the long cold winter the wolves would howl hungrily outside the Indian Villages. Its other names were the Yule Moon or the Old Moon.

The full moon will be on Thursday January the 12th.

The Summer Celebration this year is all about Shep. It is the 75th anniversary of his death. A few of the pall bearers are still with us and I am looking forward to their stories.

The story of Shep is known around the world. The magnificent bronze that resides in what I call the Levee Park is a tribute to Forever Faithful.

The Shep booklet is a best seller at the Museum of the Upper Missouri (the little museum,) and the Ag Museum. When volunteering at the Visitors Center, during the season, I encountered many families that visited Fort Benton just to take in the Shep spirit. The Kiddos just love him as do all dog lovers.

I’ll bring up the subject again about the bricks that surround the Shep Memorial. Since there are no longer benches and tables for a memorial to your loved ones who have passed there is another option. You can purchase a brick with your own words on it to be placed in the Shep Courtyard.  I think it is a most wonderful way to remember and be able to visit the courtyard and see your memory brick.

There is an order form on the back of the Shep brochure. You can fill it out and turn it in to the Ag Center office for the process to begin. The bricks used to be placed a couple of times a year. I do not know how the schedule is now but if you need to know, just call the Ag Center from 8:00 a.m. to noon Monday to Friday.

Please consider this option as this is a huge celebration that will take place at the end of June.  Actually, it does not have to be a death memorial. It would be a permanent memory for a birthday or an anniversary. Are there any of you out there in River Press land who will be 75 years old in 2017? Families take note and remember them with a brick.

Actually there is another option for a memorial. You could purchase a cottonwood tree for the levee. A tree would be on the levee for at least 120 years. Your great, great, great grandchildren will be enjoying those trees. Our present cottonwoods are very old and are not doing well. The cottonwoods in the Old Fort Park are being replaced with other species of trees. The reason is that if a tree disease comes along for one kind of species than all the trees would not be lost.

You would need to consult with the City of Fort Benton to choose the kind of tree that are doing well in our area. It gives one great pleasure watching the tree grow taller and stronger. Just think about it and consider it the next time you need to arrange a memorial for someone.

On holidays the Golden Age Senior Center is closed. For New Year’s Day there will be a Pot Luck. Everyone is welcome and they request that you sign up and inform them what you will be bringing. Either call the Center or stop in and sign up. It should be a lot of fun and I can assure you that the members of the Center are all top notch cooks and bakers.

You will probably not want to cook that day after a rowdy night of partying on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure that they will have a great big pot of coffee ready for you. Call the Center for details.

The dining room at the Bluffs is always open on holidays. You get a served sit down meals and they are reasonably priced. Call the Bluffs for a reservation. Over the past few years I have seen families dining at the Bluffs. I like to linger over dessert and coffee and that is the place to do it.

During the last few months there have been requests from non-profit organizations for membership dues. Please try to support them as best as you can. You still have a few days left to write checks to deduct for 2016 taxes.

“We are all here on earth to help other. What on earth the others are here for I don’t know.”  By Shaw

GOD BLESS AMERICA.  (We need all the blessing we can get.)

GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.  (Have any of you bought an American Flag this past week?)

GOD BLESS THOSE WHO PROTECT US.  (This sentence includes Firemen and women, and EMT’s as well as Police Officers.)

WEAR RED ON FRIDAYS.  (Is it too difficult to do this?)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

View From The Bridge 12/21/16

By Muncie

I wish you a very happy Christmas Day. It is all about family and be sure that they all know how much you love them. You never know that it may be an important time in their lives that they should know that.

For those of you who will not be with family, make a few phone calls and catch up with what your family and friends are doing. Time flies so quickly that I didn’t realize that I had not talked to cousins and friends for a year. That is way too long a time. (I’ll make it a New Year’s resolution to call them every month.)

In a few days it will be all over except paying the Visa bills. What will be the next event that will take over the TV advertising? Could it possibly be stories about people who do good deeds and are kind?

Have you got it or were you able to get out last week to do anything? Not me. The cold ruined my whole social calendar. I missed both Christmas Concerts last week because I didn’t want to go out in the cold. I thought about those cute little K to 4th graders who had to go out. The High School students seem to adjust well to the cold as I have seen some of them with shorts on.

On Thursday, Bingo at the Senior Center was canceled. I went somewhere and although I covered my windshield I did not plug the truck in. The truck refused to start Friday morning and besides I had some kind of a bug that kept me down for three (3) days.

I missed Wreaths Across America on Saturday. Diane Jones had called me and said she did not want me to go to the cemetery because it was too cold but that I could attend the program at the Sunrise Bluffs at 11:00 a.m. I couldn’t manage that either and I wanted to hear the essays that the students wrote. This was something new for the essay reading because the last couple of years they were read at the cemetery and it was difficult to hear them.

I have something to do every day this week and I think that will take care of the cabin fever. The temperature will be in the 30”s and that is fine with me.

Another cheery thing is that the days begin getting longer on the Tuesday the 20th. On checking a calendar on the internet, I saw that the 20th was 1 minute longer than the day before. By New Year’s Eve the day will be 8 minutes longer. Now, doesn’t that make your day?

With all this cold weather I have been watching the Weather Channel for temperatures and possible snow warnings. I first check the Fort Benton site, thanks to John Good Agency, and then the national weather station on TV.

I have seen some great snows about odd weather happenings. What I found so interesting were the pictures that people took, for instance, of odd cloud formations. They all have names and some are seldom seen. If you remember a few months back I told you about a man here in town that saw an upside down rainbow. He did not get a picture of it. So, if you see something unusual in the sky, take a picture of it and turn it in to the weather channel that you watch on TV.  It may be a once in a lifetime picture. I do not have a smart phone or a great camera that I can take pictures with but I would like to see someone else do it. It may end up on s National TV Weather Station.

Weren’t the newly formed Bell Ringers a joy to listen to at the Christmas Concert a few weeks ago? They will be playing at the Christmas Eve service at the Methodist Church and everyone is invited to attend. Check your River Press for the time. That should make for a wonderful evening of Christmas spirit. Thank you Choir for your time practicing and performing for the community.  You are all Angels.

We need these blessing more than ever now. May we soon have peace on earth?

How brave these men and women are. They are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect their country. Would you be willing to do that?

Yes, I know that there are good and bad in everything. We lose too many good officers that are being killed of duty. I have strong feelings for their families. What must it be like to have your loved one leave for work and never come home again? Yes, I know that could happen with any family but an officer has committed his life to protecting us. They need all the blessings they can get.

Frankly, I do not see much support for our troops in Fort Benton. I do not see many of the 300 Support Our Troops t-shirts worn on Fridays. I do not see many American Flags hanging on homes nor do I see green lights on porches.

If you think that I am scolding you here, I am. You are all basically comfortable. You do not have bombs blowing up around you perhaps destroying you home. You do not have to leave your home and travel to God knows where. You have plenty of food and water. You are warm and sit in front of your TV in the evening and watch the war. Doesn’t it mean anything to you? Do you ever think about those beautiful young men and women who are dying every day? Have you ever been in the Service of our Country? Have you ever had someone close to you that were in the Service or are now in the Service? Just think about it and get out and do something to support our Troops.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

View From The Bridge 12/14/16

By Muncie

One of the events I enjoy at this time of year is the Fort Benton Elementary School and the Fort Benton High School Christmas Concerts.

The K-4 concert is on the Tuesday the 13th at 7:00 p.m. If you weren’t there or not aware of it, you have missed it. All three (3) of the concerts will be held in the beautiful Fort Benton Elementary school auditorium.

On Wednesday the 14th, the High School Concert will be held at 7:00 p.m. On Tuesday the 20th at 7:00 p.m. will be the 5th through 8th grade Concert.

All of the youngsters and teenagers work very hard for these concerts and for me they are very professional. Thanks to Margie and Eric for their putting together these concerts.  As always I would like to see the auditorium filled to capacity. See you there!

One of the things I like about winter, as opposed to the many I have told you I do not like, is the winter sports season.

I love watching basketball because I always wanted to play. As a girl I wasn’t much into wrestling. I do keep up with the wrestling reports in the River Press and know that we have now and have had great and winning teams and individuals. I love it when they put Fort Benton on the map.

A huge bunch of roses to the middle school basketball girls’ team for 1st place and the boy’s 3rd.  What a boost not only to the teams but to their supporters. It excites the whole town when Fort Benton is #1 again.

The 8th grade girls who will go on to play with the varsity team must be worn out after playing a season of basketball already. Of course, I look forward to a really exciting season for 2016 and 2017.

All the dates of the games are now on my calendar as I cut the schedule out of the Fort Benton sports section. Watch carefully because the games are not always on Fridays. It should be an exciting time and I’ll see you there.

I did not make it to any of the assessment meetings. My only excuse is that it was too cold to go out and snow had to be cleaned off the truck.

Several people I talked with said they wondered why the meetings were held at this time of year when everyone is so busy with Christmas. I am anxious to read the results in the River Press this week.

If you did not make it to the Golden Age Senior Center Cookie walk last Friday you missed the most mouth-watering treats ever. The variety made it difficult to choose but I managed without too much thought I went back to my kitchen with 2# of the most delightful array of goodies.

Ladies of the Senior Center, I want you to know how much I appreciate all your hard work. I want you to know that I think of you every time I devour one of those cookies. You are the hardest working group and give so much of your time to keep the Center going. You have made it a home away from home. It is delightful to spend time there.  

Because December began on a Thursday the Tuesday night dinner at the Senior Center will be on the 20th which is the 3rd Tuesday of the month,

Be sure and sign up early because they can only accommodate 48 people. The December dinner seems to be the most popular because of the season. Everyone seems to be in a holly, jolly mood.

I just wanted to mention this little item because perhaps you did not know or realize what it is. At the dinner there is a 50/50 drawing. If everyone would buy 1 ticket the winner would receive $24.00 and the Center would receive $24.00. Every $24.00 is a help to the Center income. So please be generous and buy a ticket.  You may be the next winner.

Have you wondered about when the old rectory was going to be moved? I inquired and found that it is ready to go but they must wait for the ground to freeze. The rectory is too heavy to move now because it would sink into the soft ground. Now we know that it will be a while before it is gone. Take you pictures now before the space is vacant.

I used to take a lot of pictures and the one I feel sad about because I didn’t take a picture, was the grain elevator across from the Old Depot. I knew that it was going to be torn down but I did not get there soon enough to take a picture. You do not get a second chance once it is gone.

It will be almost 2 months until the next Chouteau County Performing Arts program on January 31st. Look forward to it because it will be the songs of Nat King Cole. It is titled “Too Wonderful for Words,” and it will be. “Mona Lisa” comes to mind and it is still popular today. See you there!

Have you taken your yearly ride around town to see the Christmas decorations? Marvin Brodock won the prize for the best decorated house. It was a very difficult decision to choose a winner because there were so many great entries. I am enjoying a house down the street from me belonging to Joe Bach. It looks like the entrance to Santa’s house. I saw Joe putting up the lights the Saturday before Thanksgiving and that evening he turned them on. I did not have many decorations around my house before I moved.

Behind me, Mariah Ball put lights all along her white fence and I am enjoying looking out my kitchen window at that colorful display. The two things I like the most about Christmas, as opposed to those I do not like, are the music and the lights.

I wrote a while back that I did not have many birds visiting my bird feeders. Previously I did not feed the birds in the spring and summer thinking they could find their own food. I thought that they had a more difficult time in the winter finding food. My feeders were always filled every day during the fall and winter. I had a conversation with Karen, who lives near me, this past week and she only feeds the birds in the spring and summer. She said that birds had to have many trees around to nest. I do not have any trees but my neighbor has two. Karen said once spring comes the birds will be at my feeders. (This is another good reason to count off the days until spring beside the days getting longer.)

Well, this started out to be a squirrel story and I am so happy that a squirrel has been visiting my squirrel feeder. It has been a week now since the peanuts in the shell have been disappearing. I know that it is a squirrel because he leaves the shells. When birds took the peanuts they did not leave the shells. If anyone around me has trouble with squirrels, please let me know and I will solve the problem.

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”  By Abraham Lincoln


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

View From The Bridge 12/7/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

If you can get past all the advertising commercials and sales to beat all sales, then perhaps you can get into the real meaning of Christmas. Young people of today have no idea of how we older folks celebrated the holiday. Talk to grandma and grandpa and hear their stories of this most favorite holiday of all.

The following are a few grandma and grandpa stories. Hope you enjoy and connect with them.

“On Christmas morning I got an apple, an orange, a book, and a game like Monopoly. I usually got a new outfit before Christmas to wear to Church. Oh, maybe I got a new pair of pj’s instead of hand me downs. My sisters and brothers made homemade gifs for each other like stilts or painted metal cans to play Kick the Can with.”

“I got a pair of used ice skates. It was wonderful because the city always had an ice skating rink in a field close by. There was also a fire going and I actually stood by it a lot because I was cold. I skated every day and the memory of Christmas remained with me for a long time.”

“One year I got an Elgin bike for Christmas. I don’t know how my parents scraped together the money to buy it. I went outside immediately to ride it in the snow. I already knew how to ride as my friend used to let me ride his bike occasionally. I used that bike well into my teen years and I’ll bet I put a million miles on it.”

“We had a midnight Mass which was actually at midnight. There was always a choir who sang carols. You never heard “Santa Claus is coming to Town.” You heard in the carols the true meaning of Christmas that has been lost a long while ago.”

“Christmas music and decorations in the retail stores started after Thanksgiving, not at the beginning of October. We had real trees and the whole family went to pick out a tree. Another event that was even better was going to the mountains to cut down your tree. Everyone in the family decorated the tree not just Mom.

We had dinner on Christmas Eve so that Mom could enjoy Christmas Day without having to cook. We made breakfast for her and had leftovers whenever we got hungry.  Since we had turkey for Thanksgiving, we had ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and a Jesus birthday
cake for dessert. We could help ourselves whenever we got hungry.

There were no football games on Christmas Day in those days. Late in the afternoon, we visited our grandparents. It was not like today were the families are all over the country. Usually many of the other members of the family gathered at grandmas and we had a great time with our cousins. “

It seemed to be a much happier time than all the stress today of shopping and not taking the time to smell the poinsettias. (That is my joke of the week.)

So make your own happy memories so someday when you are a grandparent you will tell your grandchildren how things were in the old days.

What a day it was last Saturday.  The Bridgeport Station at the Ag Center was jam packed and parking places were hard to come by. At my lunch table was a family from Great Falls later replaced by a family from Fort Benton. I stayed the whole hour of entertainment by Jamie and a Barbershop Quartet eating my lunch. The taco soup that Tonya makes was outstanding. I heard today at the Concert that they ran out of soup and sandwiches.

Walking around the room, there were thousands of items for sale. There were such unique items and it must have taken hours to set up some of those displays.

I walked a couple of blocks of Front St. earlier that morning and enjoyed meeting friends who were enjoying themselves. The day seemed to fly by too quickly and it was time to head down to the circle for the tree lighting.

I arrived there about 5:15 and there were very few people. In the next 15 minutes it became a crowd when Santa came from the Grand Union in his wagon. Behind him were the carolers and that resulted in a big crowd.

Candles were given to us but we had a hard time keeping them lighted because of the wind. I thought perhaps we would count down (like in Hallmark movies,) but promptly at 5:30 p.m. the lights on the tree lit up. The crowd dispersed quickly and I was back to my place by 5:45 p.m. It was a happy day and for me the start of the Christmas season.

Wow!  Fort Benton has talent. All I can say is awesome, awesome, and awesome. The Bell Ringers were the best and I hope they continue on with every season. Mary Lee did a fabulous job. I am forever grateful to you for getting that awesome group of women together. They gave us so much pleasure.

Eric you also did a fabulous job with getting 30 to 40 people together for the choir. I only have one complaint and that is your portion of the concert wasn’t long enough. Thank you for putting the Choir together.

Nothing could be cuter than the TC Dance & Co. I want to hug each of those little ones. There is a lot of talent there and a lot of time and effort in the practices. You all are awesome too.

Then we have the lovely Karen Lippert singing a solo for us. You are a fabulous entertainer and I never get enough of your singing. You are so blessed with that voice.

Next we had a man sing a couple of songs and I do not know who he was. He was not listed on the program.  Talk about Fort Benton having Talent, he should try out for the big show on TV. When he gets to be the winner, I can always say that I encouraged him to try out for the show. (Now wouldn’t that be something for everyone in town to talk about.)

The Sing-a-Long brought in Santa while we were singing “Here Comes Santa Claus.” Now isn’t he a treat with his yearly poem and wasn’t this years the best ever. I am sure that Editor Tim will print it soon so you can read it to your children on Christmas Eve. You are awesome Santa and hurry back to Fort Benton as soon as you can. It is a much nicer town than the North Pole and we love you very much.

I say this was the best Christmas Concert ever and it does get better each year. You will have to work very hard next year to have it be better than 2016.

The Golden Age Senior Center was closed a couple of days last week because of the installation of new flooring. Actually I do not remember what the old flooring looked like but the new flooring is beautiful. It is a gray color and brightened the room. My notice was that the chairs seemed to slide easier when you sat or got up.

Make a trip to the Center for lunch any day at noon or 1:00 on Sunday. You will get a great dinner for a really reasonable price.

Next Friday the 16th will be a Cookie Sale instead of Pie Day. It begins at 10:00 a.m. until the cookies are gone. I mistakenly reported that I bought 5 dozen cookies when I should have said that they are sold by the pound. I bought 2 # and it still turned out the same because I had enough cookies for 1 a day for several months.

The variety will amaze you and will make an attractive presentation for your guests. (If you have any left after your family gets into them and you leave a few for Santa.) See you there!

Mary Zanto has a wonderful collection of Santa’s that she has collected for years. Lasts Christmas the collection was displayed in the window of the Benton Pharmacy. This year the display will be at the Golden Age Senior Center. It is another reason for you to visit there.

Bring you Kiddos and Grandchildren to see them. It is such fun to ask them which is their favorite. The Center is generally open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They are open later on Thursday when Bingo is played. Check their window for the “Open” sign.  You are so welcome. See you there!

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”  Isaac Astnov


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/30/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Just a few days left until another exciting weekend in Fort Benton and all our friendly neighboring county cities begins. Bring all your family and friends and support this fun event.

For me the best part of the Christmas season is the Concert that has been on the Chouteau County Performing Arts program for many seasons. Our local talent is the greatest and it really adds the spirit to the season.  Santa also comes to visit and that makes it really special for the kiddos.

It is another of those special times and performances that the auditorium at the Fort Benton Elementary School will have every seat occupied. It takes place next Sunday afternoon so see you there.

Well, here we are, tomorrow is the last month of the year and the last description and date of the full moon. The Almanac says that the December Moon has 3 names, Full Cold Nights and Full Long Nights Moon. During this month the cold fastens its grip and nights are at their longest and coldest. (I wonder if that will come about.)

It is also called the Moon before Yule. The term Long Night Moon is a doubly approved name because the midwinter night is indeed long and because the moon is above the horizon for a long time. The midwinter moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low sun. The full moon is on Wednesday the 14th.

I would like to tell you what is my favorite happening in December. The days start getting longer on the 21st. I have had about all I can stand of this getting dark so early. I want to be outside and being able to see what is going on for more hours than 8 or so.

I have been living here at the Sunset apartments for almost 5 weeks now. I have 5 bird feeders out, filled, and ready for my little friends. I have not seen one single bird yet. There are lots of trees in the area but no signs yet of any activity.

There was a woman who lived at the apartments directly behind the Sunrise Bluffs and she used to feed the feral cats. She moved away a few years ago. I wonder if the birds stopped flying in this area because of the cats. I have not had any sighting of any feral cats here as yet. I miss my birds and hope that when it turns really cold, they will find my feeders at my new address.

My brand new American Flag and the Support our Troops green light bulb were installed this past weekend. I can see a couple of green lights down the block and a few American Flags.

When you go by my place toot your horn and think about those Service Men and Women who won’t be home for Christmas this year.

This past week on the World News there was a story about school children spreading the word of “Be Kind.” The Kids learned about each other’s lives and the shoes they walked in.

Kindness was in and bullying was out. How about doing one act of kindness a day?  It could change the world.

“I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, underneath the milestone last night.”


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/23/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie’

There were over 50 people with expectations that they would win one of 24 turkeys. It was funny when there were 2 or 3 bingos and the winners had to choose between a turkey and cash. There was a lot of screaming and chapping. A good time was had by all.

Connie and I went at a time we thought was early so we could get supper before the games began. Ha-ha! The room at the Club House was already packed with players. Very quickly there were more tables and chairs brought in. The extra places were soon filled. The place was abuzz and when the games began, Nate had to ask for quiet so he could hear the winning numbers.

I wanted to keep track of the winners but since my back was to everyone I soon lost track. No matter, it wasn’t really that important. Besides, there were a lot of new faces, and welcome to them. I hope that they continue to frequent the bingo games on the 1st of 3rd Mondays of the month to support the VFW. Watch the Community Calendar for the dates.

No matter what the occasion, I always seem to learn something. On Saturday Nate was again explaining about the “Hot Ball” number. For a year now I thought he was saying “Hot Dog” number. I even wrote about it and no one corrected me. Which do you like better? I am sticking with “Hot Dog” number.

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for. Each of you have your own thoughts and I am sure all of them include family. That is what it is all about. My sons live in eastern states and it has been years since we spent the holidays together. I am so thankful for my daughter who lives in Great Falls and for my extended Morger family.

I am thankful that our country is holding together and that everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction.

I would be most thankful if this terrible war would end. It has been almost 70 years since WWII and yet wars go on and on. If those billions of dollars were spent on education for our children or cancer research we would be so far ahead.

These are all my opinions, of course, and I have yet had anyone call or confront me with a different opinion. All I can say right now is God Bless America.

Were you able to see the large, bright moon on the 14th? I went outside at 7:00 p.m. and it was overcast. I went out at 8:00 p.m. and I thought that I could touch the moon. It was huge and bright but didn’t last long. About 10:00 p.m. I went out and it was overcast.  At least I was able to see it for a few minutes.

November has continued to be so enjoyable during the day. It does get a little chilly toward evening.

It was supposed to snow one day last week but it did not happen. It snowed in Great Falls but we were spared. I am not quite ready for snow. I do not have to worry this year about who is going to clean my sidewalks.

I am asking if you have an elderly neighbor and see him or her out shoving snow, please help them. Someday you may be in the same boat. I know it would become another chore for you to do but it would be so helpful. Shoving snow is the worst thing elderly people can do because of heart attacks. Besides it is very exhausting.

Two years ago my snow was cleared 8 times and last year only 1 time. Perhaps we will be lucky again this year, (with global warming,) but we will just have to wait and see.  At least we know for sure from the old timers that Montana doesn’t have weather like it did in the ‘20’s and 30’2. Just ask Grandpa and Grandma.

I now have a garage the truck would fit in, but I am not going to use it for that purpose.  That truck is 19 years old and has been out in the weather for 19 years. It can stay out a few more years while the garage is being used for storage.

Falling snow is beautiful and everything is pure and white. That is all well and good as long as you do not have to go out in it. Right! So drive carefully, slow, and be safe.

There was a great article in last week’s River Press about waiting to do your Christmas shopping until you have been to the Chouteau Country Christmas.  You will find something for everyone on your list and you would not be supporting the “big guys.”  Shop local and you do not have to drive miles to do so. Your local merchants will appreciate it as they give us such good service all during the year. Our local business has to survive for rural communities.

Gift certificates and Levee Gold are a great way to go. That way the recipient can get what they want instead of returning to a store miles away. Several of our businesses have a great display of children’s toys. How about Longhorn clothing? The possibilities are endless and it would save you endless hours of shopping. Just Do it!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/16/16

By Muncie

There will be no Pie Day in December. On the 2nd Friday of the month, that will be the 9th, there will be a COOKIE WALK. I have enjoyed these Walks the past few years as I do not bake a lot anymore. If I remember correctly, I bought 5 dozen cookies and I had cookies a day for 2 months. It was a light and wonderful dessert after dinner with my cup of tea. So you can see why I am looking forward to the Cookie Walk.

It begins at 10:00 a.m. and goes until the cookies are gone. See you there and I will remind you again.

Don’t you keep a calendar? I do but my problem is that I forget to look at it. I have been doing better and have been calling friends to remind them of events. In the last few months I have heard, “I forgot about it,” and “I didn’t know about it.” I have used those excuses in the past and the problem is that you and I are missing out on a lot of events.

The River Press puts out every week a Community Calendar and that is the first thing I look at and mark my calendar. It is a great help and my only problem with that is when 2 or 3 events are on the same night or day. I do not like having to pick and choose.

Last Friday was an interesting day. I was at the Old Bridge at 11:00 a.m. for the Wreath throwing into the Missouri and the Salute to the Veterans. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the nicest one we have ever had for the 11/11 at 11:00 a.m.

Ron LaMont had the honor of throwing the wreath into the water. The wreath also had attached the note that if anyone finds it, to call the River Press. The Press received one phone call last June that the wreath had been found 6 miles downstream. The finders threw the wreath back into the water and it was never heard from again. I hope that we have better luck this time.

There are so many worthy organizations in Fort Benton.  They all do non-profit and charitable work. Please read about them in the River Press and decide which one is the most suited to your life style. I am absolutely sure that there is hidden talent out there and could be used to advantage to some organization.

Please consider taking on some sort of project during the long, cold winter days to come. Don’t let cabin fever get the best of you. Join some group after reading this reminder. I assure you that it will make your life a lot more meaningful if you give of yourself.

It is only 3 weeks from Saturday so put it on your calendar. The volunteers who put this show on have been working for weeks to gather vendors, including food, and entertainment.

Please support these events and invite all your family and friends to attend with you. Let’s make this one of the best Christmas events ever. See you there.

I have heard that there will be no Parade of Lights this year but the Tree lighting at the circle will be bigger and better. Read more about it in the next few weeks. (It is getting to be like the Hallmark movies.)

On Sunday will be the biggie, the Christmas Concert with local talent, a Choir, Bell Ringers, and of course Santa and his poem of the year. If this doesn’t give you the Christmas spirit of love and family, nothing will. See you there.

The season is about to start and it should be an exciting one. The youngsters are practicing and toning up their skills.

The first game is scheduled for Thursday November 17th. I know that the games will be well supported. See you there.

Yes, it is true.  I moved from my beloved Morger House where I lived for 23 years. I now reside at the Sunset apartments.

It is quite a complete change from big to smaller, from many street lights to one on the far corner, from the middle of town to the north end, from paved road to a gravel road, and many other changes. My favorite thing is the view. I can see Signal Point and have a 180 degree view of the Bluffs. When the sun sets the Bluffs are golden and I stand by my kitchen window until the sight disappears. I really enjoy the setting sun.

I wonder how I could accumulate so much “stuff.” My advice here is down size now. You don’t need half of what you are living with and do not leave it for someone else to do.
I have what I think is a strange story. I lived in the house in Melvindale, Michigan that I was raised in for 23 years. I lived in Walled Lake, Michigan for 23 years and now have lived in the Morger house for 23 years. That, to me, is a strange story.

I have 4 bird feeders hanging but in 3 weeks do not yet have any visitors. A friend told me it was because of the warm weather and the birds could fend for themselves. She said when it gets cold I should have lots of enjoyment watching them fly in and out. I can hardly wait.  I am looking forward to seeing if there will be different species of birds at this end of town.

I would like to have known this fact last week when I wrote about the November Moon. I hope that you heard enough about it on the news casts and weather reports that you were able to catch the full moon on the Monday the 14th. It was closest to the earth since 1948 and 30% brighter. It should still be large and bright by the time you get your edition of the River Press.

My hope is that on Monday evening it is not overcast. Happy mooning and not the kind you may be familiar with. (My joke of the week.)

It was a different format this year at the Veterans Day dinner held at the Ag Center on last Friday evening 11/11. There was no planned program but we had conversation during dinner. It was very enjoyable for me, with my hearing aids, to have the 7 other people at my table to converse one at a time. We heard some wonderful stories and I didn’t have to strain to hear.

I enjoyed the company of Marge, Randy, Joe, Bob, Vi, and her husband. We were served a great dinner of roasted, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn. There was also water and lemonade on the nicely set tables. There was a large cake for dessert with the creamy frosting that I love. Pitchers were being filled constantly and coffee cups.

It was a very pleasant evening and was an evening much like the Tuesday night dinners once a month at the Golden Age Senior Center. I arrive there at 4:50 p.m. and I am home by 6:15 p.m. That is my big night out during the month.

I mentioned this program many months ago when I saw it on TV. You would purchase green light bulbs and put it in your porch light. On TV it showed an entire neighborhood with green lights on their porches.

I purchased 2 light bulbs and 2 floodlights. The light bulbs burned out quite quickly and the floodlights are still lighting up when someone walked up because they are security lights.

Now advertised are light bulbs that are half white and half green. I think those will service better because the total green lights were too dark.

I heard this story about the green bulbs. On the Music Awards, on TV, the program has expanded. I do not watch that show but a friend, who has nothing to do with the Military, went out and bought a bulb.

I haven’t put my new light bulb in yet because no one wants to see me up on a ladder. If you would like to stop in for coffee and cinnamon toast, you would be welcome to put the bulb in for me. (Just joking!)

So get to your True Value and get your “Support the Troops,” green bulb. Just do it this time. I drove around town the last time and only saw about 3 or 4 green lights. I will be checking it out again along with the Christmas decorations in the next few weeks. (I think if it was said that Santa only stops a homes with green bulbs on the porch, it would be a more successful project.)

That is the least you can do to show your support. Our Troops deserve all the support we can give them. They are putting up their lives for us. We don’t want them to think we do not care or indifferent to what is going on.

We have nice warm beds, good and warm American food to eat, and do not have battles going on around us. If you do not agree with me then please let me know.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

View From The Bridge 11/2/16

By Muncie

Can you believe it is already November? Are you ready for Turkey month? I’m ready for Turkey Bingo at the VFW Club House. As I said last year, the only ones that aren’t happy are the turkeys. Poor things must be overjoyed with all the food they are getting to fatten them up and then guess what? In the old days, the ax awaited and that is the end of the line.

The November moon has several names. The Full Beaver Moon is named because it is time to set beaver traps before the freeze. The furs are needed for warm clothing for winter.

It is also time for the beaver to prepare for winter. The name is the Frosty Moon and that needs no explanation.

The full moon will be on Monday November 14th. Be on the watch for those beaver. Let me know if you live along a creek if you see one.

In my opinion Thanksgiving is more of a family day than Christmas. All you have to deal with is dinner and football. At least that is the way it used to be. If I remember correctly, there are football games on Christmas Day in the present time frame. If I were president I would ban football on that day. I know that last sentence will get me in hot water again. Sorry, but that is just my opinion. If you disagree write a letter to the editor and tell me why you enjoy it.

What I do love about Thanksgiving is the parade. What fun! I love the floats and especially the bands. I love it when they show the faces of the youngster sitting along the way with their wide eyes and laughter. It isn’t that far off so look forward to some happy times.

Last week’s performance of the Beverly Belles was the most nostalgic ever. I and many others I spoke with said that they remembered and mouthed the words. It is funny after so many years to remember. The attendance was one of the best at 250 people.

The Beverly Belles were advertised to sound like the Andrew Sisters and not to act like them. They surely did a splendid job of it. They were so delighted with Fort Benton having come from California. It must be a real culture shock for those CA visitors who had never lived in a small town.

I visited CA once and drove those 6 and 8 lane highways on both sides and found nothing that would ever make me want to live there. Life here in Fort Benton has gained a little speed since I moved here. Residents seemed more laid back then. Today it seems as though some people are rushing around and never take time to smell the roses. Perhaps it is because I am retired and whatever I cannot get completed today, there will be time tomorrow.

The best part of the show was when they did the Armed Forces routine and had the Veterans stand? God bless America and our Veterans.

What 5 days practice can accomplish. I want K through 8th grade to know how wonderful you were. I especially want to comment on the penguins. You were adorable, all 15 of you. This does not take away from any of the rest of you. I think it was the cute costumes that the penguins wore. They looked like penguins.

We have to wait a year now to see what fairy tale the Missoula Children’s Theatre are going to do next. I have a great suggestion if anyone would care to know about it.

The lasagna dinner was everything I remembered from last year. I enjoyed visiting with friends, some I haven’t seen for a year and others I see often but am not able to talk with one on one.

I love their Community House with the wood burning stove. You can smell it in the air when you get close to the building.

I won a gift certificate for wearing a Halloween outfit. I did not wear my Dracula costume even though I found his teeth this year. I wore my orange t-shirt with my Halloween vest and a witch’s hat and that was considered a prize winner. I would like to say what an inspiration you Shonkin women are for the work you put into that evening.

By the time you get the River Press the Wednesday evening performance will be over. Scheduling is difficult for the CCPA board. I have watched them put the program together and it is mind boggling. They try to work with other cities and towns to get acts, for instance, from California to perform in 5 or 6 places within a short period of time to save money on the performers airplane flights.

The CCPA board does a tremendous job and you can show your support by buying your seasons tickets and attending the shows.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique…just like everybody else.”  By Margaret Med.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

View From The Bridge 10/26/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

A week ago Tuesday evening I attended the Fort Benton High School Concert at the Elementary School.  Those youngsters are so talented and since the band is an elective, the whole scene is one of love of music. I think I heard that there were 27 members in the band.

I hope that music is a great part of your life. It is the most relaxing kind of entertainment for the mind and soul.

The newly formed Choir performed first. If I heard right, there were four (4) freshmen girls and one (1) senior girl. There were also two (2) young men. They did a terrific job and they have only had a few weeks practice.

I had a most enjoyable evening and the parents of the music students were enough to fill quite a few seats.  My appreciation goes to Eric Lenington for his patience and being so cool.

A huge touchdown thank you to Coach Skip Ross for writing about the games in detail. As I have said before, I am not very knowledgeable about football and it helps so much to read his descriptions. Russ Axtman does a great job too in his announcing at the games and between the two of them I get a good drift on what was going on. Of course, I have “Mr. Football Statistics sitting beside me and that is a little bit of help too.

In spite of this year’s record your fans “Are all behind you now, and we will profit by your creed.” As you know that are a few lines from the school song. So, GO LONGHORNS!

Who ever said they have nothing to do in Fort Benton? Just check out the schedule in the River Press if you have some time with nothing to do. There is always something going on and this coming Saturday evening will be another of those times. The Missoula Children’s Theatre will present Aladdin. Have you see some of the commercials on TV? The background settings and the costumes are phenomenal. I can hardly wait to get over to the Fort Benton Elementary School to watch this free performance. Oh yes, it is free to the public. So, see you there.

There will be food, silent auction, live auction, and everything else that goes on for fund raisers. Come on over and not only have a good time but help support Shonkin town with their work on the Community House. See you there too.

A young girl from Fairfield was killed in an automobile accident because she did not have her seat belt on. According to her family on the local news, she always wore her seat belt and they do not know why she did not just that once.

This young girl’s name was Lauren Goldhahn and she is the granddaughter of Diane Goldhahn and the grandniece of Mary Zanto both of Fort Benton.

There is to be a fund raiser on Sunday November 20, 2016 at Fairfield Public School. It is always that one time that a seatbelt isn’t worn that an accident occurs.

There will be lunch from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. The silent auction will run from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the live auction will take place at 4:00 p.m.

If you have donations for the silent or live auction please contact Diane Goldhahn at 622-3273 or Mary Zanto at 622-3730. Whatever items you may have will go for a very good cause.

I have heard of several cases of elderly people who have First Alert systems and the one time they forget to put it on is the time that they fall. It is Murphy’s Law and there is always a first time for everything.

I may not be with you next week. I am going to have some work done on my computer along with installing a new printer and getting it all relocated. Please be patient with me and wish me luck in organizing my time and their time. I not only have to contend with five (5) or six (6) other people’s time but the weather is involved. Also I do not want work to be done if it is raining. Fort Benton’s weather forecast is only for five (5) days. When I checked yesterday the 22nd it said it would rain on Wednesday and partly cloudy on Thursday. That is as far as it went. Today the Fort Benton forecast says no rain on Wednesday. I am a little irritated with Mother Nature right now. I wish she would make up her mind so I could make some plans. I know, I know!  You are going to tell me that is Montana weather.  Stick around for five (5) minutes and it will change. Actually, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I wouldn’t want to be in any other place.

If you have heard rumors, please know that I am not leaving Fort Benton. Younger people can move away and adjust. My last adjustment was 23 years ago when I moved to Montana. I do not even think about doing that again at this time in my life. I have often thought about going to college and that really is a possibility on the internet. I do have to fall in love with my computer first because as of now we do not like each other. Windows 10 scares me even more from what I have heard about it. I wonder just how many windows there are going to be. I will just have to wait and see.

“Children are smarter than all of us. I don’t know a single one who has a job or children.” by Bill Hicks


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A View From The Bridge 10/19/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Who knew? The Methodist Church members started a Bell Ringing group and will perform at the Christmas Concert. I am really going to love that. I cannot remember the last time I heard a Bell Ringer Concert but it has been too long. I wanted at one time to join a group but now at my age I am afraid that I would mess up big time. I’ll just sit back and enjoy. Much appreciation goes to those of you at the Methodist Church who participates. I know that involves many hours of practice. GO BELL RINGERS!

A get together of all of “singing in the shower people” for a choir is in the making. In two months they should be ready for the Christmas Concert.  Again I will really enjoy what they put together.  In my opinion, that is what makes the holidays really meaningful. GO CHOIR!

There is a new Pastor at the First Christian Church and at the Methodist Church. This past Sunday there was a farewell breakfast at the Catholic Church for Father Willie as he is going back to India his homeland. A replacement has not yet been announced.

I say welcome to all our newcomers. I am looking forward to meeting the new Pastor and family from Indiana as I know that state well from my travels. It is a beautiful state but of course not as beautiful as Montana. I enjoyed reading about his getting the Pastor assignment and saying that his father always wanted to live in Montana. (There must be more to that story.)

I have met the new Pastor at the Methodist Church at the Golden Age Senior Center at Sunday dinners. I’ll have to talk to her about where she came from and how she ended up in Fort Benton, MT.

Next Monday is the first performance of the season. I know that I have mentioned it several times but I will just once more give you a little reminder. It will be Pub night at the Ag Center due to the fact that the Fort Benton Elementary auditorium was not available that evening. It begins at 7:00 p.m. on Monday the 24th and I guarantee that you are going to love every minute of the Beverly Belles. See you there.

I know this program in honor of Veterans is in December but please arrange for your loved ones wreath now. Just do it before the holiday season rolls around and it will not be a priority. Our Veterans are a priority when it comes to honoring them.

I read that there are 300 Veterans graves at our Riverview Cemetery and the American Legion would like every one of their graves to have a wreath. Even if you do not personally have a Veteran in your family or that you know donate for one you do not know or that no one else knows.

Bring your children to the ceremony to teach them about what the Veterans went through and gave their lives for.

I was really impressed last Saturday afternoon when Randy took me to the Ag Center for this event.

My goodness! The work that was put into it was mind boggling. The silent auction tables were loaded as was the tables with live auction items.

If you were hungry there were hamburgers right off the grill and delicious beans that were improved with added ingredients that tasted like cowboy beans. There was cool lemonade and adult drinks at the bar.

There were carnival games like the ones at the Chouteau County Fair for the Kiddos. (I played them too.) There was a 50/50 raffle. There was a band for your entertainment.

The cutest thing was Shannon Walden standing outside when we arrived, with the cutest dog up for adoption. She wasn’t there when we left and I assume that it was adopted. I never saw so many dog lovers in one place before. I attended the fund raiser last year and it was held at the Dedman building. I can see why they needed a larger place for this year’s event.

Do you remember a few months ago there were 9 puppies up for adoption? I know 5 of the owners and would like to know the other four. Randy’s puppy, Cream, would like to get to know her brothers and sisters for a birthday party next summer. Lindsey Gibson said she would visit from Kansas City for that party.

If you want to be on my list of adopters for a doggie-get-to-get her, please call me at 622-3217.

There will be no Creepy Crawl this year. It was such a fun event. I even managed to get Dracula teeth this year to go with my costume and now I will have to wait until next year. It will be sorely missed by me and my daughter who comes from Great Falls for the occasion.

Not many Kiddos show up to Trick or Treat anymore. When I first moved here 23 years ago we had over 100 Treat or Treaters come to the door. (They were always taken aback when I told them they had to sing for their treat.)

It has dwindled a lot over the years and last year I think I saw 8 spooks. I miss them but am happy that there are Halloween parties at school and churches now. It seems much safer that way.

Since I ran out of Observations, I went to the internet and found Funny Quotes. At this time with elections looming in the near future I thought this one was very timely. “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” By Mark Twain

I would like to see the American History class at the schools go forward with this Wear Red on Friday’s program. Your Longhorn shirts are mostly red so that counts. When there is no longer a need to wear Longhorns shirts, push for Wear Red on Friday’s. We have to let them know that we support them. Just thinking about them, praying for will have to do for now. You could write letters to Servicemen. You could support the new Grace House in Great Falls for homeless Veterans. You could bake a batch of cookies and drop them off at Grace House. You could visit and chat with them. Many will not want to talk about the war experiences but perhaps some may open up about what they went through.

What goes around comes around so it is said. Perhaps a visit would help support you in understanding what it is all about.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

View From The Bridge 10/12/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

You know that it is fall when The Freeze closes. Ice Cream Lovers still only have perhaps 1 more weekend to enjoy. My problem is that when I come by that dark corner I know that it will be a long winter before they are back again. So long for now to The Freeze, (Laurie and Murray,) and it will be a happy day when you return.

Because of the rain the streets are still lined with shiny gold leaves. No one is able to rake.   My friend in Great Falls reported to me that the leaves in the streets were swept and that it snowed one morning. We must be more protected down here in our small valley. Whatever!  I am happy to be living in Fort Benton and love the four seasons. (Well, perhaps I have a more difficult time with 90 and 100 degree temperatures.)

I really appreciate all the residents and organizations that are filling the River Press with news. I miss Lindsey so much and do not like seeing her desk without her sitting there. It will be interesting and I am looking forward to her impressions of living in Kansas City.

In the meantime, Bethany has promised that she will not be leaving. It is so great to see her smiling face and her camera at every event in town. I know there isn’t much chance for advancement but hang in there and someday when you are really old, you may be an editor.

Now do not let a rumor get started that Tim will be retiring or leaving. I am sure that he and Connie are here to stay and that is a comfort to me with the many changes that are going on today. The older I get the harder it is to adjust to changes but they are inevitable.

I know this only interests Bingo fans but perhaps “setting records” will be something to read about.

A week ago Monday was the beginning of the Bingo season at the Club House sponsored by the VFW. There were three records set. Last year when I went to my first Bingo game after the Turkey Bingo, a record of 5 numbers called when someone called out Bingo. On the first night this season only 4 numbers were called for a Bingo. That is amazing.

The second record had to do with a game called “the Hot Dog Number.” At the break, Nate calls a number that he picks randomly from the machine. It happened to be B8. If a player calls Bingo with a B8 you would receive double the prize. That very thing happened setting the 2nd record.

The third was a little more complicated and was the last “Cover All Game.”  If you got a Bingo with B8 in 50 numbers called, you could win $100.00.  That did not happen but soon afterward Bingo was called with B8 and the prize was double of the normal amount of a Bingo.
It was a fun night and there was an average group of Bingo addicts. It was so nice to see old friends who enjoy getting out of the house and away from the TV. I hope that I am not stepping on anyone’s toes. I just want more people to become active and do things, anything and just do it. You will live longer and be healthier so everything you read says. Don’t take my word for it, just try it.

Next Bingo at the Club House with the VFW will be Monday October 17th at 7:00 p.m. See you there.

Every Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. at the Golden Age Senior Center the games begin. I mention this again because a larger crowd would be helpful for the Center. Take a few hours off in the afternoon and relax. Bring your friends and neighbors and give that a try too.  See you there.

I love Pie Day on Friday. Come on over to the Golden Age Senior Center for another support event. Gosh, those homemade pies and coffee or tea are the very best. Of course, rhubarb is out of season, Lori Tacke has moved, and her Rhubarb Custard Pie will not be available, but I have other favorites. Last month there were no pumpkin but I’ll bet there will be this month. There are always lemon, apple, and a berry of some sort. Is your mouth watering?

I do not bake much anymore so Pie Day is so welcome every month. It is also a Bake Sale and you can find some great desserts or breakfast treats like Banana Bread. It is a lot of work for those women members of the Center, so please support them.

I know that a lot of planning is going into the Chouteau County Performing Arts next two programs. The Beverly Belles, (Andrew Sisters,) will be here Monday the 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the MONTANA AGRICULTURAL CENTER, as it is Pub Night. Then just 9 days later, Wednesday November 2nd at the Elementary School will be the Fubuki Dkiko Entertainers.  I call them the Drummer Boys and the Kids are going to love them. There will be a whole lot of drumming going on.

One of my very observant friends noticed that the swimming pool building had been painted.  She said that it looks very impressive. The next time you are up in that north end of town, take note. Every little improvement adds to the beauty of Fort Benton. Thank you to the City crew and the Swimming Pool Board for their continuous work on improvements. GO SWIMMERS!

That event is also being worked on. A lot of conversations these days, not counting the elections, are how most of us do not like to see Christmas Decorations up before Halloween.  The Bridgeport takes a lot or organizing. The vendors, the food, and the entertainment all have arrangements made now. This is a very popular event and there are many people that look forward to it from all around the area.

By the time you read this the funeral for Michelle Robison will be over. Many of you know Ken Robison who is an historian who lives in Great Falls and comes to Fort Benton weekly to volunteer his knowledge and time to the Joel Overholser Research Center.

Michelle passed last Friday suddenly. It must be terribly sad when it happens that way because of not being prepared. When I think about the subject…you are never prepared.

Ken joins the army of widows and widowers in Fort Benton. I did have one piece of advice to give Ken that was given to me when my Wally went away. “Don’t make any decisions/changes for a year.” However, even after that length of time it is difficult.
We feel the sorrow Ken and know that those you know in Fort Benton think the world of you. Please continue your friendships with all of us that you have touched with your books and interest in Fort Benton history.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

View From The Bridge 10/5/16

By Muncie

I am excited about the start of the Chouteau County Performing Arts programs this month. I like to be entertained with music. On Monday evening the 26th the Beverly Belles will bring back to Fort Benton the timeless melodies and unforgettable entertainment of the Andrew Sisters. These sisters were such a great part of WWII. They gave countless performances for the Military at home and overseas.

It was a time of war and just out of the depression of 1929. Movies were the big entertainment at the time and the Andrew Sisters sang their way through many movies. I do not know anyone who did not love them.

If you are a music lover, you will appreciate the perfection of their performances. The Andrew Sisters were in perfect harmony as are the Beverly Belles. You will understand every word as they sing songs that will bring back wonderful memories. Be sure not to miss this one or actually any of the other 7 shows that are on the ticket. Your cost will be $5.62 and ½ cents a show. These are professional shows such as you would see on Broadway or in Las Vegas. Shows there would cost you upwards of $75.00 a show.

So grab your phones to call for a ticket and your check book for the best entertainment you will ever see in Fort Benton, MT. I can hardly wait and want to see you there. Please support your local businesses and local programs and events.

You must have your season ticket by now but if not check you River Press ads for the phone numbers to call. You get a little break by buying you tickets before the first show.

There are approximately 400 seats in the Fort Benton Elementary auditorium.  My dream is to see all of them filled. Let my dream come true this year by attending all the performances. If you purchase the season’s ticket and you cannot attend some of the shows, please give your ticket to someone else. Once they have attended a show and see how enjoyable it is, they will want to attend regularly.

If you know someone who would like to attend but doesn’t have a ride, offer to pick them up.  Many of our residents cannot drive or do not drive at night. At our last Pie Day, I heard this happen. A person was talking about buying a ticket if she could get a ride. The person sitting next to her offered to pick her up. Now that is being a good neighbor.

I am so happy that my Oops Big Time story make you laugh and that you enjoyed it. I find it good when I can laugh at myself. I am finally recovering from the terrible feeling I had when I discovered the stubs were gone and remembering what I had done with them.

It was “Sleepless in Fort Benton” for those two nights before I could get to that dumpster at the Ag Center. But all is well that ends well and fortunately it did for me. Someone out there loves me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Another addition to the Quilt story is the many comments we received about the beauty of the quilts. You had to see them up close and personal to see how stunning they were.  

Margo, you did a perfect job on the quilts and made the job of selling raffle tickets much easier. Once they were seen, the thought of winning one of them became uppermost in everyone’s mind.

Our first winner, B.J. Conn McIntosh who lives in Oregon, never saw the quilt before it was sent to her. Dave Louvar bought his ticket at the Golf Course where the quilt was on display.  I am so happy for the winners because they were so appreciative and have both promised that someday the quilts will find their way to the Ag Museum. Thank you for that and enjoy your winnings.

It just seems as though I wrote up September moon and now it is October. The moon is called the Harvest Moon every two or three years depending on the equinox. You knew that of course because I told you last month.

That is about all I could find on the October moon. There were no other names. The full moon will occur on Sunday the 16th. According to my findings, it should be as big and bright as the September moon was.

On Thursday of last week I was able to get to the Golden Age Senior Center for an afternoon of Bingo. I saw boys walking back and forth in front of the building. It turns out that they were Longhorn boys who were washing the windows of the stores they had painted on for Home Coming.

I was told that when they asked permission to paint on the windows of the businesses they said they would return and wash them as well. And that they did and did a great job.

I wished that the paintings could stay a little longer because I enjoyed seeing them every time I went down Front St. That happens to be almost every day. It was a job well done and showed a spirit of community pride. Pride is something we in Fort Benton, Montana and the United States of America need more of. Pride in your community promotes pride in yourself.

I attended this meeting as a columnist for the River Press. (Actually, I am just curious and wanted to see who shows up.) If you were not there and most were not, we learned a lot and it was a laugh a minute. The two guest speakers were Sarah Calhoun from White Sulphur Springs who owns the Red Ants Pants business and Courtney McKee from Butte who has a distillery business. Courtney also began the Red Ants Music Festival in Butte which has spread its fame actually all over the country.

We were also treated to finger foods that were out of this world made by the Wake Cup staff and sponsored by Chris and Terri Halko. They were “Mr. and Mrs. Small Business Owners” of several months ago when they purchased the Liquor Store and Toggery.

The Road show was held at the Culberson House as guests of Amanda and Mike Bedford and Jamie and Shaun Carrier who are “Mr. and Mrs. Small Business Owners of the month.

We learned so much about starting a business, financing, and the many other problems associated with starting a new business. These people are young, strong, energetic, focused, smart, and willing to sacrifice for their dream.

You know it is fall when no one is sitting outside at the Pour House.  It is also not summer when they don’t have the sprinklers on. If you do not know what that is all about, I will tell you. When it is really hot, the Pour House has a very light, misty spray coming down from overhead.  It feels so good if you sit outside, walk by, or when I ride my GoGo by. You should experience it but now you will have to wait until next summer.

I should have looked ahead at my calendar because I had it marked in October that Bingo at the VFW began on Monday the 3rdh at the Club House. I hope all you fans found that in the River Press. It hardly seems possible that it is beginning again when it was just yesterday for the last games of the season.

The schedule is every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 7:00 p.m. See you there to support the VFW with all their wonderful work in our community.

The Golden Age Senior Center’s bingo games have been on-going for a month now. Their schedule is every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and depending on how fast the games go, you will be out shortly after 3:00 p.m.

There is a small group of us and the Center would like to see more players. The more the merrier they say. I know this schedule is geared more to those who are retired so come on down and join us.

Since colder weather is approaching, you may have more time for yourself. Your work outside is limited and with that time on your hands you may want to fill those time slots. What better way than to get a few family members and friends to spend the afternoon together.

If this push for more participants brings out about a half dozen more players, I get to play for free. (JUST JOKING FOLKS.) I can afford a $1.00 a card and love to watch the pros that play 4 to 6 cards at a time. I wonder how long it will take me to get to that point.  I can hardly handle two.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

View From The Bridge 9/28/16

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I believe it was last Wednesday or Thursday that I drove by the Missouri River along Front Street just for the beauty of it. At the Museum of the Upper Missouri, (the Little Museum,) there is a tree that was bathed in gold. Its yellow leaves were brightened by the sun and it was awesome. The next day I drove by again and it had rained. Many of those golden leaves were covering the street. Another sign of fall.

I am thinking about spring already, I hope that the Wake Cup Coffee Shoppe will have tables outside. This would be for people watching those who take advantage of the Visitor’s Information Center, those enjoying walking on the Old Fort Benton Bridge, and just watching the traffic on Front Street. I’ll hold that thought all fall and winter.

By the way, the Wake Cup Coffee Shoppe moving to the Culbertson House is the best thing that could happen to Front Street. It is the “Meeting Place” and the “Gathering Place” for young and old alike. What a great example for small business and I know that everyone wishes you the best of luck. I also wish to say how much I appreciate the work and effort that went into that more.

I do know however, that there are some people who will miss you and that would be the Gals at the Studio Salon and their customers. It was such fun just watching people going in and out for breakfast and lunch. GO WAKE CUP!

I am grateful every day that you are into drugs and alcohol. I feel confident that you know what you are doing and at this time you do not need any help.

I am sure that the community is happy for your success and appreciate that you are providing us with what we need. KUPGW which means keep up the good work?

The rain did not dampen the spirit of homecoming as I knew it would not. On Friday it began to dry up and the sun came out just as the parade began.

It was a fun parade and the participants were throwing candy which thrilled the kiddos. I was enjoying the parade and was watching by the Grand Union Hotel. Karen came out and collected a small plastic bag of candy for me that Randy and I enjoyed at the football game.

I took a ride today, (Saturday,) down Front St. to see all the painted windows. It was great fun. It must have been a welcomed break in the school schedule. I never experienced Homecoming when I went to high school. (I am sad because with my last Alumni Newsletter to told about how they are going to tear down my high school building. It has been empty for years and if those in charge would wait a couple more years, it would fall down by itself.)

Thanks to all at the high school for working so hard to make it a great homecoming for this year. You made it a special “Go Longhorn’s Year.”

There is a new smiley face at the Chouteau County Library these days. Carolyn O’Hara has taken the job that was left open from a retirement.

Carolyn has been with the Library for several years as custodian and has now changed her job description. She has an advantage in knowing most people in town and if you do not know her, drop by and get acquainted.

I love to hear about people who love their jobs.  It makes for a “Happy Day.”

Many of you old timers have asked about Judy and Herb Hazen. I am in touch with them and spoke with them last week. I asked if they were all unpacked and everything in place. That is my joke of the week. Of course they are not all unpacked and everything in place. They are wondering where they accumulated all the “stuff” they took to Helena with them. Isn’t that a familiar story if you have ever had to move from one place to another? I read somewhere that you should move every 10 years in order to do a good housecleaning.

FALL (2)
Fall has fallen upon us. The trees turned yellow overnight, it is pitch dark by 8:00 p.m., it cools off in the evening, and my furnace has gone on. I shut the sprinkler system off during those rainy days last week, I have to wear a jacket when I go outside, and it is warmer outside than when you go into the Price Rite grocery shore. (I was told that the store does not have air conditioning but is cold due to the freezer sections.)

Now we can look forward to raking leaves and the grass gets cut one more time. There is a favorite song of mine sung by John Denver called “Fall.” The last line says, “but nobody asked me.” The seasons happen whether I like it or not. The only thing that is consoling is the beauty of it all. The sadness is this line from a famous song, “But I miss you most of all, l my Darling, when autumn leaves began to fall.

Yes, Fort Benton has talent. At our last Tuesday 5:00 p.m. dinner our entertainer was Eleanor Carver. It turns out that she is an artist and she set up her easel and began chalking out a picture while we sat in awe.

I asked a question afterward of Eleanor. “Is yours a natural talent or did you take lessons”.  Don’t quote me but I think that she said that back in the 70’s there were some art classes. She took the classes and loved it. She worked with chalk for us but she also paints.

The picture she worked on was of an old cabin, a stream, a mountain side, and a pine tree.  Each stroke brought the picture more to life. I loved watching. She did not complete the picture but said that she would finish it. I would like somehow for it to be displayed at the Golden Age Senior Center.

What amazes me about watching Eleanor is her hidden talent and what is out here in the area that would surprise all of us.

I have heard from several people who used to live in Fort Benton or Chouteau County who continue to receive the River Press. They said that it was like coming home to read their River Press each week. It makes my day when I know that is what the View is doing.

I am out of observations and this will be the last one. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did.

“Each night before you go to bed, pray to God and be thankful for what you have accomplished that day.”


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

Did you see that Harvest Moon last Friday evening? Connie and I spent the day in Great Falls and on our way home, when we came up the hill from Black Horse Lake; Connie spotted the tip of the noon coming up. We watched it all the way to Fort Benton. We both thought that it was the biggest moon we had ever seen.

When we got to town, Connie drove north on Front St. We could not see the moon until we got to the boat dock because it had not come over the bluffs yet. There is nothing like nature to put on a show.

Last Wednesday evening the Chamber of Commerce invited the Volunteers at the Visitors Information Center to a late afternoon BBQ at the Center. It turned out to be a perfectly lovely evening and a great time was had by all.

Stacy did a very special job of organizing the event. Larry did the hamburgers and they were delicious.  (They fit the buns so well. Hamburger patties that are twice the size of the bun are not how I like them. I am getting so crabby and critical for my old age.) The salads and desserts were catered by Chandee and they were the end of a perfect evening.

About 8 or 10 of the Volunteers were also taken by jet boat down the Missouri River to see the White Cliffs a couple of weeks ago. Now isn’t this incentive enough for you to volunteer a couple of hours a week during the Visitors season from Memorial Day to Labor Day? Not only do we have these great treats and bonuses but it is about the most interesting volunteer job around.

We meet some wonderful and interesting people from all over the world. I have met several people who have become friends and visit me when they return to Fort Benton. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Give a little of yourself to your community and I promise it will come back to you a hundred fold. It is just like any good deed you do.

I didn’t want to tell this story but since it was told at the BBQ, not by me, and it is probably all over town by now in an exaggerated version, I will tell you the true story.

I helped Connie with the Summer Celebration T-shirts Quilt raffle because I donated my Sweetheart’s shirts from the year 1993. It was the year after Connie began coordinating Summer Celebration. A few of the shirts were missing and a request in the View from the Bridge completed the set.

We arranged for the Quilts to be made by Margo and they were absolutely awesome. We ordered tickets on line and when they arrived began selling them for $5.00 a ticket. We had intended to do the drawing at the Chouteau County Fair but a suggestion to do it at Connie’s Fund Raiser would give us 3 more weeks to sell tickets.

We sold tickets by the Price Rite doors, at the Farmer’s Markets, at the Golf Course during a tournament, up and down Front St., and finally at the Fund Raiser.

The winning tickets were drawn by Connie’s 9 year old grandson, Gus, and the first one was B.J. Conn McIntosh who now lives in Oregon and most of us know her. The second winner was Dave (somebody) because we could not read his last name. Connie handed the ticket to Randy who also could not read the name but did note that it was not a Fort Benton phone number. I was given the two ticket stubs that I was sure I put in my pocket.

When I got home that evening I called B.J. immediately because I had her phone number in my cell phone.  She was thrilled of course. Then I reached in my pocket to call the other number but the stubs were gone. I checked all of my pockets and I dumped everything out of my bag. No stubs. I didn’t sleep all night worrying about what I was to do.

I went to Connie’s house on Sunday and confessed that I must have thrown the stubs away with the rest of the stubs at the Ag Center. I didn’t sleep Sunday night either. The first thing on Monday morning I was at the Ag Center and asked Pam if I could get any help to go into the dumpster. She called Merle and he met me in the back where the dumpster is located.

It was my first experience at “Dumpster Diving” although Merle actually did it. He removed the first 6 bags from the dumpster and put them outside. Some were tied with a very tight knot and others were not tied at all. Merle had a utility knife and cut them open. We could immediately see that the hundreds of tickets were not in them.  Then Merle dropped his knife accidently into the dumpster and now he had to get two ladders to get inside the dumpster. He had to do that anyway because he could no longer reach the bags.

Once inside he cut several more open and finally at almost the very last bag he decided to dump it. There were all the tickets, some wet and some with food on them. Merle picked out all the tickets and I was on my way home.

I pulled them apart and checked them with my reading machine. I found B.J.’s almost immediately and so I knew the other ticket had to be there. I didn’t recognize any of them because I actually did not get a good look at it at the drawing.

I separated all of them and laid them on my dining room table to dry out. Connie came over and looked them over but did not see the winner although she said she remembered that it was very dark ink. Randy came over the next morning and instantly found the winner.

It had a very happy ending as Dave Lauvor from Big Sandy and his wife Debbie stopped at my house the next day and picked up the quilt. Dave bought the ticket at the Golf Course the Sunday I was there. The Lauvor’s own the grocery store in Big Sandy.

Randy, my daughter Jennifer and I stopped at the store on Saturday on our way back from the Carroll College football game in Havre with Northern. Dave was not there but Debbie was and we had a nice visit.

All is well that ends well. When I realized I had lost the stubs my fear and worry was that Connie would never trust me with anything again. No one would if the story got out. I know that you forgive me though because I was brave enough to “Dumpster Dive” and just picture it to know I will never do anything like that again.

By the time this edition of the River Press reaches you, Longhorn week will be almost over. I hope you kept the schedule from last week and enjoyed some of the festivities that the Fort Benton High School students worked so hard to make the week exciting. I am looking forward to the parade and the sporting games. It is supposed to rain all week and get colder. That may dampen some events but not the spirit of Fort Benton students and alumni. Go Longhorns!

“Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.”


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

I am so proud of the way our Chouteau County community came together last Saturday to honor Connie in her battle with cancer. The donations that came into the Library and then into the Ag Center were overwhelming.  The silent auction items covered at least 20 tables. Smaller items were in a ticket collection can and the numbers were chosen from the can. That was great fun for the little kids and the big kids too.  The live auction, by Scottie Peters, was very lively and moved right along with the schedule.

There were delicious snacks and beverages. Supporters poured through the doors of the Ag Center and it was standing room only. I did not have the opportunity to look outside to see where they were all parked.

The entertainers were excellent.  I was able to meet John Anderson -personally. He lives in Missoula but said that his wife was from Shonkin originally and they have known Connie for a long time. He sang old and new songs and played the guitar and the ukulele. I hope that we have him back in Fort Benton soon.

Jack Gladstone is from Kalispell and is a long-time friend of Connie’s through the Chouteau County Performing Arts. Randy and I recently visited Jack and his lady friend Patti at lower St. Mary Lake. He lives there during the summer months.

I would hope that all of you knew Peter and Molly from Highwood. They have entertained us many times and always at the Christmas Concert. They are welcome to Fort Benton at any time.

The time frame for the fund raiser was held quite well with the schedule. No one seemed to mind the little overage. I hung out until almost everyone was gone. I could hardly wait to get the View started to thank each and every donation giver and to all those who attended. Chouteau County has the greatest and the most generous people in the world. I could never live anywhere else and have never been happier than living here in Fort Benton. I count my blessings every day for that change in my life.

Make it a point to stop in at the River Press office on Thursday the 15th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to say “So Long” to Lindsey. She will be sorely missed and it is not likely that she will visit often as she is moving to Kansas City, Missouri.

Come on down and have a bit of sweets to help soothe the bitterness of our loss. See you there.

Longtime residents of Fort Benton are Judy and Herb Hazen and they are moving to Helena to be near their daughter. The moving van arrives on Wednesday the 14th and they will be off to another adventure.

I am sure that everyone in Fort Benton knows the Hazen’s. They were long time owners of the Riverview Greenhouse. Judy worked at the store right up to the time it was sold.
You also knew their son, Don, who planted many trees around town and did a lot of landscaping. He left us a while back to move to Minnesota to be closer to his Kids and Grandchildren.  Fort Benton never seemed quite the same after his departure.

It won’t be the same with Judy and Herb gone. I know this message comes too late for you to say so long but I will get their address and pass it on to you.

I got a call from Karla Ayers at the Sunrise Bluffs last week to let me know that the Accordion Band would be playing on Sunday afternoon.

I talked with the woman who plays the piano and asked how long the group had been together. She said it was difficult to remember but she thought it was in the late 90’s. That would make it about 20 years.  

They began playing at 1:30 with all the old favorite waltzes, sing-a-longs and best of all polkas. There was a request for “God Bless America” on this 9/11 day. The last song was “Montana” and everyone sang loud and clear.

There was a good gathering of folks who mostly were toe tapping or clapping. The best part was watching a 2 year old dancing like one foot to the other but in rhythm.  His sister was about 6 or 7 and she thrilled and whirled until I was dizzy. I would have liked to know who they were but they left shortly before the concert ended.

The group comes to the Sunrise Bluffs once a year and I wish it were more often. I should not expect them to because one man is 94 years young, one lives in Fort Shaw and the others in Great Falls. There are 3 who play the accordion, one plays the guitar, and the other the piano. They travel the area playing at nursing and retirement homes. Now that is a terrific way to make people smile.

Thank you for the write ups about the games. I really enjoy those articles. I get to know the players’ names and numbers. Keep up the good work on writing…. and to the players…GO LONGHORNS.

Be sure to check the Community Calendar that Tim puts together each week in the River Press. It is the first thing that I look at so I can write important dates on my calendar. The only problem is that I still have to remind and be reminded of goings-on. I forget to look at my calendar. I keep trying to remind myself to look at it first thing in the morning and I am doing a little better. There are dates though that I never forget and those are Pie Day and Bingo.

The Bingo games at the Golden Age Senior Center started a couple of weeks ago. There are about 8 to 10 players. There is a new caller and I am home by 3:15 p.m. The games start at 1:00 p.m. It is an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon when the cold weather takes over and the snow flies. The cards are $1.00 apiece and .20 cents for the blackout game winner. The more participants there are, the larger the winnings. But then again, you are not going to win enough for a trip to Vegas.  

Come and join in a pleasant afternoon and bring along your family and friends.

You say that you do not like to play Bingo. I never dreamed I would like it but I find it very relaxing and it keeps my brain moving watching those numbers. It is also getting out of the house where there is always work to do. I like to be out and about.

I like to travel down Front St. and check out the Missouri. I like to see the geese come and go. I like to hear their noisiness. I like to see people sitting at the tables eating lunch or a snack or see them sitting on the benches and just looking at the river. I like to see boats, canoes, and rafts on the river.

In the Fall I like to see the colors across the river. In the Winter I like to see the ice start forming and later the freeze over. That is all available for me here in Fort Benton.

Enough of what I like. I hope that you like all these things too. I think that I would like to do “On the Street Interviews” to see what you like.

Envy is a waste of time.  You already have all you need.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

VIEW from the BRIDGE
By Muncie

This week is all about Connie Jenkins. A fun fundraiser will be held Saturday of this week from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday will be declared “Connie Jenkins Day.”

Connie was employed at the First Security Bank for 48 years. She was the possibly the longest bank employee in the State of Montana. She has worked endlessly on community projects such as Summer Celebration, Bridgeport Station, Cancer Support Group, Community Improvement Association, Chouteau County Performing Arts, General federation of Woman’s Clubs, Lions Club, River and Plain, and any other organization that called on her.

She knew everyone’s telephone number in Fort Benton and the surrounding area. She lived on a ranch in Shonkin when it was a town and went to Highwood High School.

Being her friend and neighbor, I knew firsthand about her battle with cancer. She battled breast cancer 14 years ago and won. Yet, soon after she retired a year ago in July, she found that she had cancer again in a different area. She went through 26 radiation treatments and 24 chemo therapy treatments. Those chemo treatments involved going to the treatment center on Monday morning for an 8 hour treatment, on Tuesday for a 5 hour treatment, and again on Wednesday for another 5 hour treatment. On Thursday she would get a shot to build up her white blood cells. Then she had 3 weeks off before she had to do it all over again.

She never once complained but I know that there must have been many a night in her bedroom before sleep, that she let it all out. She is a very strong woman and determined to not let this cancer stop her activities.

So her family and friends put together his fund raiser to show her their love and concern. If you have a large item that could be in a live auction, a smaller item for silent auction, please drop it off at the Chouteau County Library by Friday the 9th.

Raffle tickets are being sold for a $1,000.00 travel voucher or cash. There will be a 50/50 drawing. The drawing for the Summer Celebration Quilts will also be drawn. (Connie was totally involved in Summer Celebration and the Quilt Raffle was to raise money for that event. Summer Celebration is near and dear to her heart.)

There will be professional entertainment, food, and drink. All this is to take place at the Ag Center or what I like to call it, the Convention Center. Bring your family and friends and spend some time socializing with them and having a good time.

See you there.

If there is anything that disrupts your life, it is changes. As I get older and older, I find them more difficult to accept.

In the last few months, I have seen seven of my friends move from Fort Benton. I cannot keep track of those in the obituary column in the River Press.

Last week I learned my dear young friend, Lindsey Gibson who is employed at the River Press is moving to Missouri because of her husband’s job. No, No!  I do not want her to go. She and Bethany DeBorde are priceless at the River Press. They are such helpful young women and are so good to me. They so carefully edit the “View from the Bridge.” (I know that Editor Tim often does it to but I do not know of his leaving.) They often have to help me with my computer even to the point that they have walked over to my house.

Lindsey and Bethany were two young women that I expected to raise the numbers of children at the Fort Benton schools. I often talked to them about their never leaving but you never know what the future holds. Lindsey will be sorely missed and may all her kindness she has bestowed upon those of us in Fort Benton be bestowed upon her in Missouri. So long for now.

Wasn’t last Friday night the most perfect evening for a football game? I was so proud of our Team, the Cheerleaders, the Band, and the full stands. I am looking forward to reading about the game in Wednesday’s River Press. Since I still do not quite understand some of the plays, it is interesting to read about them. Keep up the good work and keep your heads held high. I am so proud to be a Longhorn.

It was also a great sight to see the Volleyball Team return from the highline. They received a loud greeting as the busses turned in front of the Ag Center.

Yes, it has rolled around again to the second Friday, the 9th of September at 1:00 p.m. Please support this fund raiser for the Golden Age Senior Center. They not only need “pie eaters,” but they need “pie bakers” too. If you can find an hour or two to do some baking, it would be much appreciated. Usually these events start out slowly so let’s make this one a fast track event.

Pie Days also include a bake sale. We have in Fort Benton some of the best bakers in Montana. Now that there are no longer baked goods at the Farmers Market, you can buy delicious desserts at the Senior Center. See you there.

I asked the question during the Chouteau County Fair as to why the Republican table was not covered at the Education Building. A friend told me that the reason was they could not get any volunteers.

That brings me to talk about Volunteers. All of the organizations are having problems with recruiting and actually keeping members. I do not watch TV much anymore but when I did I saw commercials about the benefit of volunteers. The giving of your time to “Pay Back” to your community what they have given to you. The feeling that you have given something of yourself is one heart-warming experience.

Once before I wrote that you have approximately 56 hours a week free time that you are not sleeping or working. Surely you can find 2 hours a week to volunteer at something of your choice. If there is a rebuttal out there, please let me hear it. “I’m so busy” isn’t something I like to hear. Everyone is busy. Show your children good example about “pay back.” As the older generation goes away, someone has to replace them or soon there will be no organizations at all.

If you need to know who needs volunteers, let me know. I’ll find something for you very quickly and something that you will enjoy. I’m in the phone book.

All of my family and friends knew that I had lost my hearing aid (again.) I put an ad in the River Press but got no response to it. Three weeks went by because I did not want to call my hearing aid company to replace it. I was covered by insurance.

I rode and walked by the area twice where I thought I had lost it. That area was from the Library, to the Post Office, to the Price Rite, south for two blocks on Front St., west on both sides of 14th, and finally to the Club House. Nothing!  It would have been difficult to spot something so small.

A week ago last Friday; I was vacuuming the living room. I had early on moved the two chairs in front of the TV to search under them. I have a large lounge chair that I cannot move and so I decided to lift it from the back. It was very easy to do and there was my hearing aid.

Now how did it get there? I lost the right hearing aid and found it on the left side of the chair. It was also on the inside of the leg of the chair. If anyone can solve this puzzle, please let me know a.s.a.p.

“However good or bad a situation is, it will change.”